Log Cabin Spare Parts

There’s a very high chance you’re have lots left over when you’ve finished your Log Cabin, there’s often a spare log, roof boards, spare floor boards and packing pieces.

This is all high quality spruce and it’s a shame to throw it away, there’s plenty you can do with the leftovers from your log cabin.

Here’s some inspiration from some of our customers who kindly sent in pictures, read the images caption/description for more information on them:

Using the Pallet for Parts

Using the timber provided by the pallet used for delivery, this customer recycled the timber to create this adorable bird table – Also using some spare shingles for the roof:

Recycled Bird Table









This customer had some extra logs from his Daisy Log Cabin by modifying it to have an additional window. So he used those logs in order to create this adorable mini Log Cabin for his cat. We hope you love it as much as we do, Winston!

It’s truly amazing what people can produce with spare logs. Take this bar top for example, made from a spare roof purlin, and looks astonishing with the addition of lighting.









Using Spare Wood and Log Parts

Gunda Leftover Wood Shelves

A very functional idea, using the leftover timber to create storage shelves for his Log Cabin workshop.

Bird Feeding Station

I do love the idea of watching your bird feeding station being used while relaxing in your Summerhouse Log Cabin!

Mini Cabin Idea

How about a mini Log Cabin for children?  This idea is so sweet!









Wooden Storage Unit

A storage unit with working draws made from leftover wood? Yes please!









These shelves were made from leftover logs – Definitely ideal for a shed:









I hope this gives you a little inspiration, don’t throw away your spares, there’s lots you can do with them. If you come up with anything good I’d love to see your creations if you send them in.

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  1. I bought a Diane excellent quality! Getting another for my new house and with the left over logs I made a bar.

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