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Below are some of the most useful articles mainly from our blog that may be of interest to you. Towards the bottom of the page are product videos, installation guides and then followed by customer video reviews.

Tuin Email Address: info@tuin.co.uk
Urgent Out Of Hours Help: please email: outofhours@tuin.co.uk - This address is manned by experienced fitters on their days off but will assist you with urgent help requests - up to 1.5 hours response time out of hours. For Log Cabin Help please read and watch the videos here: 

For Gazebo installation help please see:

Log Cabins

Information on our log cabins and useful advice.

General Information on our Log Cabins:

Installation Information for our Log Cabins:



We are able to offer an installation service on all of our products as well as recommend self employed installers as an economical option:

Timber properties

  • Why timber posts crack and split - please understand this article which is applicable to ANY timber product. DO NOT buy a timber product if splits or cracks is an issue for you without understanding the properties and characteristics of wood.


Decking and Furniture

Metal Sheds


For urgent out of hours installation advice PLEASE EMAIL: outofhours@tuin.co.uk this is manned by experienced staff on their days off but are happy to help.

Delivery of All Buildings 

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