Log Cabin Hot Tub Covers

This example being, as the title suggests, log cabin hot tub covers! Hot tubs have had increased popularity over the past couple of years. The opportunity to relax in your own surroundings is certainly an alluring prospect. We have put a list together of ideal candidates for a shelter for your hot tub. Complimented by our customers photos and experiences.

These include:

Funen Log Cabin with double Gazebo

The Funen log cabin with double gazebo is the ultimate in log cabin hot tub shelters. WIth it’s double gazebo sheltered space either side of the cabin area, its possibilities are vast.

This customer has created a fantastic modern clean space in their modestly sized garden area. Using one of the shelters as a cover for a hot tub and the other for outdoor dining. Both working from home the couple needed an area away from home/work life. They have achieved this incredibly well. As soon as you step outside you’re surprisingly transported to another world.

Rianne Log Cabin

This is our Rianne log cabin.The 2.5m gazebo is a perfect for size for you hot tub. With the cabin dimensions of 2.5m x 2.5m the Rianne can be used for a range of purposes including: garden pubs, summer house or as general storage.

Syros Gazebo

This is our Syros Gazebo made with untreated larch. This means that it will weather through time similar to how oak does. However if you want to preserve the rich colour of larch then you can treat it with products. Such as our Carefree product, this can help protect the wood from the elements of nature.

This Syros has been purchased for a hot tub cover that will be a stylish and an effective solution. The addition of shingles give it a rustic look that cannot be said for plain roofing felt. Not to mention the longevity of your Gazebo and it’s roof. A cheaper alternative for the Syros Larch Gazebo is this Wooden Pergola. This is smaller but can be use-full for those smaller areas around your garden. Measuring 3m x 3m pergola you still have plenty of room for your hot tub. Due to the roof material being polyethylene, we would recommend to use this as a temporary/seasonal solution. This is due to the pergola being less structurally stable compared to our gazebos.

Marit Log Cabin Gazebo

The Marit Log Cabin Gazebo (4m x 4m) is similar in size to the Syros. However, you can gain some privacy and peace of mind with the additional walls, depending on where you position the Marit gazebo. You can also benefit from the additional protection of the side walls from the wind and potential rain.


Barbara Log Cabin Gazebo

The Barbara Log Cabin Gazebo is 3.5m x 3.5m that can, just like our other Gazebo’s and the pergola, be converted into a perfect hot tub cover. This Gazebo is like the Marit, however, this Gazebo has a flat roof that many people can think of as more modern and stylish.

This style also benefits from a low log cabin height. Ideal to be able to install this without the need of planning permission (always check with your local council). The feature of the side walls, like within the Marit, can give you more privacy.

Jutka Double Gazebo Log Cabin

This is our Jutka Log Cabin with Double Gazebo. Similar to the Funen, it benefits from two side canopies which increases usability, as demonstrated with the hot tub and the sitting area. This is a perfect place for a get-together, party or even just for your own personal getaway for the upcoming summer. The overall size being 6.78m x 6.78m make this an ultimate garden must have, all while being stylish (watch out for the jealous neighbours though!)

Elburg Log Cabin

This Elburg Log Cabin is bespoke within this picture, with the addition of the extra doors on the gazebo side of the building. The Elburg normally only have them on one side, however that small factor doesn’t stop anyone from adding them in order to increase the usability potential. This could be as a hot tub cover as shown as below, a summerhouse with outdoor dining as well as a general storage use.


Mega Modern Log Cabin

The two hot tubs images below are from the Mega modern log cabin. It measures in at 5.75m x 3m which makes it almost ideal for your hot tub.

A factor that is nice about this is that, like many others it has an outdoor area, however due to the mega moderns size, its proven to be ideal for the end of your garden, a secret get away for the summer. It also makes a nice change from having a hot tub under the gazebo, allowing you to use it during other seasons.

Annette Corner Log Cabin

The Annette Corner Log Cabin is another product with a modern design. This log cabin is 7m x 4m making it a good size for those slightly larger gardens. And every slightly larger garden needs one thing… a hot tub! As luck would have it, this desirable timber structure can easily be the hot tub cover that you need.


The Annette, unlike most cabins, the side porch area is extended out the front. This gives you a nice effect that follows the typical southern houses with the the porch out of the front.

Rosenheim Log Cabin

This final picture is of the Rosenheim Log Cabin which, like the others has been converted into a cosy hot tub cover that looks like it could be the beginning of a brilliant time, the log cabins size of 3.8m x 3.8m is comfortable for most average sized hot tubs and can fit in most gardens, its style can make it look like its a small old fashioned house that would fit in almost anywhere.


The lighting to this Rosenheim Log Cabin is what really pulls this all together, setting the mood to a romantic and relaxing one. Perfect for those with a stressful lifestyle- Just go into your garden and enter your Cabin of relaxation.

Tourist Gazebo

This Tourist Gazebo has been adapted and transformed into a hot tub / bar area.

Meaghan Log Cabin

The Meaghan Log Cabin measures to 4.5m x 4.5m, the ideal size for a hot tub enclosure. And the positioning of the roof skylights are just perfect. Allowing you to look up at the stars without getting so cold in the night.

Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin

This Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin has definitely proved that a cabin can serve multiple uses. Transforming it into the ultimate social location, a hot tub placed under the canopy and the enclosed cabin, used as a garden pub:

These are just a handful of the images our amazing customers send us, if you liked viewing these- Follow our YouTube, FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages we also have plenty of boards on the Tuin Pinterest page.

If you’re not looking for a hot tub cover, there are plenty of other ways to utilise a Log Cabin, see our Log Cabin Pubs post for a collection of how our customers have transformed their Log Cabins into a garden pub.

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