Bespoke Glass Verandas

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Mr. David Beale
Dec 22, 2020
Tuin are a great company to deal with. I ordered a 3m x 3m glass veranda. I knew what I wanted but after a month I was getting despondent as few companies seem interested in my enquiry. Then after more searching I found Tuin who responded the same day and I was able to place my order online.
There was one or two questions to ask but I always got a same day response by email.
The delivery process was first class the haulage company and the driver could not be faulted and the goods arrived earlier than expected in a wooden crate.
Because of the weight of the glass I could not install on my own which I really wanted to do, so I found a local builder to do it for me.
Unfortunately the instructions came in German, but the manufacturing company Garden Dreams were very helpful and emailed me an English copy.
Now the veranda is up it looks great and It will be even greater when the warmer weather arrives.
Paul Foster
Jun 18, 2020
I took ages over deciding on this, paid a visit to them first to see one in place and then I had a number of question which I emailed to Tuin. Each was answered quickly and comprehensively. I would rate their customer service as excellent.
Finally took the plunge and ordered a 2m deep canopy. As luck would have it, it was scheduled for delivery just as lock down started. It was planned as a DIY project with some help, but now it was down to my wife and I! First problem was get into the crate it was delivered in, it comes very well packed. I now have lots of wood for my wood burner!
I watched the video, followed the instructions and used bit of common sense here and there and fired off another question. Putting up the frame was pretty straight forward with my wife holding on to bits as required. But the glass had to wait as it was too unwieldy for my wife to manage. The large sheets need two to handle them comfortably and my wife is too dainty for that, so they had to wait until I could get my son to help. We now have fitted them; they went in easily enough using a low scaffold platform I borrowed. It took a morning for 5 panels.
Now it is complete it looks great and performs exactly as we wanted, we are both very happy with it.
A great quality product, the whole thing is well engineered, feels really solid and has great quality finish to all parts. I can highly recommend it.
Thanks to all the team for all the help they provided in my early enquiries.
Mr. Geoff Read
Mar 7, 2020
High quality product that comes pre prepared for assembly. All parts, fixings, silicon, rubbers and screws are supplied along with clear instructions.
Ordering and delivery were clear processes. Kit came well packed in wooden crate.
John Heard
May 3, 2019
we installed an 8m x 3m aluminium veranda in anthracite grey for a customer in Stowmarket.
The quality of the product really stood out against other veranda products we've fitted and the whole project looked stunning when finished. Installing the glass roof elements was the work of the 3 of us. Taking extra care not to catch the beautifully finished framing.
All in all a fantastic project and one very happy customer.