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I’m sure you’ve noticed right now, but winter is coming, which for the UK means plenty of cold mornings, rain and, if we’re lucky, some snow. It’s time to consider some winter care and preparation! I feel like most people would love to just stay at home in a cosy room all day when it comes to winter, almost like hibernation, and one way you can find your area of peace and warmth is within your Log Cabin.

But before we continue, this post will be about Log Cabin winter care. If you want a building that toughs it through the groggy weather, then preparation is key. We recommend for all year around use at least a 40mm Log Cabin should be considered, although when thinking of logs it’s all about the heat capacity. So for a slightly more expensive cabin, such as our 58mm Log Cabins or 70mm Log Cabins, you would save money in the long run when it comes to heating and keeping the heat in the building. Insulating your Log Cabin will also aid greatly when it comes to keeping warm in the colder months.

We also highly recommend that you learn about expansion in Log Cabins and how timber naturally acts within the damper months. Although the process of expansion is normal for timber, there are a few ways that you can help prevent this, this especially includes treating your Log Cabin correctly, with the most suitable products for timber buildings.


Now, let’s say that you have/are getting a Log Cabin, and are all ready for the winter months. What else could you do to build that warm and cosy sanctuary you envisioned? The rest of this blog should help inspire you on how to complete the interior of your Log Cabin.

Many of our customers use a woodburner to provide heat into their Log Cabins, and it’s great winter care! So long you install it correctly. So if you are thinking of installing one please, use a qualified installer in the process. The important things to consider is the natural expansion and contraction of the log cabin. Also, the flue needs to accommodate this without restrictions.

If the idea of wood burners within a wooden building concerns you – Why not try out an electric heater? A electrical convection heater is known to be enough to heat a Log Cabin, a great example is shown within our Emma Log Cabin.

Another example is this Piet Log Cabin that has been turned into extra accommodation, it just oozes with comfort- Complete with a bathroom, small kitchen area and a double bed, all of which are kept warm with the use of an electrical convection heater. These two cabins also have another common feature – Fluffy blankets, they are truly a winter necessity.

Utilising Space

With additional logs that match your Log Cabin, or cladded panels, there’s not much to stop you customising your winter care to your preferences. As shown with the Piet above and also with this 45mm Hendrick Log Cabin.

Measuring at 5m x 5m, there’s plenty of ‘play room’ for you to add internal walls. This gives users of the cabin their own privacy when needed. Not to mention, privacy when it comes to the bathroom. You may not think that 5m x 5m is that big, but it’s surprising with this example of the Hendrick- Featuring a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Sleeping Cozy

Prefer sleeping higher than the usual bed? The Berlin Log Cabin features an upper level that’s just right to put a bed in and the bare necessities. I love the little window on this upper level. Could you imagine being able to look at the sky so easily while you’re in bed?

Did you know that we have a few buildings for these moments in mind? For example the Camping Barrel, to help you sleep in style or work in comfort. Featuring two separate rooms to help you keep what you need, in the area you need it in.

Log Cabin Camping Barrel

Living Areas

I realise as I’m typing this, not everyone likes to spend all of their days in bed. However, a seating area can still be inviting and cosy. For example, this colourful Blackpool Log Cabin:

Blackpool Log Cabin Office

Used as an office/study, these customers used contrasting colours to help brighten up the inside of their Blackpool cabin- With the blankets, cushions ready to be used for the winter.

Another colourful example is this Yorick Log Cabin, with the feature length windows giving in plenty of natural light, the light is also used to make the cushions on this corner sofa stand out! Not to mention that the sofa does look perfect for a social evening. Monopoly with a cuppa, anyone?

Yorick Garden Office Log Cabin

Corner sofas really are a great way to utilise space in your cabin. Sometimes (especially for smaller cabins) less is more. For example this Daisy Log Cabin, featuring just the necessities for a lovely evening.

Daisy Log Cabin

… Is it too early to mention Christmas?

Yorick Garden Office Log Cabin

Another beautifully made seating/study area is this Ulrik Log Cabin, that contradicts the earlier posts – Soft interior works too! It’s all about finding a colour scheme that suits your tastes. Likewise, finding enough chairs to get everyone in. We’ve proven that space won’t be a problem for some of these cabins.

And of course, what would be a post by myself if it didn’t include a Shepherds Hut or two? It’s one of the main reasons why I love these so much. Even though they look plain and simple on the outside, there are so many ways in which you can transform a Shepherds Hut! The majority of these examples are from our Gypsy Caravan model.

You can easily turn a Log Cabin into a cosy area with a few things. Of course, there is making sure you are prepared for when log cabin expansion naturally occurs, along with having the most suitable log thickness and insulation for the job. Once the fundamentals are down, then you can start playing with a colour scheme that reflects you and your personality. Also, picking the heating source you’d prefer and of course, finding all of the fluffy blankets and cushions you can.

How are you preparing for the winter? We’d love to learn how in the comments below!

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  1. I’m an electrician. (NICEIC approved) how do you fix say a consumer unit securely with out screwing to only one log ? Also facials etc. Is the 70mm log cabin pre treated ? Would you advise treatment to ALL timbers before installation.
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