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Working from home has become a way of life for many of us, and as we continue to adapt to this new norm, the importance of creating an inspiring and productive home office space cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or simply someone who wants to make the most of their home workspace, the journey to finding the perfect home office setup begins with inspiration. In this blog, we’ll delve into a world of creativity and functionality, exploring the ways Log Cabins can be utilised to create your workspace.

Aiste Log Cabin

Introducing the new workshop for this customer’s handmade glass decor business. The Aiste Garden Office interior is simply decorated in classic white, ensuring their artwork shines. Ample lighting is also in place for effective work.

Elin Garden Studio

Elin Modern Studio

Unique but modern in design, the extensively glazed front allows plenty of natural light to flood the room. Measuring at 4.77m x 3.51m, these customers found ample space to for their crafting room. This also has space for fabrics, machines and more.

Justine Log Cabin

Justine Log Cabin Office

Similar to the Aiste above, this has also been painted white. Complemented with black and white furnishings and some bright canvases. Evidently, the Justine has ample space for a large office desk, perfect for those who use multiple monitors or devices.

Blackpool Log Cabin Office

Blackpool Log Cabin

We’ll always be a fan of the contrasting mint green doors and window frames. Providing gives a peaceful vibe, you’ll be ready for a smooth day at work. Complete with some comfy chairs and a bright rug, this Log Cabin is ideal for both an office and a summerhouse.

Shannon Log Cabin

Shannon Log Cabin

Saying goodbye to shopfront rent payments and hello to their own home business. This Shannon Log Cabin has been transformed into a rustic dog grooming cabin. Complete with plumbing and electrics so your pup can get the treatment they deserve.

Now it’s time for the technical aspects. For a Log Cabin, we would recommend a log thickness of 40mm and above. Along with some Log Cabin Insulation to keep your office cosy all year round.

Don’t forget to consider some Log Cabin Extras to future-proof your new office, with guttering to keep water away from the wall logs. Moreover, consider air vents for ventilation and storm kits if you’re in a windy area, along with a Timber Treatment of your choice.

Once your home office has been installed with no signs of leaks, it’s time to consider adding electrics. Before you can do anything you need to plan out where you want the electrics and sockets to be, consider where you would like to put your desk and workstation and map it out. We recommend to hire a qualified electrician for this step, but you can learn more on our Electrics in Log Cabins page.

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