So, we’ve recently been sent over this blog, where Williem from The Secret Batcave tells us of his journey, or in his words- a tragedy, on building the SHED OF AWESOME – This is Willem’s own blog.

He originally was planning to build his own shed/log cabin, with parts I and II showing us his layout plans and building considerations. But alas, his wife won this case with our five star rated Yorick cabin.

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In part III of his quest he talks about how he came across Tuin and what made him go for the Yorick Log Cabin, even considering the tears of any tall person who has used other garden offices that unlike ours, have a shorter roof height. The comment about the tall people is really what had me sold on this series of posts (I had originally read part III first) Williem’s humour can reach into any situation! A humour that reminds me of Richard’s with a slither of mine in too. A little more extreme though. Needless to say, a fantastic combo.

Before you click through though, please note there is some colourful language. We cannot be held responsible for Willems website content which can be lively at times and may offend some people.

His posts come with step by step images of how he built his Yorick log cabin, any challenges he faced and how he overcame them. This was definitely an interesting read!

Finished Yorick

The fully built Yorick Cabin before insulation!

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this blog for anymore updates, until then you can enjoy part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V and part VI.

Thank you Willem for sending this to us! We hope you and your wife enjoy the Yorick Log Cabin!

Please note: Willem uses some colourful language in his posts of which we are not responsible for. Click through if you wish but please note my warning.

Rorik ideal as an office Log Cabin

Brand new on this week is a lovely building recently been designed for our Private Label Range of Log Cabins>.

The Rorik Log Cabin is in 58mm wall logs and is double glazed and perfect for use as a garden office, we’ve purposefully kept the side walls free of windows so there is maximum space for desks, cabinets, shelves etc normally found in a garden office.

It’s cheap too!  In fact I can’t find anything similar at the price it is.  Some garden office suppliers charge fortunes but you can create exactly the same thing with the addition of insulation in the roof and floor.  Using at least 50mm Celotex or similar will give you an equal R value all around.

A handy log cabin being 4.0m x 4.0m, up to now we’ve only had this size in the standard range of 34mm or 28mm wall logs.  This make a nice addition.  To the front is a good sized canopy of 1.40m which gives the occupant inside a good layer of shade.  With the addition of some decking boards this will also make a lovely veranda.

I do think this will become a best seller of ours, it may even make it into the catalogue next year.

The New Rorik Garden Office Log Cabin in 58mm logs

The new Rorik 58mm log cabin, a perfect sized building to make a great garden office