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This post will explain the Log Cabin Treatments we offer, but in other posts I talk about the importance of a good quality treatment which is correctly applied in regards to Log Cabins and what happens if it is not done well with the best products or not done at all, these posts are here:

In these posts I gave general advice on treatment but did not talk about our own treatments and what we recommend if you choose to use them. Following some comments, this post focuses on answers in relation to our own Tuin Timber Treatments and using them alongside your log cabin.

What is the best treatment for log cabins

We have Five types of treatment for your log cabin:

Factory Treatment Options

Immersion Treatment:

The factory options of treatment include the Immersion treatment, needing two further coats of additional treatment once installed. This treatment is where the entire log cabin and all its parts are put into a vat of rot proof treatment and allowed to soak for hours. This allows the wood to absorb the rot proof treatment. It then separates and dries naturally.

Personally, I don’t really like this treatment in anything other than a Log Cabin Gazebo or a Log Cabin style Garage. This is because they are already treated and in brown, green or silver grey and can make the building very dark inside.

Remember that this is only a rot proof treatment, two further coats of treatment will be needed for it to be protected from the weather and to prevent it absorbing water thereby creating water marks and wild expansion and contraction in the log cabin due to the moisture content in the wood.

The perfect treatment on top of this from our ranges is the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment. Requires two well-applied coats for full protection.

An immersion treated cabin in green being installed – I like immersion treatment for Gazebos such as this, I’m not so keen on a full building as it makes it very dark inside.

Log Cabin Treatment Options – Self Applied:

Carefree Protectant Treatment:

This is now the very best selling treatment we offer. It is state of the art and is a simply amazing product. Please see the Carefree Protect Timber Treatment page for all the details. I thoroughly recommend this and have been using it on everything from a log cabin to hardwood furniture.

Ideally use this on it’s own (other than the immersion treatment). It does not require base coats of preservative or any other product. For full protection for years we recommend three-four, well applied coats.

It is available in a number of colours and all finishes are slightly satin, the clear is VERY clear which people love. It is expensive but I think it is worth the cost. If you love the wood colour and want it to shine the Clear Carefree is Amazing!

I would not recommend using any other product with this or painting anything on top of it. Instead, just reapply the Carefree treatment if need. Painting on top is okay, so I’m told. However, I personally cannot recommend it from prior experience. I also cannot see any point in this as this is a great treatment on its own.

Log cabin treatment

Carefree timber treatment, 3 – 4 coats are required. These logs are an ongoing experiment of mine from January 2016 showing the effect of different layers.

Embadecor Timber Treatment:

Embadecor Timber Stain can be used on its own if you require a stained coloured finish. Like Carefree, it requires no other treatment or preservative. Again, like all good treatment you will need to apply three-four coats if you are using it on it’s own. Lots of colours of stains are available, please see more details on the Embadecor Timber Stain page. Use Embadecor treatment as an undercoat for the Embalan Timber Paint.

If you like the stained look whereby there is a colour but with the grain of the wood coming through then I recommend this stain highly (still not as highly as the carefree though)

Log cabin treatment

Embadecor timber stain, 3 – 4 coats are required. These logs are an ongoing experiment of mine from January 2016 showing the effect of different layers of the stain.

Embalan Timber Paint:

Following Embadecor, Embalan is a very high quality paint, it gives great coverage and is available in several colours. This is on par with what I consider to be the best UK paint – Sikkens. To use this successfully, we recommend 1-2 coats of Embadecor timber stain (clear) as the undercoat. Further details of this paint can be found on the Embalan Timber Paint page.

Log cabin treatment

Embalan timber paint, 3 – 4 coats are required if used on its own. These logs are an ongoing experiment of mine from January 2016 showing the effect of different layers of the paint. If you use an undercoat of 2 coats of clear Embadecor stain then it requires two top coats of the Embalan paint.

Impregnation Fluid:

Likewise, if you have a hot tub, a jacuzzi, a freezer or fridge in your log cabin, then it is good to protect the inside of the cabin. This also applies to leaving your cabin locked for long periods. The impregnation fluid is excellent for doing this, it is clear and goes on like water and will inhibit the formation of damp spores and guard against fungi / mosses forming. You can paint / stain over this as required. This is only a rot proof treatment and does not guard against the weather. This is also an excellent treatment for timber that is already suffering from not receiving any treatment at all to kill any bugs that may be present before applying a proper treatment outside.

A quick test ….. more to come in a blog post and product launch.

How do you treat a log cabin exterior?

I’ll give a quick run through of my recommendations and combinations of treatments using Tuindeco range to sum up.

  • Immersion Treatment – requires TWO further coats of treatment, these can either be Embadecor Stain or Carefree Protect. But I would not recommend the Embalan paint without applying two undercoats of the stain first.
  • Carefree – Only use this on it’s own, requires nothing else, 3 – 4 coats is perfect for 100% protection. Likewise, this needs no undercoats or topcoats. Just use Carefree and nothing else.
  • Embadecor Stain – 3 – 4 coats gives 100% protection, Needs no further products. Sand lightly between coats.
  • Embalan Paint – 3 – 4 coats is good and no undercoat required if you wish. BUT, for best results use at least one coat of clear Embadecor stain as an undercoat. For the perfect solution use two coats of clear stain followed by two coats of paint.
  • Impregnation Fluid – Ideally use inside when damp conditions persist – one – two coats.

For my other posts on the treatment of your log cabin timber please see the posts below:

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14 thoughts on “Log Cabin Treatment – TUIN

  1. Hello
    I take delivery of our cabin this week and I’m just getting paints ordered. I have a question on interior painting of a cabin please. What should be done here? We want to go white inside, but what sort of paint should we use and should we use a preserver first? We are going for a 44mm wall cabin. Should it be a high quality paint with several coats like the outside?

    I am looking at Sadolin Superdec for the outside and the guidance for that suggests two coats of preserver, so I guess I will be doing that as well:
    “Any non preservative treated softwood timber should be treated with two liberal coats of Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver”

    A lot of painting ahead!

    Many thanks

    • Hi Robin

      Thank you for your message and happy to help, While the focus on getting the treatment spot on externally is of course the priority it is still important to give the inside a good level of attention

      What we don’t want is for the inside surface to dry out too quickly when compared. My suggestion will be to always follow the guidance from the manufacture ensuring any stated undercoats are used.

      Hope this helps, Ben

  2. Hello,
    In one of the videos it shows the use of a spray wood cleaner to restore a log cabin with wood damaged by UV and removed the silver patina. Can you advise me what this product is called and where it can be purchased please.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Lorraine

      Sadly we no longer sell the carefree cleaner, It was impressive stuff though. You could try a dilute solution of bleach and water on a small section as this has been known to help

      Failing that, a light sanding and a solid colour over the top will be the next best option

  3. Hi I’m awaiting the arrival of my Justine log cabin a few questions I have
    Is it worth painting the roof before I put insulation boards on to give it protection?
    And to confirm 40mm insulation boards straight on top of roof then shingle roof tiles using longer clout nails ?
    Thanks Mr K

    • I don’t think there is a need to paint the roof boards, they will be covered by the insulation and then the roof tiles. It is though important to treat the room trim and bargeboards both sides as these are exposed.

  4. Hi Richard

    Love all your blogs, they have really helped me build my corner cabin.

    I bought a couple of tins of Carefree protectant and the impregnation fluid with my cabin but I do want to paint it a colour eventually (when I decide).

    Can I use the coats of carefree as my undercoat for the embalan paint?

    Should I use the carefree on top of the impregnation fluid inside?

    I will probably paint the inside too, I like the pictures of others painted white. Should I use the embalan paint on the inside too?

    Thanks very much

    • The impregnation fluid is really good as a base coat, inside and outside. I wouldn’t use the carefree as an undercoat for anything other than carefree. If you’re using Embalan you really need undercoats of Embadecor.

      It’s always a good idea to paint the inside as well, at the very least the windows and doors should be treated with something good inside and outside.

      If you choose to use solid colours it’s also a good idea to use a knotting agent as you would when painting any bare wood.

  5. Hello,

    With reference to the carefree protestant, would it be okay to use the clear treatment as a base coat and then paint the cabin with a different type of paint which I have had colour matched?
    I would have used the black paint but you are currently out of stock of the 2.5 litre tins and to buy lots of 1 litre tins would prove quite expensive.

    Thank you

  6. Hi,

    Have just built a Paiva Log Cabin and very pleased with it. Have managed to purchase some Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain. Would you recommend using Sadolin Classic as protection first and if so how many coats of each?

    • Good morning,

      We can’t actually talk on behalf of Sadolin on how to use their treatment. We recommend to follow the manufacturers guidelines to a T. It should say on the tin or information sheet if you will need an undercoat or not.

      Hope this helps!
      – Meg

  7. Hi, great blog posts across the site! I’m just swotting up as I’m awaiting delivery of my lory cabin. Can I ask what other brands of exterior wood paint you would recommend as i’m looking for a colour not offered by your preferred brand? Also i’ve splashed out and gone for the thicker 27mm interior floor as I was unable to find similar quality for the same price at my local builder’s merchant. Please can you recommend a product to seal and finish the floor? Thanks

    • Hi Lucy,

      We recommend brands such as Sikkens, Sadolin, Kingfisher – They are on the pricy side however treatment is a case of you get what you pay for.

      I hope these brands have the colour you’re looking for!
      – Meg

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