Mini Modern Log Cabin With Hot Tub Changing Room

Hi, my name is Ben and I have the gratifying task of visiting our happy customers and their log cabins. In early October my travels took me to Whittlesay, Peterborough where I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Bedford & her fantastic Mini Modern Log Cabin which she is conveniently using as a changing room for her hot tub.

Why TUIN & The Modern Mini Log Cabin?

When searching for a suitable outbuilding for a changing room Mrs Bedford quickly discovered the Mini Modern Log Cabin on our website. She was looking for a cabin which was strong, high quality, good looking & affordable. The mini log cabin did not disappoint. Enticed by its modern style and size the Mini modern log cabin was hard to ignore. Mrs Bedford was encouraged by the ease of the ordering process and the good communications from our sales team.

Feature Video – Mini Modern Log Cabin With Hot Tub Changing Room

The Beginnings

While using her hot tub Mrs Bedford soon realised she needed a suitable changing room nearby as to save her walking across the garden to get dressed. Her summerhouse wasn’t sufficient, she needed a more stable and warmer alternative. For a bit more seclusion and privacy Mrs Bedford also purchased a shelter for her hot tub. Unfortunately not one of ours, but we have a fantastic range of gazebos to choose from.

The Transformation

Use the scroll bar to compare before and after images of Mrs Bedford’s hot tub patio area.

The Build

Mrs Bedford chose to have her cabin constructed by a carpenter she has used before and pretty much just left him to it. With a level brick patio already laid, the building process went smoothly, and the carpenter completed the cabin in a day. Mrs Bedford is a keen gardener so the carpenter fixed guttering to the rear of the cabin connected to a water butt to collect water. *Note – the guttering towards the front is not required, it was put in place to connect it to the guttering of the shelter.
The carpenter commented on the ease of the construction and quality of the timber.

The Cabin

Mrs Bedford and her family use the hot tub a lot, especially during the summer months. She now has a gorgeous, convenient space to change and relax in saving her from darting back into the house if the weather turns.
Mrs Bedford has complimented her cabin with a large soft rug with matching cushions, a couple of folding wooden chairs, and a custom made coat hook with bottle opener. Along with of course the “Welcome to our Hot Tub Bothy” sign above the door.


As for treatment, Mrs Bedford wanted to keep the timbers natural look and went for one of our timber stains.

We always recommend that our timber structures are treated with high quality paints and treatments. Mrs Bedford used our high quality Carefree Protectant Timber Treatments, which is available in 8 different shades to suit your style.
Mrs Bedford chose the Light Oak stain, for a warm natural feel.

Carefree – Light Oak
Range of our carefree protectant timber stains

Flick through some of the lovely images I captured of the Mini Modern Log Cabin.

In Conclusion

I enjoyed my visit and thank Mrs Bedford for welcoming me into her garden. I love discovering how different customers are utilising their cabins in various creative ways. A changing room for a hot tub is certainly a new and memorable one for me. Mrs Bedford has created a fantastic space for her and her family to enjoy for many more years to come.

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