Wooden Garage – “GEIR”


Geir originates in Old Norse and means “man with a spear” but why stop there? 

With this wooden garage addition to your outdoor area, it could comfortably translate to “man with first-rate garage”.

Our Geir Wooden Garage would be an elegant addition to any driveway.
Featuring large double doors to store your car as well as space for garden tools.
With a double-glazed side access door and 2 double-glazed opening windows, makes this garage perfectly light and airy.

Measuring 3.6 X 5.4M this wooden garage isn’t the biggest in our range. However, if you are limited on space this is the perfect complementary solution.

The versatility of the Geir wooden garage

With no additional logs or extras, the Geir can be adapted to suit its requirements. The door and windows can go on either the left or right-hand wall as a unit. Also, the position of the door and window can be swapped with the door to the front or rear of the Garage.

The Geir wooden cabin is not only ideal to store your car, but it also has many other potential uses. A “man cave” is all the rage nowadays. A room where one or more male (or female) family members and optionally their friends can do as they please, indulge in hobbies, and hang out with friends. The capacity provided by this log cabin is ideal for a retreat to watch sports matches, play video games, or just hang out. Our Log Cabin Style Bar Table would also work incredibly well as a place to serve your drinks.

A workshop, this cabin can provide more than enough room for a wooden workshop. Maybe you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and require the space and security this cabin provides. 

A carpenter, who needs the capacity for your latest creations, as well as the large double doors for access to the more substantial builds.

A shed, simply a space to store all your regular garden equipment. Or maybe you have a large sit-on lawn mower that you need to keep safe and secure.

Turn Up the Heat

The garage can of course be used all year round. With additional insulation and the inclusion of a range of our heaters for when the colder weather sets in, or for when you’re still working on that engine well into the evening.

Geir Wooden Garage – The Build

As with most of our log cabins and wooden garages, our “Geir Log Garage” can be assembled with a basic understanding of DIY and construction.

We have an excellent blog covering all aspects of the build which we advise you to read before undertaking the construction yourself.

The Base

A good solid base to assemble your new cabin is essential. This must be prepared and ready before you make any attempt to start your assembly. We have another excellent blog covering all you need to know about bases and their requirements.

Concrete base for the Geir garage
A happy customer standing proudly on his completed base.

Foundation Beams

At this stage our foundation beams are required, (they come as standard) they are to protect the first layer of logs including the door from ground contact.

Foundation Beams Geir Log Cabin
The base and foundation beams sitting on a DPC (damp proof course) ready for the first logs to be introduced.

Logs, windows, doors and roof

 Assembly of the logs and doors can then take begin. Images sent from one of our happy customers are displayed in the gallery below.

Timber Stain

The cabins and wooden garages we supply are untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. Many of our customers stain their timber cabins with some of our Embadecor Timber Stain, available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades
Available stain shades.

Roofing Options

As with all of our log cabins and wooden garages we offer the choice of either standard roof felt or chose from a range of IKO felt shingles as roofing options.
Many of our customers opt for the shingles, as these have a much more appealing look to them, superior in quality and they last much, much longer. They also come in a number of shapes and colours to match the finish of your timber garden garage.


With all our log cabins & garages, we adhere to Dutch and German standards, renowned for being considerably higher than in the UK.

Slow Grown Timber

We use slow grown spruce timber, this variety is chosen for its tight, dense wood grain.

Why slow?
Because our timber is grown in mountainous regions it grows slower.
Slow grown spruce is durable, more dense, and much less likely to twist, bend or warp compared to the faster grown equivalent

We also use Spruce instead of pine for several reasons and one of them is the likelihood of hidden sap pockets. This is substantially reduced with Spruce (but still possible) See our blog on this very subject.


We offer a 10 year anti rot promise, as long as your cabin is well ventilated and able to “breathe” so it can dry. Our cabins will last much longer as long as you look after it.
We have an excellent comprehensive blog on treatments and rotting in one of our blogs.

Of course we will tell you how excellent our products are, but don’t just take our word for it.
Here are a few of our customer reviews.

Customer Reviews

Graham says

An excellent product that is exactly as described in the blurb. Relatively easy to install, i did it alone in 3 days, not a problem but it would have been much easier with two people.
Very robust and solid, i replaced a large standard type shed with it and there is no comparison, many times better and more useable.

Nick says

This is the third Tuin shed I have purchased and I cannot find a fault with either the sheds or the service.
The sheds are brilliant, go together easily and are really solid. There is no comparison between a Tuin shed and the normal shiplap board type which I have purchased in the past.
I would highly recommend Tuin both for their products, prices and service.”

Benefits of keeping your car in a garage

More secure

Having your car in a driveway leaves it exposed to potential damage and theft. Having a secure area to store it in is a must-have. This solid wooden garage is an ideal solution. Its large reinforced hinges, double glazing, and door push bolt help keep your beloved car secure.

Protects car from weather

The great British weather can be a little unforgiving at times, as well as temperamental.
Years of bad and even “good” weather can take its toll on a car.
Whether it’s rusted wheel arches, or faded paintwork the downfalls of leaving your car outside increases the risks.

Makes everyday life a little easier

Storing your car in a sheltered environment can also make your life a little easier. With summers getting hotter, having a cooler outbuilding to keep your car out of direct sunlight is a real comfortable benefit

Helps avoid damage

Keeping your car outside also leaves it prone to other potential damages. Stone chips from passing vehicles or wing mirrors being knocked off can be a real nuisance.

Kerb appeal

A lot of people like to take pride in the way their house looks from the outside, storing your car off the street can help with this. A pleasant-looking timber garage prevents the exterior of your home from looking messy and gives it a cleaner look.

Save money on insurance

Some insurance companies could possibly offer a lower rate if they know you park your car in your secure home garage. Storing it off the streets leaves it less open to potential theft or damages. So the chance of you needing to claim is a lot lower.

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