FAQ and help for log cabins and garden products

Hello and welcome to our frequently asked questions page, we know its important when choosing a company to purchase from that theres a decent support/after sales infrastructure in place.

We already have a very detailed online Support section as well as agents on hand to help via telephone and email but in addition here is another area where you can get some answers quickly to a whole range of questions that you might have.

General extras and recommendations

shingle glue

Q. Extra Shingle glue is available to purchase, But when is this needed?

A.Typically only needed if your building is somewhere very exposed, installed during the winter or will never get any sunlight to activate the bitumen strips

Q. How much shingle glue will i need to purchase?

A. All depends on the cabin and roof size in question, but on average for cabins up to 5x5m you will need 3 – 4 tubes to be covered

Q. How much glue do i use on each strip of shingles

A.Only a small dab on each downward facing corner as illustrated in the image adjacent

Q. Do our log cabins come with a floor included as standard?

A.With most of our cabins, the flooring does not come included as standard and is left for you to select as an optional extra. We leave this as an option, as some customers will not want a timber floor finish inside as they may be laying carpet or laminate down, so will do their own flooring to keep costs down.

Q. How will my floor arrive?

A.The floors arrive in generic packs which then need cutting on site to suit your building. Included are T&G spruce boards, pressure treated floor joists and skirting boards to cover the expansion gaps around the outside. We offer more help on our log cabin floors here

Log Cabin Flooring
Tuin Floor Thicknesses

Q. What floors do we offer for our log cabins

A.We offer two different options which effectively are the same albiet their thickness, We have 18mm and a 26mm to choose from.

Q. Will the 18mm floor be suitable for my cabins use ?

A.If you’re furnishing your cabin with standard items, A couch, a table with a set of chairs, side tables then the 18mm floor is perfectly suited

Q. Why would i need the thicker, 26mm floor?

A.You may choose this option when you know something heavier than the everyday item is going inside, Say a multi-gym, Treadmill or another piece of heavy machinery

Q. Do i need to fit guttering to my log cabin / garden building ?

A.Guttering is always a good idea, not only goes it help protect your vertical walls, it helps keep water away from the base of your building where the first log sits.

Q. How does the guttering fix to my building?

A.Our guttering comes with angled bracket adapters, These are important as the eaves boards are often angled, the adapter counters this to be parallel with the ground.

Q. Which guttering size do i need, 65mm or 100mm ?

A.There are two things to consider to this question, the scale of the guttering size compared to the size of the roof and the surface area of the roof. For smaller buildings up to 4x4m the 65mm works well. anything larger we would suggest the 100mm version.

Guttering for log cabins and garden buildings
IKO felt roofing shingles

Q. What are shingles?

A.Shingles are a form of roof covering typically used on garden buildings over traditional rolls of felt.

Q. Why choose shingles over rolls of shed felt

A.Shingles for a start look amazing, they create a tiled look and will last alot longer than most typical felt rolls.

Q. How are they fitted?

A.Starting from the bottom, working up. you lay tiles in rows working up the roof which then overlap each other. Please watch this video

Q. What free shingle options can i choose from?

A.We list the current available options for our Free Shingle Offer here

Q. Why would i need air ventilation in my building?

A.Often overlooked, ventilation is very important if you’re not constantly using your cabin. Air vents help air pass through your building while not in use. Heat and moisture can build up without it.

Q. What would happen without sufficant ventilation?

A.You will most likely find damp spores flaring up on the walls and furniture left inside

Q. How many air vents should i fit to my log cabin?

A.Generally at least two sets, on opposite sides and at opposing heights, for larger rooms more should be considered.

Q. How do i fit air vents to a log cabin?

A.Purchase a set that includes two plates ( for each side of the wall ), drill holes in the wood and then cover both sides with the vents. ( tip: adding mesh over the holes helps prevent unwanted visitors )

Air vents for log cabins and garden buildings
Foundation Beams for Log Cabins

Q. Foundation Beams, What are they?

A.Foundation beams are a safeguard to your building, They are lengths of wood/plastic that sit in between your building and your base.

Q. When would i need to use them?

A.The only instance where foundation beams would NOT be needed is if you’re installing ontop of a timber base.

Q. Which foundation beam is best?

A.We offer four main types as follows:

Q. What is EPDM?

A.EPDM is the best form of roofing material for flat and pent roofed garden buildings, Its a sheet of thick rubber that normally spans the whole roof with no overlap.

Q. How do i know what size to order with my cabin

A.Dont worry, this is already calculated for you on the cabins own product page.

Q. How does the EPDM attach?

A. Spray adhesive is supplied with the kit, we show how to install EPDM here

Q. How do i join more than one EPDM sheet together

A.The sheets can be joined by firstly overlapping one over the other ( at least 200mm ) and then applying a thick bead of EPDM Glue

EPDM for log cabins
Storm Protection for Log cabins

Q. How can I protect my log cabin from storm damage?

A.One of the most important things you can do is add some form of storm bracing up the height of your walls and fixing the first layer to your base.

Q. What can happen without storm protection?

A. Anything from the loss of some shingles, to the whole roof being blown off your log cabin, if in doubt always assume its needed.

Q. What storm protection can i use

A.We offer a specific metal Storm kit , But homemade versions are also possible, extra Shingle Glue will protect the roof covering itself.

Q. What is a Base?

A.Your base is what the building sits on, for log cabins it must be 100% flat and level, to at least the footprint size of the model in question.

Q. What can a base be made from?

A.Most commonly used is a solid concrete slab, but other options include patio slabs and;timber frame construction,

Q. How do i know what size to make my base?

A.We list a “min base size on all of our product pages, this is the minimum requirement for that model.

Q. Can the base be made bigger that my building?

A.Yes, but just be mindful that your damp proofing is spot on as you don’t want water seeping under the foundation timbers.

Log cabin base
Damp Proofing

Q. How do i damp proof my base?

A.Two things you can do, laying a Damp Proof Course ( DPC ) underneath the foundation beams and lay a Damp Proof Membrane ( DPM ) directly ontop of the base, Underneath any form of flooring.

Q. Why do i need to fit damp proofing?

A.The main reasoning behind this is to protect the underside of any timbers from laying directly ontop of your base, the plastic barrier protects the wood from rising damp

Q. Do i always need to fit damp proofing

A.Not always, We explain this in more detail with in our base information page

Q. Can I receive my delivery sooner?

A.The lead times shown on the product pages is always the soonest option possible

Q. How is a log cabin delivered?

A.We employ hauliers with fully articulated lorries with moffett, crabbing forklifts

Q. Where will my order be delivered?

A.We only stipulate a kerbside delivery, but in some cases the hauliers can deliver on your drive ( drivers discretion )

Q. Can i choose a specific day for my delivery?

A.In most cases no, not within the parameters of our standard delivery service. Log cabins and other garden structures all a delivery week to be selected.

TUIN Deliveries

Treatment of log cabins and garden structures

Impregnation fluid

Q. What is Impregnation fluid?

A. A treatment that inhibits the formation of damp spores and guards against fungus forming as well as other processes that may damage wood

Q. When would this be used?

A.This product is designed to be a base coat, applied underneath your weatherproofing treatment to add extra protection

Q. Can i paint over this with other paints/stains

A.Yes, but just be mindful of the colour if planning to use a stain ontop.

Q. What is Carefree Wood Treatment?

A.Carefree protect is a very effective an all in one wood / log cabin treatment

Q. How much will i need for my log cabin?

A.Each log cabin page specifies how much is needed with in their own description.

Q. Do i need to apply an undercoating or topcoat onto carefree?

A.No as the carefree is an all in one product, nothing else is required.

Carefree wood treatment
Log Cabin Treatment

Q. How important is it to get treatment right?

A. With log cabins, Very. They are made to handle a certain tolerance of expansion and contraction. If not treated you may find it becoming severe.

Q. What is the aim of applying treatment?

A.Two main aims which are protection and weatherproofing.

  • Protection: Protecting the wood itself from insects, fungus, damp spores, Mold and Rot
  • Weatherproofing: actually sealing the wood grain contained with in each length of wood as well as sealing all of the naturally featured wood joints throughout the structure.

Q. What is Immersion Treatment?

A.Wood is placed into a big tank of treatment and allowed to soak, being absorbed into the wood grain for high depth protection against mold, insects and fungus.

Q. Should i select this option for my log cabin?

A.While it does have it’s benefits on some models, it can be avoided on most with the correct aftercare and treatment

Q. If i have the building immersed, Do i then need to further treat it?

A.Yup, Sorry not that easy. The building will still need a full course of weatherpoofing

Immersion of log cabins

Log Cabin Fitting Questions

Q. My door has developed a slight bow, What can i do?

Fitting a turnbuckle/button to the door is a great corrective step, engaging the turnbuckle when the cabin is not in use will help and force the wood to revert in the right direction.

Q. How can i make the top of my pyramid or hipped roof cabin look nice?

We offer metal roof finials which can slot over the shingles to form a nice peak.

Q. Where are the plans to install my new log cabin?

These are contained with in the main shrink-wrapped pallet, wrapped and protected ready for when you unpack start checking off your parts list.

Q. Should i secure the very first logs of my log cabin to my foundation beams?

Yes we recommend this highly as it helps keeps things nice and square in the beginning phase of the installation.

Q. Does Tuin offer its own installation service?

Yes we do, although most prefer to take advantage of the self employed fitters whom we can provide details for as they have less overheads and are much more affordable.

Q. The Timber looks bare when i have opened the main pallet, is it not treated?

Unless specified differently, all our log cabins arrive completely untreated as standard.

Q. Can i install my log cabin in the wind, rain or snow

Absolutely yes, the wood isn’t going to get damaged by getting wet a couple of times.. tree’s get wet all the time, it’s fine we promise.

Q. What sort of lock is supplied with my cabin?

Most come with a Euro, 3 lever cylinder lock.

Christmas Log Cabin Deliveries

With Christmas quickly approaching, we have to announce a delay in our large item deliveries- This includes our Log Cabins, Gazebos, Verandas.. All of the buildings that we offer.

Because of this, the earliest delivery week we offer is now week two – the week commencing on the 11th of January 2021.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. However, we do hope you have a great holiday!

Yorick Garden Office Log Cabin

Log Cabin Delivery

After talking with one of our drivers the other day over a cup of tea while leaning up against the truck I’ve really come to the conclusion that we’re missing a trick in our selling technique and have so far underplayed how we deliver to you, and believe it or not, with log cabins delivery make a HUGE difference to the whole customer experience.

So, to fully explain what sets us apart regarding deliveries, all our log cabins are delivered to you using these clever things and generally within 14 working days:

Moffett Demountable Forklift

Log Cabin Delivery

Log Cabin Delivery

These clever things are a Moffett Forklift and each of our articulated lorries are equipped with one. You might have seen them on the road, mounted to the rear of specially equipped lorries. They’re very useful in as much as they can go sideways and forwards, it’s not unheard of our drivers taking these up to a half a mile away from their lorry in tricky situations when the full articulated lorry can’t get there. They need about 4m width drive through clearance and they will be as long as the log cabin package. They will need about 4m to actually unload the package.

All though ‘technically’ delivery is kerbside if you speak to the driver really nicely and of course us, and maybe a cup of tea for the driver together we will do everything we can to help including entering your property and placing the packages where you need them so long as the driver can sensibly get the Moffett where you need it. He of course is responsible for his vehicle and health and safety. He will not enter your property without your express permission and provided you accept liability.

We try to deliver our log cabins to the location you need.

We try to deliver our log cabins to the location you need.

The drivers will not though, unpack and move the items for you into your garden or garage but they do help as much as they can, they’re very accurate and can often get into difficult spots you would not believe possible.

As well as asking for reviews on our products and services it’s nice to also receive them about delivery:

I am writing to say what an excellent job your delivery did for me on Wednesday. He was operating the forklift under difficult circumstances from a narrow country lane through an inclined driveway 9ft 6in wide. He then managed to position it exactly where I wanted. He remained cheerful and chatty all the time and it was a pleasure to have him deliver the log cabin.
Please convey my thanks. Unfortunately I did not catch his name. I offered him a cuppa but unfortunately time was pressing for him to get to Plymouth before 4. I guess he did not succeed as it was close to that when he left me.
Barry Scaffold”

Delivery of our log cabins using a Moffett Fork lift

Delivery of our log cabins using a Moffett Fork lift, if you’re nice to the driver he will help as much as he can to get the packages where you need them.

Weather Protection

Log Cabins make for a pretty big package, most of them will be the same length as the longest log and about a meter wide and up to one meter tall.

You will notice our log cabins are all wrapped in plastic and they can be left out side for a good while before you have to worry about unpacking them. It is advisable though to remove the felt shingles from the top of the packs as these could melt together due to the bitumen strip within them. This can make installation of them a bit of a bugger as you try to prise them apart, and failing, and then calling us for new ones, which we’d rather you didn’t so please remove the shingles and hide them from the sun.

Please also just check for any little nicks in the plastic that may have happened during delivery and put a little packaging tape over any you see to keep the package water tight.

You will notice the foundations and if applicable the floors are also on top and these really do need to be moved somewhere under cover, the main log cabin package can be left where it is though until you are ready to install it and in fact we prefer you to do just that as if you unpack it and do not store the logs correctly you may suffer some warping. Warping is never a problem and can easily be rectified but it helps to keep everything together until the day of installation.

Log Cabin Delivery Made Easy

A log cabin is an unwieldy thing, I think customers forget that it’s not a book or a CD or a fridge or a sofa. These are big packs of wood, they weigh from 250kg up to our heaviest stock cabin of 4500kg.

We try to make this process as painless as possible with the method we use. We try to also explain to customers that these are tricky things to deliver, they take a specialist vehicle and specialist handling and we can’t just sling them on a lorry and be done with it.

Size of articulated lorries we use for our large item deliveries

Size of articulated lorries we use for our large item deliveries

Please bare in mind the size of vehicle. The demountable forklift can travel independently but we still need to get the main vehicle within 1 mile of your location.

Please bare in mind the size of vehicle. The demountable forklift can travel independently but we still need to get the main vehicle within 1 mile of your location.

Log Cabin Driver Talk

Chatting with Steve, one of the drivers he was telling me all sorts of tales he has seen on the roads and heard from our customers. Steve does love a gossip:

One major company which advertises heavily, offers a ‘one man’ delivery service as standard. You have to be in all day AND then take it all OFF the lorry yourself. Oh and you have to be able to lift 25 – 50kg.  If this is not possible you can have a ‘two man delivery’ where they will off load it for you, to Kerb Side ONLY and then charge you an extra £400 for it …. Ouch!

Another company he was talking about offers you the same ‘one man’ service but at least the driver will help YOU off load it, but again, only to kerbside, but you have to have tarpaulins available to cover it, so no weatherproofing.

I looked up both these companies tonight and then several others to see what they are all up to. I looked through lots of suppliers small print regarding delivery in their terms and conditions. I suggest you do as well when considering a supplier.

Oh and also another point in an easier delivery with us is that we don’t require you to be there, just let us know within reason where you want the packages placed and we will do that for you.

The best horror story I heard from Steve was as he watched a builders type lorry delivering a log cabin from another competitor using a Hiab crane, again to kerbside.  The cabin was secured at both ends and was about 5m in length. As Steve watched he saw the cabin visibly bend in the middle and then CRACK, the driver said ‘It’ll be fine”!

Steve walked back to his Moffett chuckling. Oh and the VERY best story he told me was when a competitor was delivering further up the road from him, the driver came over and asked if he could ‘Borrow’ the Moffett ….. It’s best if I don’t repeat the exchange they had.

Another suppliers delivery method to kerbside

Another suppliers delivery method to kerbside using a Hiab equipped lorry.

Log Cabin Delivery Summary

It’s interesting to see what other companies are doing these days, I guess it’s all to do with keeping costs down and giving you the ‘best’ prices.

We give the best prices and we give you a bloomin’ easy delivery process.

I don’t think we’ll be changing any time soon though to the new delivery methods currently favoured by others. I think our customer appreciate the ease with which they take delivery when compared to the other options of off loading themselves to the kerb.

We’re not perfect and things do go wrong but at least you don’t have to off load yourself.

We’ve had complaints in the past that the driver was late.  All drivers we use try their hardest not to be but they are also told to help and be accommodating as much as possible, we know a log cabin package is not a lot of fun to have, it takes up loads of room and logistically for you and us they’re a bit of a pain. Imagine having to take it all off a lorry and then having to move it again, store it correctly, protect it from the weather and then install it. I really don’t know how I’d cope down my little lane. And what about customers such as we have who take delivery and then can’t get around to installation for a week or two.

Unlikely, but If you find your particular driver is an hour late please remember he may have been helping a previous customer and you need help as well to take the packages away from ‘Kerbside’ so please don’t moan at him too much, think of the alternative, do you really fancy unloading a 4500kg log cabin on your own from the side of a lorry or pay £400 more for someone to take it off to kerbside only?

Please, in your research for log cabin suppliers, also consider how your cabin is being delivered and what extra additional costs there might be if you want an easy life.

A few of the ‘good’ companies in my research tonight deliver the way we do, so I am not saying we have the best delivery service.  The way we deliver and other ‘Good’ companies deliver is the only way, in my opinion, to safely and conveniently deliver a cabin.

My advise is to check how your cabin is being delivered from a supplier so there are no hidden surprises you should be aware of.

We try to offer the most convenient delivery method and also the safest and of course still maintain an extremely competitive price for log cabins

Delivery Area

Please see the delivery page here: https://www.tuin.co.uk/Tuin-Deliveries.html for more details on deliveries and the areas covered:

UPDATE – Recent customers Email about one of the drivers.

Good morning. I would like to commend your delivery driver who delivered your product to us yesterday.

I received a telephone call to say that he had arrived at my house but couldn’t drop off there as the lane was too narrow. I couldn’t take the call because I was teaching a class so simply had to say that I would be finished in a further 15 minutes and would then hurry on home. This was all 45 minutes early because of course the driver couldn’t have predicted exact time of arrival having travelled from elsewhere in the country and Holland the previous day.

I rang him upon arrival home because the lorry was nowhere to be seen. Call me cynical but in the UK my thought would have been – I wasn’t here and so he has turned around in disgust and refused to leave the delivery. He told me that he was two miles away. I got rough directions and set off to find him. Sure enough he had driven two miles from my property to find somewhere wide enough to unload and was unloading onto the forklift.

Again, call me cynical about our level of customer service, but I thought that he may be unloading in the nearest possible location and it would then somehow become my responsibility to get the product to my own door.

He drove the two miles on the forklift sideways along the narrow country lanes to deliver to the exact spot on my driveway I requested.

I am staggered by this level of customer service and above all else, he did all this with courtesy in a relaxed manner and with a smile!

The coffee and biscuits seemed a very meagre recompense for all of his difficulty but even this was accepted gracefully with a cheerful “better than the usual British coffee”!

I am just hoping that there isn’t some crazy health and safety twaddle that means that me putting his actions into an email causes any difficulty. He should be commended for a superb level of customer service and attitude to the customer.


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Timber Deliveries

We here at Tuin offer a wide range of Garden Timber used for all manners of projects. But with timber, as any merchant will tell you, delivery can sometimes be tricky due to the lengths they’re sold in and the overall weight.

If we were lucky enough to have a number of branches scattered all over the UK then it would be easier as we could employ our own local drivers on our own fleet of flatbeds… but we aren’t quite there yet and only have the one depot here in Norfolk.

Tuin in Norfolk map

TUIN – Norfolk

So how do we deliver these products which can be rather awkward at times, you may ask yourself.

We have two ways of doing it and it all depends on one important aspect which is the total weight of your order, If ordering the odd couple of lengths then chances are we can safely dispatch them with a smaller and cost friendly multi-drop courier.

But, If you’re ordering larger and bulkier lengths.. or high amounts then we may have to offer our secondary delivery method which is actually a full blown, Artic truck driving haulier with specialist Moffett forklifts (the same haulier that delivers our log cabins and other garden structures).

The website is all set up to calculate this for you so you don’t have to start doing any unwanted math, just add what you would like to order to your cart as well as your address to obtain a delivered price.

Or perhaps you don’t want to pay for someone else to deliver your timber, In which case a Click and Collect option is available on all timber pages.

Both the courier we use and the haulier have different prices for each zone of the UK so its important to input your address correctly to ensure the correct price is displayed