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Custom Polycarbonate Verandas

Custom Polycarbonate Verandas
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We offer a generous range of verandas at pre-deturmend sizes but perhpas you need something a little more custom? On this page it is possible to purchase a more bespoke polycarbonate veranda, That could be in relation to the size, roofing material, footings and much more.

Working through the options you can pick and choose exactly what is preferred, or if you would like to talk through it with somebody then of course we're on hand to help

Width of Veranda:
Projection From Your Wall:
Standard Colours:
Polycarbonate Roofing options :
Front Gutter Profile:
Polycarbonate Side Wall:
Polycarbonate Front Walls:
Veranda Post Supports/Props:
Standalone / Gazebo conversion KIT:
Heavy Foundation Plates:
Concrete Foundation Blocks:
U plate Foundations:
Drainage Sets:
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£1,624.30  Total incl. VAT  Save £313.22
Price: £1,937.52

We offer a generous range of verandas at pre-deturmend sizes but perhpas you need something a little more custom? On this page it is possible to purchase a more bespoke polycarbonate veranda, That could be in relation to the size, roofing material, footings and much more.

Pick and choose from the options displayed to Taylor your structure to suit your requirements, We do show many examples within the detailed images above, however for the full gallery please follow the link below.

Extremely high quality with many design features that set it apart from any of its competitors in Europe. One of the best features is the completely integral guttering and clean lines. The polycarbonate roofing material is embedded in rubber on four sides.  The columns arrive in lengths of 2.4m which allows an adjustable walk through height to suit.

Included in this standard veranda is the following:

  • 10 Years of Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 16mm Polycarbonate roofing
  • Front Veranda Posts
  • Fixtures and Fitting
  • Integral and Hidden Water Drainage
  • Full English Step by Step Instructions
  • Supplied in one of four standard RAL colours
  • Full Assembly Video
  • Differing Gutter face options.

1. Heights:

The columns that come with this veranda are 2.40m. This is the maximum height of walk through you can have at the front of the veranda assuming the bottom of the post is set flush with the ground. The veranda will then slant upwards by 14cm for every 1m depth. The column can be cut as required to suit the height of fixing to the structural wall you require. The normal height of walkthrough is 2.10m with 0.30m being surplus, this can either be set in the ground or trimmed as required.

2. Colours:

As standard you can select from one of Four colours:

  • RAL 9016 Traffic White.
  • RAL 7016 Textured Anthracite.
  • RAL 9007 Grey Structured.
  • Any colour from the RAL colour system can also be specified at an additional cost., Please Email us for a Quote.

3. Guttering profile.

  • As standard the veranda comes with a smooth flat gutter.

Or to change the appearance it is possible to purchase either a rounded or classic style capping, please contact us by email if you would like a price.

4. Roofing Material options:

We offer several different types of Polycarbonate panels to choose from. clear and opal are the standard then there are others to select as an option for better heat retention., please contact us for a quote

5. Columns:

As standard this veranda comes with columns of 2.4m in height. The normal height we would set these at for the walk-through is 2.10m. This leaves 0.30m that can be set into the ground or trimmed as required.

The number of columns greatly depends on the width and projection of the veranda chosen, This is precalaulted for you under the options tab above

In some instances posts can be removed by using an upgraded and strengthened gutter system referred to as a "GIGA Gutter"

6. Foundations:

There are Four options for securing the bottom of columns to the ground which we have listed in packs which you can choose to match the number of posts featured.

  • U Plates. These are lightweight surface mounted anchors that can be fixed onto the top of decking, concrete, slabs ect. (not recommended for free-standing structures)
  • Heavy Duty Corners and Middles. These are very substantial anchors that can be surface mounted on top of decking, concrete, slabs ect, often they’re mounted on top of concrete below ground and infilled over. These are recommended for free standing structures.
  • Concrete Foundation without a drain. This is a concrete post and is designed to be cemented into the ground, the columns then sits over this and is secured.
  • Concrete Foundation with a drain.  Used to secure your columns within the ground whilst also allowing drainage through an internal pipe which can be rigged to an existing/new drainage system or below ground gravel pit.

7. STANDALONE Aluminium Gazebo Kit:

This is a conversion kit for our German made aluminium garden verandas. You can pick from the width sizes of 3 to 7m and then all the permutations of depths available with our verandas. For more information please see the followingStandalone Veranda


If you have a specific measurement you require in either width or depth please let us know as these can normally be made to your specification.


The basic verandas are designed for DIY installation and come complete with drawings. However please understand some cutting, drilling and DIY skills are required to install this veranda. Please see the instructional video found in our main veranda category for an indication of what is involved.

Please note: These Aluminium structures are made to order which means they fall under our bespoke service and terms, A 25% Non-refundable deposit will be required to process your order.

Approximate Delivery Time: 1 - 3 Months
Width of Veranda Choosing the width of your veranda, set sizes are listed below however we do also offer bespoke, Made to measure sizes.. Please contact us for a quote
Projection From Your Wall Here we choose how much you want the veranda to project outwards from the wall it will be fixed to, We sell them in set projections up to 5m, But it is possible to request bespoke projections within these sizes
Standard Colours These are the standard colours we supply however we can offer bespoke RAL's if required, Please contact us for a quote
Polycarbonate Roofing options All polycarbonate sheets are 16mm thick, These are the Roofing options we can supply as standard and at no extra charge, Further options can be found below
Front Gutter Profile This is the profile of the main, front gutter beam which spans the front width of the veranda. At certain sizes the strengthened gutter profile can be selected to remove the requirement for a middle post.
Polycarbonate Side Wall As an option you can choose to infill the sides of your new veranda with the same style of polycarbonate for added protection and privacy.
Polycarbonate Front Walls Polycarbonate Front Walls, To be fitted on the low side of the veranda should you wish to screen it off from the garden, Will be supplied in the same polycarbonate and framing as the main veranda. for multiple front walls please visit the seperate page.
Veranda Post Supports/Props Post supports, Or props as they are sometimes called are there to add lateral strength to the structure as well as helping to change its overall appearance should you wish
Standalone / Gazebo conversion KIT This is a Gazebo conversion kit which allows the veranda to become free-standing instead of up against a structural wall, 7m is the maximum width available when using this kit.
Heavy Foundation Plates These are a type of foundation used to secure the posts of the veranda to the ground, The heavy duty range are recommended for larger verandas or for all sizes when Free-standing. These need to be bolted/screwed to a hard standing ( bolts not included )
Concrete Foundation Blocks Concrete foundation types used to secure the posts of the veranda into the ground, The posts slot over the top so it's completley hidden when in situ. you will need to pre-dig a hole suitable for this footing and add postmix around it.
U plate Foundations These are a type of foundation used to secure the posts of the veranda to the ground, These U plates are small and lightweight and need to be screwed or bolted to a hardstanding. These are not suitable for larger verandas or any size of free-standing.
Drainage Sets Combined drainage accessories to help filter water to a desired location
Delivery Zones and costs Delivery is Free to most of the UK with the exception of a few highlighted areas, Please choose from the options below

Delivery of our Aluminium garden Veranda range is 28 - 35 working days from the point of order, it is also free to most parts of the UK mainland. Delivery is made via a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift

For more details on delivery please see the following; TUIN DELIVERIES

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£1,624.30 Total incl. VAT

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