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8 - 12 Weeks

We offer a generous range of verandas at predetermined sizes but perhaps you need something a little more custom? On this page it is possible to purchase a more bespoke polycarbonate veranda, That could be in relation to the size, roofing material, footings and much more.

Working through the options you can pick and choose exactly what is preferred, or if you would like to talk through it with somebody then of course we are on hand to help

Width of Veranda:
Projection From Your Wall:
Standard Colours:
Polycarbonate Roofing options:
Polycarbonate Side Wall:
Veranda Post Supports/Props:
Standalone / Gazebo conversion KIT:
Heavy Foundation Plates:
Concrete Foundation Blocks:
U plate Foundations:
Drainage Sets:
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£2,200.72  Total incl. VAT 

We offer a generous range of verandas at predetermined sizes but perhaps you need something a little more custom? On this page it is possible to purchase a more bespoke polycarbonate veranda, That could be in relation to the size, roofing material, footings and much more.

Pick and choose from the options displayed to Tailor your structure to suit your requirements, We do show many examples within the detailed images above, however for the full gallery please follow the link below.

Extremely high quality with many design features that set it apart from any of its competitors in Europe. One of the best features is the completely integral guttering and clean lines. The polycarbonate roofing material is embedded in rubber on four sides. The columns arrive in lengths of 2.4m which allows an adjustable walk through height to suit.

Build to your own preference and imagination, very bespoke options are available with these vernadah kits

Included in this standard Polycarbonate Veranda is the following:

  • 10 Years of Manufacturers Warranty
  • 16mm Polycarbonate roofing
  • Front Veranda Posts
  • Fixtures and Fitting
  • Integral and Hidden Water Drainage
  • Full English Step by Step Instructions
  • Supplied in one of four standard RAL colours
  • Full Assembly Video
  • Differing Gutter face options.
  • Snow Loading Limit rated at 135kg/m2

1. Heights:

The columns that come with this veranda are 2.40m. This is the maximum height of walk through you can have at the front of the veranda assuming the bottom of the post is set flush with the ground. The veranda will then slant upwards by 14cm for every 1m depth. The column can be cut as required to suit the height of fixing to the structural wall you require. The normal height of walkthrough is 2.10m with 0.30m being surplus, this can either be set in the ground or trimmed as required.

2. Colours:

As standard you can select from one of Four colours:

  • RAL 9016 Traffic White.
  • RAL 7016 Textured Anthracite.
  • RAL 9007 Grey Structured.
  • RAL 9005 - Black Structured
  • Any colour from the RAL colour system can also be specified at an additional cost., Please Email us for a Quote.

3. Guttering profile

  • As standard the veranda comes with a smooth flat gutter.

Or to change the appearance it is possible to purchase either a rounded or classic style capping, please contact us by email if you would like a price.

4. Roofing Material options:

We offer several different types of Polycarbonate panels to choose from. clear and opal are the standard then there are others to select as an option for better heat retention., please contact us for a quote

5. Columns:

As standard this veranda comes with columns of 2.4m in height. The normal height we would set these at for the walk-through is 2.10m. This leaves 0.30m that can be set into the ground or trimmed as required.

The number of columns greatly depends on the width and projection of the veranda chosen, This is precalculated for you under the options tab above

In some instances posts can be removed by using an upgraded and strengthened gutter system referred to as a GIGA Gutter

6. Foundations:

There are Four options for securing the bottom of columns to the ground which we have listed in packs which you can choose to match the number of posts featured.

  • U Plates. These are lightweight surface mounted anchors that can be fixed onto the top of decking, concrete, slabs ect. (not recommended for free-standing structures)
  • Heavy Duty Corners and Middles. These are very substantial anchors that can be surface mounted on top of decking, concrete, slabs ect, often they are mounted on top of concrete below ground and infilled over. These are recommended for free standing structures.
  • Concrete Foundation without a drain. This is a concrete post and is designed to be cemented into the ground, the columns then sits over this and is secured.
  • Concrete Foundation with a drain.  Used to secure your columns within the ground whilst also allowing drainage through an internal pipe which can be rigged to an existing/new drainage system or below ground gravel pit.

7. STANDALONE Aluminium Gazebo Kit:

This is a conversion kit for our German made aluminium garden verandas. You can pick from the width sizes of 3 to 7m and then all the permutations of depths available with our verandas. For more information please see the following -Standalone Veranda


If you have a specific measurement you require in either width or depth please let us know as these can normally be made to your specification.


The basic verandas are designed for DIY installation and come complete with drawings. However please understand some cutting, drilling and DIY skills are required to install this veranda. Please see the instructional video found in our main veranda category for an indication of what is involved.

Please note: These Aluminium structures are made to order which means they fall under our bespoke service and terms, A 25% Non-refundable deposit will be required to process your order.

Approximate Delivery Time: 8 - 12 Weeks

We also have a Showcase Page for this Log Cabin.

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Width of Veranda
Projection From Your Wall
Standard Colours
Polycarbonate Roofing options
Polycarbonate Side Wall
Veranda Post Supports/Props
Standalone / Gazebo conversion KIT
Heavy Foundation Plates
Concrete Foundation Blocks
U plate Foundations
Drainage Sets
Delivery Zones and costs

Delivery of our Aluminium garden Veranda range is 2 -3 Months during this time from the point of order, it is also free to most parts of the UK mainland. Delivery is made via a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift

For more details on delivery please see the following; TUIN DELIVERIES

An installers walkthrough of a Glass Roofed Veranda.
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9 Reviews  

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Nov 7, 2022

3x5m GIGA gutter, opal polycarb, installed DIY, single person, a couple of weeks, here are my notes:

Lifting and stabilising a GIGA beam is quite challenging. I didn't use acrow props, erected a scaffolding instead. That worked quite well.
Another challenge with GIGA beam is the leaf trap.

Get yourself the following before starting:
- ask tuin for instructions in english
- ask tuin for detailed photos of the installed sample product they have in their office!
- spare drill bits (for when you snap one..)
- epoxy glue (for when that snapped drill bit goes through that polycarb sheet..)
- duck tape
- foam / insulation byelaw (to protect the structure from scratches)
- phishing rod (for when you drop something down the already installed downpipe..)
- spare roll of anti-dist tape (for when you cock up installing the provided ones..)
- spare roll of condensation tape (for when you cock up installing the provided ones..)

A couple of tips:
- Beware of hollow bricks when installing the wall beam.
- Avoid sending existing down pipes through the polycarbonate sheets. Send them around the structure instead.
- When cutting the corners of the side beams, make sure giga gutter is not tilted outwards (as it tends to be when put on a flat surface), otherwise you gonna end up with quarter inch gaps at the end of the side beams..
- Cutting the 83mm (NB not 82mm!) leaf trap hole in the GIGA gutter is tricky. If cut as per the instructions, you will end up right on the edge of the inside wall, with no overlap for the leaftrap, which you will then have to trim. Still that it probably the most optimal.
- Installing the leaf trap is also tricky. It's probably best to only install it just before securing the post to the beam for the final time.
- Where the instruction says to connect the post with one screw, I used duck tape instead, to avoid damage when adjusting the beam or the posts. Only used the one screw when I was reasonably happy everything was leveled.
- All click frames are 94.2cm, but the outside ones had to be cut to 93mm. This could have been done in the factory.
- The front click frames are quite difficult to install. Had to use grease, clamps and rubber mallet.
- Don't pre-drill all angle plates, drill at the centre of all but two angle plates. It's beacuse the ones going on the side cover profiles should really be smaller. They should be drilled not in the middle but in-line with other screws on the side cover profiles. So only drill in the two side angle plates immediately before installing, once you've established where they are going.
- Anti-dust tape vs. condensation tape: Tuin's instructions are misleading, probably incorrectly translated from Dutch (what the instructions call condensation tape is elsewhere called "anti-dust" or "breather"). Confirmed with Tuin: blue tape - gutter side, white tape - wall side. Checked with 2 other sources: sealing tape goes at the top (wall side), breather at the bottom (gutter side).
- The condensation profiles are tight, possibly too tight, tricky to install and right pain.
- Good idea to additionally concrete off the posts as the GIGA beam is heavy and you don't want it to move sideways.

Tuin's instructions could be better/updated especially for the GIGA version.

All in all it's an awesome product and the end result is WOW.

Permission is hereby granted to Tuin to provide my email should someone need advice/assistance.
Mr. Paul Carter
Sep 23, 2022
Bought a 6mx3m veranda. Product delivered within anticipated timeframe; well packaged. I put it up as a single person, in about 3 weeks! I upgraded to the gigabeam which turned into a nightmare to lift 2.3m into the air. Instruction booklet not in English and out of date. Video slightly out of date. Assistance from Tuin reasonable. Product itself is very good.
Mr. Mark Ellis
Jun 7, 2022
Very good company to deal with.the delivery of the veranda was excellent, I was phoned 1 hour before they arrived, The driver was very nice and put it where we asked him to.The veranda is made very well and I put it up trouble free.Thank you
robert linnard
Mar 19, 2021
We wanted some shade on a south-facing patio and after much searching noticed the Tuin verandas. We went for 4m width (so only 2 posts) but non-standard 3.5m depth. Anthracite with the milky polycarbonate roof.
This is quite a complicated structure to erect (instructions in Dutch don't help). I employed an experienced builder and it took him-with me helping at various points- 15 hours. To be fair, that included removing wall tiles and installing lead flashing plus the inevitable groundwork but I still wouldn't call this an easy DIY job.
You must have the right tools, including sturdy props as shown in the video.
The finished product is well worth the trouble. It looks really classy and is clearly a quality product. My builder was very impressed with the design and the absence of corner-cutting. It's a proper structure, not a cheap lean-to. Given the quality, I reckon the price is very reasonable.
Ordering and delivery went without a hitch.
Overall, highly recommended.

Peter M Chaffe
Dec 23, 2020
My veranda is 2.5M x 6M and it arrived well packaged on a single pallet. Unpacking takes time as the list is in Dutch.
I had to assemble on my own which had its challenges due to the weather but it was done in three days.
It helped tremendously having a plan that was sent time at the time of the initial order. Only a couple of minor points. The drawing shows that the hole for the leaf trap is 82mm ? Included with the kit was a 83mm hole saw ?
The only other confusion was the tape for the poly carbonate sheets? They arrived all cut to length great but the drawing does not state the colours blue or white what goes where, a quick email sorted the problem.
There is a good video to refer to but it is in need of updating as the product has been improved.
Overall I am very pleased with the product, it is good quality. My location can be subject to gusting winds so I opted for the thicker 3mm posts and corner braces. Probably overkill but the the structure is solid and looks good.
I would recommend this veranda to anybody with some D.I.Y skills and confidence otherwise get help.

£2,200.72 Total incl. VAT

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