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Garden Dreams Verandas

Our range of aluminium verandas with either polycarbonate roofing material or perhaps a traditional glass veranda. These are manufactured in Germany to stringent standards and they conform to all German standards inscluding snow loading. Numerous width and depths are available as well as made to measure verandas. Numerous other options including foundations, front and side walls, heat resistant roofing and lots more.

Please see the main category for more details: Garden Veranda and Canopies

This product is now one of the best sellers in Europe and growing in popularity in the UK as customers can see the quality and price far surpasses anything available on the UK market.

Highly discounted prices from a retailers price list

These aluminium Garden Verandas and canopies are very customisable. Modules can be added to them including walls, fillets, patio doors, lighting and heating, glass. As standard they are supplied with Polycarbonate bur they can also be upgraded to a glass verandas

Designed to be against a structural wall these Verandas protect your patio, furniture or windows from the sun. Available in three colours as standard but virtually any RAL colour can be chosen for your glass veranda.

Also available is a standalone gazebo kit which transforms a standard veranda into a stunning and contemporary gazebo.

Check out our full range of Garden Gazebos.

Manufactured and designed in Germany the quality is second to none and conforms to all German standards for strength  and especially snow loads when applied to a glass veranda, many design features make this a natural choice for your garden above those in the UK. A 10 year warranty is given on all parts and roof.

Sizes of veranda available are:

  • Widths of 3m up to 15m in 1m increments
  • Depths of 2.5m up to 5m in 0.5m increments.

Our Verandas are available either including polycarbonate roofing material or prepared for Glass with optional Glass packs: The glass packs for the veranda will be delivered separately by a UK glass company. You could also source your own glass to save money. Sizes required will be sent with your order if a glass pack is not chosen.

The features of our verandas are:

  • Contemporary and modern design of veranda
  • Supplied with polycarbonate roofing with a number of options
  • Glass verandas with optional glass packs or source your own with the sizes given.
  • Optional modules can be added retrospectively such as walls, sliding walls etc. Either keep to the standard module height of 2.10m or we can build to any other size at a 15% supplement.
  • 3mm Integral gutter thickness for stability
  • Aluminium cover profiles for the sides as well as the top
  • Free standing veranda kit
  • Choice of roof and walls colours and material
  • Bespoke sizes. Choose the size above your exact measurements and lets us know your size requirements.
  • The roofing material, glass or polycarbonate is held by four sides of rubber for additional strength. An exclusive feature not found with UK veranda's
  • Drain pipe is integral within the posts, the gutter is integral within the main support beam.
  • You will not find a better price anywhere against the quality available.
  • German Standards and conforms to all technical requirements including snow loading of glass verandas
  • 14cm High front rail for a modern look
  • Sleek and clean design
  • Giga gutters for strength when in long runs of up to 7m which means you only need two posts in a 7m length with a 3m depth.  Normal posts are set 4m apart and an extra post is required at more than 5m.
  • 45 and 90 degree modules are available. However these are not supplied as a DIY kit as installation for these is advanced. Please ask us for details if you are a confident installer.

Although straightforward this range of veranda's does take a certain level of DIY skill to erect.  If you may find this difficult please ask for our installers details. The video below will explain the straight forward installation process.

We do NOT take any payment or deposit until delivery of your Veranda is arranged.

Please see the video below for installation advice on these veranda's and an overview of what is required in their construction.

Please ask us for a Package price, We can often offer a good discount!  - Regardless we will ALWAYS beat any price you have been offered for a similar veranda

Sorry, We do NOT offer home survey visits. You are responsible for measuring the veranda required if it is to a specific size. All verandas are made to order. All of them are classed as a bespoke product, Please understand they are made for you when ordered and are you are not able to cancel as if they are a standard product after 15 days of a live order.

Please see our Garden Veranda Gallery for further inspiration and examples of the ranges.

Aluminium Retractable Pergola
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 Weeks

Looking for a more modern approach to a garden awning?, We have an Aluminium pergola with a retractable canvas roof which makes it perfect for getting out into the garden for those family get togethers

Made from powder coated aluminium and high density polyethylene roofing you can choose from three types of roofing and four different colours of framing.

Heavy Duty Corner

Delivery: Only available when purchased with a main, Aluminium Structure.

Heavy Duty Corner, A more substantial foundation option to use with our entire range of aluminium carports and verandas.

RAL Touch up Pen for Aluminium Structures

Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

To complement the colours of our Aluminum structures we sell touch up pens just in case some areas get scratched during installation, Available in four different shades of RAL to match

Easy Veranda Edition 2.5m

Delivery: 8 - 12 weeks

From our Easy class edition, this veranda is supplied in widths ranging from 300cm to 700cm in fixed depth of 250cm
Made from high quality aluminium this lightweight veranda is perfect for home assembly for even the most modest of DYI set of hands
Available in a single colour.

Concrete Foundations With Drainage

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A Concrete Foundation with Drainage, Used with our aluminium structures where a footing in the ground is required below ground

Aluminium Post Caps

Delivery: 21 - 28 working days

Aluminium Post Caps. These will seal and finish off the tops of your posts to really finalise the project at hand, Available in Two different colours

Price: £14.84 Save £3.76
Veranda U Plate Support

Delivery: 14 Working Days

Veranda U Plate Supports, used with our Aluminium verandas as foundation plates to support the vertical posts. Lightweight and easy to use these are ideal when you don't want to dig into an existing base.

Easy Garden Veranda 3.0m - Up to 7.0m
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 Weeks

Slightly larger versions from our Easy Range of verandas, Supplied in a fixed depth of 3.0m and available in widths ranging from 300cm up to 700cm, Perfect for self assembly and made from our very sought after powder coated Aluminium framing with opal roofing.

Simply click into the page, Select your width and footing options to get started and before you know is your veranda will be up and creating garden envy.

Veranda Post Support/Props

Delivery: 21 - 28 working days

Aluminium Post Supports, made from the same lightweight Aluminium as our verandas these can really transform the look of your structure. Powder coated in your choice of for RAL colours to match, these are also used to strengthen our free-standing units against unwanted lateral movement.

Aluminium Walls And Fencing

Delivery: 21 - 28 working Days

Aluminium Walls and fencing, suited but not limited to our vast range of Aluminum structures. Perfect for privacy and wind protection these can really beef up a standard canopy into something a lot more substantial as well as making a sleak modern looking fence. Available in four different colours as standard and at a range of different sizes to suit.

Concrete Foundations Without Drainage

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A Concrete Foundation without Drainage, Used with our aluminium structures where a footing in the ground is required below ground.

Aluminium Post
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 21 - 28 working days

Aluminium Posts, suited but not limited to our vast range of Aluminium structures. These strong but lightweight posts are perfect for outdoor garden projects such as outhouses, fencing and of course veranda enhancements.

Custom Polycarbonate Verandas
9 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 Weeks

We offer a generous range of verandas at predetermined sizes but perhaps you need something a little more custom? On this page it is possible to purchase a more bespoke polycarbonate veranda, That could be in relation to the size, roofing material, footings and much more.

Working through the options you can pick and choose exactly what is preferred, or if you would like to talk through it with somebody then of course we are on hand to help

Veranda Drainage Accessories

Delivery: 21 - 28 working days

Veranda Drainage Accessories, We have a small range of drainage accessories purposly for our Aluminium structures which can be used to help filter water to its intended desticancation

Aluminium U-Profiles

Delivery: 35 - 42 working days

Aluminium U profiles, purpose made for our 25mm tongue and groove Aluminium boards although there’s no reason why they cannot be used for other projects. These are made to be fixed through their base onto a post of some sort which then provides a fixing point for additional materials.

Bespoke Glass Verandas
7 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 weeks

Premium Glass Verandas in your chosen width and projection and much more. Made from powder coated aluminium making them virtually maintenance free for life.

Working through the options you can pick and choose exactly what is preferred for your veranda, or if you would like to talk through it with somebody then of course we are on hand to help.

Aluminium Tongue and Groove Boards 25mm

Delivery: 21 - 28 working days

Aluminum Tongue and Groove Boards, suited but not limited to our vast range of Aluminum structures, Perfect for enhancing the walls that we sell or perhaps you have your own garden project in mind.