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Garden Heaters And Lights


A nice range of heaters with mainly our Garden buildings and gazebos in mind but of course that standalone and wall mounted ones would be great on your patio. The flame, gas patio heater makes an extremely stunning focal point for any garden get together.

Use our range of lighting sets to illuminate your way through your garden safely. You could also use some of our lights inside your Garden Building, to prevent the night stopping you from having fun in your Garden.

Garden Building Heater
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Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Heat from above! A Ceiling mounted heater, great for your log cabin canpoies or gazebo, or in fact any garden building or space you need some quick heat into. Not for indoor use.

Price: £226.49 Save £50.75
Garden Building Wall Heater
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Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Garden Building Wall Heater, a very easy and quick way to give yourself some heat in your gazebo or perhaps a log cabin, your always one click away from some quick heat.

Price: £311.53 Save £135.79
Garden Building Radiant Heater
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Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Garden Building Radiant Heater, this high tech water resistant heater is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, available in one size of 23x109cm.

Price: £273.34 Save £17.88
Gas Pyramid Patio Heater
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Made entirely from stainless steel this pyramid gas patio heater will warm the coldest of night. A real flame fills the glass tube and pushes heat outwards. A stunning focal point.

Price: £495.77 Save £61.98