Clockhouse Log Cabin Review

The Clockhouse 45mm Log Cabin is a substantial Log Cabin measuring at 5.5m x 4m. Most customers will turn the Clockhouse into a home office, or temporary living space for guests.

Clockhouse Uses and Installation process

We were really thankful as the customer below was kind enough to send some really great, progressive installation pictures as they built their log cabin. We have displayed them below to show off their great work. This customer had other plans in mind, transforming their Clockhouse Log Cabin into their own sewing retreat. In this blog we will go through the number of images sent to us, showing their progress of installation to the finishing touches.

Clockhouse cabin roof installation

The earliest pictures shown features the roof installation, although, with the tongue and groove roof boards the process becomes easy after the first few are installed.

Shingling the roof of their CLOCK HOUSE cabin

The next step is one that everyone will dread. Installing Log Cabin roof shingles is a monotonous task, but an essential one. With patience you can get a clean finish to your Log Cabin that really pulls the look together.

Note the smooth finish these customers have done at the peak of the roof, all of the shingles seem to be installed in a neat line. Giving the Clockhouse Log Cabin a professional finish.

The Actual “clock tower”

With the shingles completed, the next part is what makes a Clockhouse Log Cabin distinct from the rest. The installation of the clock tower. Once the base of the clock tower is secured to the roof, you will be able to install the rest just as you would with roof boards. Finishing them off with more roof shingles.

Treating the log cabin


Now that the Clockhouse Log Cabin is fully installed, it’s time to treat the cabin- The most important step for an install, these customers are making sure all areas are covered by removing the windows from the build while treating. This light grey is very popular in recent years- Ideal for when you still want the plants in your garden to have the spotlight.


Once the outside was treated, the inside was the next. Treating the inside of a Log Cabin isn’t a necessity, but it’s an idea for when you want a painted interior. These customers chose a white paint for the interior, a bright colour which will give the natural lighting a boost.

Insulating the floor

Now it was time for them to work on the interior, starting with insulating the Floor as well as Laying Flooring for the Log Cabin.

To start with, a damp proof membrane is laid down. Then, working out the floor joists and cutting them to size if required, while the joists are being laid you can also add the insulation of choice. Afterwards is then the laying/installing the flooring of choice.

Cabin Electrics

Once the flooring is completed, these customers then added electrics and ventilation to their cabin. For more advice on adding electric to your Log Cabin, see our blog post on Electrics in Log Cabins.

Finishing Log Cabin Touches

With everything finished regarding the building of the Clockhouse Log Cabin, it was time to decorate. These customers transformed their cabin into a chic sewing room- Complete with a sewing station, fabric cutting table and mannequin ready for the various outfits and projects to come. Of course, there’s some sofas too- For when they need a break and a cuppa.

It’s always great to see some variety in how people use their Log Cabins. Thank you to these customers who sent all these pictures and more to show their progression.

Looking for a sewing room or a space for your hobbies? Learn more about the Log Cabins, alternatively you can take a look at our whole Log Cabin Range.

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