Winter Promotion on our Log Cabins

Well, Its nearly December and we have already had some snow here in jolly old England…Tis the season. Not a great start with news of a new variant of the dreaded covid virus and the tightening of restrictions. We really need something to be happy about so here we go, Black Friday may be over but what about some winter promotions of our Log Cabins.

For a limited time only we’re offering Mega savings on some of our most popular models.

**PRICES RETURNING TO NORMAL ON THE 31st Dec, Act fast before it’s too late**

Who wants a log cabin in this weather you may be asking yourself.. Well sure, its wet, its cold and dark but this is generally the best time of year to buy one of these things anyway with prices in mind, we talk more on this with in our best time to buy blog.

Starting from the 1st December, the following log cabins will be heavily reduced and will run on weekly countdown timers for an unknown number or weeks.

All log cabins included have a 40mm log thickness and double glazing making them ideal for all year round use. consider adding insulation to the roof and floor.

They also all fall under 2.5m in height and come supplied with free roofing Shingles. and tanalised foundation timbers.

Chloe Log Cabin 4x3m

Julia Log Cabin 3x5m

Peggie Log Cabin 3x4m

Karen Log Cabin 5×3.2m

Jackalyn Log Cabin 5x4m

Daisy Log Cabin 3.5×2.5m

Sophie Log Cabin 5.5×3.5m

Shannon Log Cabin 4.5×2.5m

Justine Log Cabin 5×2.5m

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Hi, I'm Ben I have been in the business since 2005, worked in all areas including the installation of log cabins and their general upkeep and maintenance. As a keen believer in the joys of the UK garden industry im able to offer value insights into specific constructions commonly used throughout the country. Log cabins and garden gazebos are are the forefront of my interest.

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