Tuin New Year Resolutions

Tuin New Year's Resolutions

With a New Year on the horizon, it is customary to start the year committing to productive resolutions for a better quality of life. At Tuin, our New Year’s Resolutions have always been to improve UK Gardens in every way, shape or form. Let’s see what our Log Cabins and Garden Products can provide you in 2024.

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Of course, New Year Resolutions may not be for everyone. Perhaps the concept is a bit redundant when you have set goals for the year already. Instead, see these ideas as inspiration towards your 2024 garden projects.

Spruce up your own Studio or Office

Tuin Resolutions - Office and Studio

Home improvement and decluttering is normally on the top of people’s list at the beginning of the new year. However, you may be unsure where to begin. You’ve just had a long holiday break, routine is slow to return to, and the christmas decorations have only now been put away…

Not to mention, a lot of people working from home may wish to declutter their workspace from the rest of their house. Having your own home working space allows for years of productivity and work/life balance.

Log Cabins then are a convenient extension to the home and a great addition to UK Gardens. We have plenty of sizes, styles and fits, ensuring you have the perfect working conditions for the New Year.

Creative and professional

Art Studio - Hildegard Log Cabin
Hildegard Log Cabin | Jeff Murray Art Studio

A great example of this can be seen above. Here we have a stylish art studio for the talented Jeff Murray made from our Hildegard Log Cabin. Not only an expansive work haven, but this saved on expensive labour, time and planning involved with a complete house extension. Jeff was able to be built single-handedly. We love the finished result, and just know how productive Jeff is going to be with his new cabin.

work space and storage space

Alternatively, our log cabins can help you have more space in the rest of the home, ensuring there is no dedicated ‘dead room’ full of clutter. We highly recommend some of our best-selling log cabins for this as they are spacious for storage as well as ample home office/studio spaces. A brilliant passion project to start the year off right!

Have a look at some of our best-seller cabins below:

Shape up with your Home Gym

Tuin Resolutions - Gym

One of the biggest topics for New Year resolutions is gym and dieting culture. For many, it can be very overwhelming and daunting to go to a gym for the first time. Not to mention, there is a massive influx of gym attendees in January, so it can be crowded too. And let’s not even think about the ever increasing membership prices…

Instead, you can transform your Log Cabin into an ideal first gym to commit to your New Year goals. This alleviates any anxieties associated with attending public gym spaces, creating a judgement-free zone for you to work out in. With convenience to boot, you are more likely to commit to your gym goals in 2024.

Not only that, but you can style your gym to be your own, as seen above with this customer’s Maria Log Cabin gym!

Customise your home gym

Another great thing about having a gym to yourself is getting to fill it with equipment you actually use. You can always start out small and expand your arsenal over time. If you’re stumped, here are some home gym essentials:

  • A Treadmill, Rowing Machine or Stationary Bike
  • Dumbbells, Resistance Bands or Medicine Balls
  • Yoga Mats, Blocks or Foam Rollers
  • Fitness App and a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Don’t forget a First Aid Kit

Entertain with your Garden Bar

Tuin Resolutions - Garden Bar

For some, New Year’s Resolutions may be less intense and committal. Instead, its ample time to indulge in a new hobby. Our log cabins make excellent spaces for hobbyists, and by far one of the most popular uses for our cabins is as a Garden Bar/Pub. You can use your very own Garden Bar to practice mixology, or try your hands as a barista if you’re a coffee enthusiast.

Above, you can see a great example of a Garden Bar made using a customer’s impressive Jenny Log Cabin, ready for many years of mixology and good times.

In need of a bar of your own? Check out our excellent Log Cabin Bar Table!

Though the go-to hobby would be practicing the exciting world of Mixology, many partake in Dry-January. In that case, alcohol will be off the menu. While there are a plethora of alcohol-free drinks and mocktails to practice your hobby with, we also recommend Garden Bars for the baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

New Year's Resolution - Barista

Not sure where to start with your barista journey? Here are a list of things you can include in your Garden Bar:

  • Espresso Machine, Coffee Grinder and Scales
  • Coffee Beans (and lots of them)
  • Tamper, Coffee Filters, Portafilter and Baskets
  • Milk Frother, Kettle and Timer
  • Mugs, Glasses and Storage Containers

As always, our Log Cabins are incredibly versatile, useful for a variety of purposes. We would love to see what you use our Log Cabins for in 2024.

Check out our full range of Log Cabins and remember to use #tuinresolutions when sharing your new projects with us.

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