New Years Eve and Party Season

New Years Eve and Party Season - Tuin Blog

As we bid farewell to another year, the air is filled with an electric sense of anticipation and festivity. It’s that time when people come together to revel in the joy of the holiday season, surrounded by the warmth of friends and family. If you’re the partying type, here’s a bit of inspiration to get your garden buildings ready for New Years Eve and Party Season as a whole. Many customers have their log cabins and gazebos prepared for events like these!

Garden Bars and Pubs

NYE - Garden Bar and Pubs

The go-to way to celebrate the turn of the New Year is with a few drinks, a good atmosphere and plenty of friends and family to enjoy the good times with. With that said, party season is a perfect occasion for a Garden Pub to host these festivities. At Tuin, we pride ourselves on our Log Cabins and their versatility, and they make for fantastic Garden Pubs.

Above is a stunning example of a sturdy Justine Log Cabin that has transformed into a cosy and fun Garden Bar and Pub. Cabins at this size perfectly accommodate party guests as well as plenty of drinks.

Have a browse of our full Log Cabin range!

Of course, there are many Garden Pub designs that can be achieved with our cabins. Here is a small selection of customer cabins to get inspired:

Don’t have your own bar yet? We offer a very sturdy and stylish Log Cabin Bar Table that matches the aesthetics of your Log Cabin. Find out more here:


Finish off your Log Cabin with this spruce Bar Table. As trends are showing, the UK is loving transforming their Log Cabins into garden pubs. Gain the envy of your friends and neighbours with this two piece set.

This two piece set is made from 44mm interlocking logs and includes the main bar counter as well as a back display piece. To give you the illusion of being in your local pub, as well as giving you plenty of space to show off your drinks collection.

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Log Cabin Bar Table

Party Al Fresco This New Year’s Eve

NYE - Garden Gazebo

Alternatively, you might want to brave the outdoors this New Year’s Eve and enjoy some al fresco partying whilst enjoying the midnight fireworks. In that case, sprucing up your Gazebo and making it a vibrant entertainment hub is a good option, whilst also catering to a lot more guest outdoors.

Gazebos are very easy to decorate, as seen above with one of our Superior Gazebos. It only takes a few lights to make your Gazebo perfect for your New Year’s Eve guests.

Check out our complete Gazebo range!

Our Gazebos come in many shapes and sizes and can be decorated to fit many moods. Take a gander at some customer Gazebos to brainstorm for party season:

Mix It Up This Party Season!

NYE - Combination Party Area

Can’t decide on how to celebrate this Party Season? Perhaps the best way to is incorporating a mixture of ideas and entertainment. The great thing about garden buildings is their versatility. As a result, you can mix things up to suit you.

Why not utilise a mixture of partying and relaxation with some indoor and outdoor party areas as well as something more tranquil like a Sauna or Hot Tub area. Our L-Shaped Log Cabins are excellent for this, as seen above with the Jutka Corner Log Cabin. The combination of a corner spacious Log Cabin and adjoining Gazebos creates the ultimate garden space for the perfect NYE party, providing great memories for many New Years to come.

Have a browse of some of our Log Cabin Gazebo Combos. Do you have a Hot Tub of your own, read here for some handy Hot Tub Inspiration!

However you choose to welcome in the New Year, we hope you enjoy it fully surrounded by friends and family. We look forward to showcasing much more exciting Garden Building content in 2024!

Happy New Year!

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