Marketta Wood Garage


This gorgeous looking “Marketta” wood garage is sure to turn heads as it sits proudly as the end of your driveway. With its clean lines and well thought out design it will be at the envy of your friends and neighbours.”Marketta” meaning “Pearl” or “Jewel”. From our images of this stunning contemporary wood garage we can really see how its name came about.

Contemporary Design garage

This contemporary log cabin has many features that makes it stand out from the crowd. With its stylish 4 panel double glazed side door, its bold facia boards and its adorable bottom-hung sash double-glazed windows. This lovely log cabin garage really excels with its style and poise. Its contemporary design and elegant features, do not take away from its wooden cabin characteristics. It’s certainly no ordinary “garage”.

Wood Garage Potential uses

One of our many happy customers “JC” reviewed the “marketta” and said this.
I’ve had this Marketta log wood garage for a while now, but it is too nice to use just for storage, so now I’m converting to a home office, with some glass sliding doors.

We couldn’t agree more. Of course this indoor space is fine to store your possessions, keep your car safe and secure or to store your garden equipment. But JC is right, it is simply “too nice just for storage”.

So why not think of a more suitable pairing for this charming cabin.
Here are just a few.

Garage Garden Office

As JC said, this endearing cabin would make an ideal garden office. Its beautiful sash windows and full length double glazed side door, allow for natural light to brighten the room.
With a lot more people now working remotely, out of the traditional office, this cabin is ideally equipped to provide a great garden office away from the distractions of the home. Also make use of the double doors for those larger pieces of office furniture and equipment. (how many offices can you say have that attribute?)

Garden Gym

A place to exercise and work-out is quickly becoming a must-have. Especially if you reside in the countryside without the nearby amenities of a fully equipped gym. The “Marketta” can provide the capacity and elegance of a superb home / garden gym to suit your needs. WIth its easy access side door and double forward opening doors to let more fresh air in for when the occasion calls for it.

Wooden Garage Garden Bar

A garden pub / bar to store and serve drinks your drinks from is a modern, trendy addition to the home garden experience. An attractive, scenic place to entertain your guests after a dinner party or family gathering is increasingly more sought after. In which the “Marketta” is more than capable to accommodate. Our bar table with display back would be an exemplary addition to this look, in-keeping with the same interlocking build design as the cabin itself.

A customer image of their Caribbean style garden bar

Timber Stain

The cabins and wooden garages we supply are untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. Many of our customers stain their wood garage with some of our Embadecor Timber Stain, available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades
Available stain shades.


Our pent roof cabins such as this comes with a EPDM Roofing sheet as standard.
EPDM rubber roof is the best and most reliable roofing option we can offer.
The EPDM is supplied with adhesive and is a superior alternative compared to normal roofing felt and shingles for cabins with this roof type, and can last for up to 20 years.

This cabin also comes with a minimum measurement of 16mm Tongue and Groove roof boards.

Garage Quality

With all our log cabins & garages, we adhere to Dutch and German standards, renowned for being considerably higher than in the UK.

Slow Grown Timber

We use slow grown spruce timber, this variety is chosen for its tight, dense wood grain.

Why slow?
Because our timber is grown in mountainous regions it grows slower.
Slow grown spruce is durable, more dense, and much less likely to twist, bend or warp compared to the faster grown equivalent

We also use Spruce instead of pine for several reasons and one of them is the likelihood of hidden sap pockets. This is substantially reduced with Spruce (but still possible) See our blog on this very subject.


We offer a 10 year anti rot promise, as long as your cabin is well ventilated and able to “breathe” so it can dry. Our cabins will last much longer as long as you look after it.
We have an excellent comprehensive blog on treatments and rotting in one of our blogs.

Customer Reviews

We can go on about how good this wooden garage cabin is, but why just take our word for it? We have many happy customers who have taken the time to write a review, here are just a few.

Dian says
“Truly, 100 % delighted with this cabin. Delivery was as promised and very efficient, a difficult large item to deliver but was no problem. Put together very quickly/simply, final result stunning and practical. Everyone comments and have passed Tuin name with high recommendation.

Stanley says
The Marketta went together perfectly and I am very happy with the finished product. My experience with Tuin was first class from ordering to delivery. I suppose the real test is “Would you order from Tuin again ?” and the answer is an unreserved YES !

Gareth says
What can I say excellent product very happy well Built excellent delivery service and I’ve even put A fibreglass roof on my garage definite buy again of this company

Benefits of keeping your car in a garage

More secure

Having your car sitting in a driveway leaves it exposed to being potentially broken into or stolen. Having a secure area to store it in is a must-have. This solid wooden garage is an ideal solution. Its large reinforced hinges, double glazing, and door push bolt help keep your beloved car secure.

Protects car from weather

The great British weather can be a little unforgiving at times, as well as temperamental.
Years of bad and even “good” weather can take its toll on a car.
Whether it’s rusted wheel arches, or faded paintwork the downfalls of leaving your car outside increases the risks.

Makes everyday life a little easier

Storing your car in a sheltered environment can also make your life a little easier. With summers getting hotter, having a cooler outbuilding to keep your car out of direct sunlight is a real comfortable benefit

Helps avoid damage

Keeping your car outside also leaves it prone to other potential damages. Stone chips from passing vehicles or wing mirrors being knocked off can be a real nuisance.

Kerb appeal

A lot of people like to take pride in the way their house looks from the outside, storing your car off the street can help with this. A pleasant-looking timber garage prevents the exterior of your home from looking messy and gives it a cleaner look.

Save money on insurance

Some insurance companies could possibly offer a lower rate if they know you will be parking your car in your secure home garage. Storing it off the streets leaves it less open to potential theft or damages, so the chance of you needing to claim is a lot lower.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, this extremely versatile, functioning log cabin garage is not only a stunning place to store your car, but a stylish, elegant and poised outbuilding sure to turn a few heads.

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