Log Cabin Offers

As we are preparing our 2018 catalogue, unfortunately we’re going to have to let go a few of our Log Cabins. So as a parting gift to some of our well known cabins, we are offering discounts!
See below for which cabins these include, this page will be updated as more offers come in, while stocks last!

In addition to these, we have recently added more offers around the site! Even with Log Cabins that will be staying in next years catalogue. You can start by looking in our Log Cabin page- these offers are available until the end of the year!

The Offers Available Are As Follows: 

The Gigamodern Log Cabin. 

The Gigamodern Log Cabin

Featuring a contemporary flat roof, storage shed and large open side shelter supported by two posts.

With flat roof, the 40mm Giga Modern Log Cabin is designed to imitate the wide, horizontal lines of the natural landscape. Perfect for adding a contemporary feel to any garden, this log cabin combines a storage shed and side shelter into one practical building.

The Gigamodern Log Cabin- Now available for £2,358!

The Supermodern Log Cabin.

The Supermodern Log Cabin

Flat roof Super Modern Log Cabin measuring 4.2 x 4.2m. With centrally positioned double doors flanked by two bottom-hung sash windows.

The Supermodern Log Cabin is a contemporary style Cabin with a sleek flat roof, centrally positioned double doors and high positioned windows. Made from 40mm Spruce timber, the supermodern is a stunning design that offers all year round use!

The Supermodern Log Cabin- Now available for £2185.50!

The Lisette Garden Office Studio.

The Lisette Log Cabin

The Lisette garden office studio measures 6.09 x 3.64m and features double glazing and double skin 19mm clad walls.

The Lisette is split into two, one side an enclosed office and the other open as a gazebo, this layout is perfect for a multifunctional garden building. Making this Log Cabin perfect to be used as: a summerhouse, garden office, art/music studio and more!

The Lisette Log Cabin- Now available for £3,819.85!

The Kajsa Modern Studio.

The Kajsa Modern Studio

A contemporary flat roof model in 19mm cladding, the Kaisja studio features a double door and two fixed windows. Dimensions are 2.72 x 2.01m.

This Modern Studio may be smaller in size, but doesn’t stop you from having crisp, clean lines from the Spruce Cladding. With the two fixed windows being adaptable for either side of the Cabin, this is a perfect Log Cabin for art/music studios.

The Kajsa Modern Studio – Now available for £1,268.90!

The Morten Log Cabin 

Morten Gazebo Log Cabin

A unique combination, the Morten features both a gazebo and shed annexe in one garden building. Measuring 3.5 x 5.0m and manufactured using 28m tongue and groove logs.

Who needs a separate Gazebo and Storage Shed when you have them both with the Morten? Inspired by the log cabin summerhouse and shed combinations, a full height partition creates a distinction between the two functions. It also offers flexibility with the Gazebo being able to be installed on either side of the Shed.

The Morten Log Cabin – Now available for £2,112.23!

The Amstelveen Modern Log Cabin.

Amstelveen Log Cabin

The Amstelveen 28mm Log Cabin measures overall at 5.82m x 2.48m- Including the incorporated canopy area.

A cabin that screams modern, the Amstelveen Log Cabin features a three measure length gazebo, with a 2.8m x 2.48m Cabin ideal for storage use or as a main summerhouse. The Amstelveen offers all the functionality and versatility of a conventional garden shed. Yet instead of panels, this building is constructed using interlocking 28mm Swedish pine logs.

The Amstelveen Modern Log Cabin – Now available for £1,410.19!

This page was last updated on the 20/2/2018

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Sales Again

Well it’s all change again.  I was supposed to be having a quiet weekend off but I received an email Friday night.  An email gratefully received of course.  This email was listing a whole host of garden furniture on sale.  Loads of them and some at really knockdown prices, so much so I had to email back and check they were right.

So myself and a colleague have been going through the whole range, re-vamping it, adding new pictures and making the sale look as attractive as we can.  The prices tend to do the talking but we prefer to do a proper job.   Half way through that little lot I receive another email, this time with new buildings for prospective retailers to take and rebrand as their own, these were to be added to the private label range of log cabins.  So in my little Sunday night rabbit over a glass of wine we’ll have a quick look at them.

There seem to be little niches that ever I sometimes miss but Holland spots so lets look at the most simplest of the new buildings:

Palma 34mm Log Cabin

A nice little building and sits in a size range not that well populated of 4.0m x 4.0m.  It’s a simple building very similar to our Peter Log Cabin and Summertime Log Cabin.

Palma Log Cabin measuring 4.0 x 4.0m

Palma Log Cabin measuring 4.0 x 4.0m

Next up of which I’m very pleased about is the:

Lulea 34mm Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m

Like the Palma above this fills another size niche that is missing, in fact it’s the only one we can now offer to our customers in this size, I expect it to be popular.

Lulea 34mm 3.0m x 4.0m Log Cabin with a double opening window which can be placed in either wall as required.

Lulea 34mm 3.0m x 4.0m Log Cabin with a double opening window which can be placed in either wall as required.

The third and final one we are adding is the my most favourite, as soon as we added it we sold two.  I have booked several of these for our customers as I fully expect a retailer to nab this very quickly to rebrand as their own as of course is the purpose of our private label range of log cabins, I just wanted to make sure I can please everybody interested before having to remove it.

Lukas Log Cabin 4.5x3m with Adjoining Shed

I love this one, I want one myself.  I very handy size but the best bit is that it has a shed!  Girls stuff in the pretty summerhouse side and man stuff in the shed.  A perfect combination for any log cabin:

The Lukas log cabin – a perfect combination

So enough of these log cabins.  Lets have a look at the garden furniture and for this I really don’t know where to start.  I hadn’t even thought these discounts were possible and my team and I keep checking we’re correct.  There’s been a few errors but the sale is now live so take full advantage of it!

To keep it fair I’m only going to mention three of the top highlights, you’ll have to wander our Garden Furniture ranges to find them all

Large Hardwood Picnic Table and Bench

I love picnic benches, I have several at the field, true some were returns that I nabbed, nothing wrong with them at all a small scuff, anyway I digress.  I personally have this one and it’s very good value for money but now with over 40% off it’s a real bargain!

Hardwood large picnic table. Who doesn't need one of these, buy it now for next summer and finish of this one in style.

Hardwood large picnic table. Who doesn’t need one of these, buy it now for next summer and finish of this one in style.

So what next do I like?  Ok try this, the modern trend and getting very popular, a sofa for your garden.  Yup, sofa’s, for your garden, it’s a new one on me but these can be left outside all year.  They’re very popular on patios apparently, I’m yet to be convinced I need one but you can’t help but admire the price and sheer quantity of this set:

Right, the last one I shall talk about then you’ll have to go and look at our Garden furniture ranges yourself.  This is a little more me, a little more traditional, no, not boring, just elegant and more my style hehe.

Teak Garden Dining Set

Rustic hardwood dining set

There we have it, three new private label log cabins and three lovely pieces from our latest garden furniture sale.  Go grab some bargains before someone else nabs them and they disappear.

Rose Log Cabin

I’ve just added a brand new building to our private label range of log cabins, this cabin has been very successful with retailers in Germany and we are trialling it for the UK.

The Rose log cabin is in 45mm wall logs with double tongue and groove.  It measures overall a very useful 5.0 x 5.0m and comes complete with tanalised foundation beams, tilt and turn windows, german quality fixtures and fittings.  To the front is a 0.70m canopy.


I don’t expect this log cabin to be for general sale for too long before it is reserved and rebranded as many of the private label range is.  If this suits your needs, grab one now before it’s lost at these prices.


This weeks Offers

As we do every week on Friday at 0900 we have changed this weeks special offers, we hope you took advantage of last weeks.  The single wheelie bin stores went down very well, this week we have the double version on offer:

The double wheelie bin store currently on special offer

Double wheelie bin store

Also this week the Classico Gazebo has £200 off the normal retail price.  Our range of gazebo’s are a very popular choice and this one, although not the best seller, is a very close second in the popularity stakes.

The Classico Gazebo currenlty on offer.

The Classico Gazebo

Finally, our last offer is for one of our carports, this is a single carport and is either free standing or can be used as a lean to carport.

Single lean to carport on special offer

Single Carport

All these offers change at 0900 every Friday morning, grab them while you can or visit regularly to see the offers change.

Friday specials 06

A change around for this weeks special offers.  We hope those who wanted them made full advantage of our offers for last week.  This weeks offers are a slight change of theme.

First up is this lovely Gazebo.  This is known as the Tourist Gazebo and is extremely popular with our retailers.  It measures a very convenient 3.40 x 3.40m square and comes complete with felt shingles.  Optional ground anchors are available as is a metal finial.

The Tourist gazebo currently on special offer. Save 20% ff the normal retail price

The Tourist gazebo currently on special offer. Save 20% ff the normal retail price

Next in this weeks sale is one of the products we mentioned in our twitter posts which received a lot of attention.  This is the Hardwood Deluxe Tree Seat  it measures 2.20m in diameter and can accommodate a tree trunk up to a 1.10m diameter.  It comes complete with cushions and is made from Teak, a stunning tree seat and currently with 20% off the normal price.

Hardwood Teak tree seat with 20% off the normal retail price for this week.

Hardwood Teak tree seat with 20% off the normal retail price for this week.

The final offer for the week is one of our lovely garden arches.  This model is made from tanalised timber for years of rot free use.  It measures 2.90 x 0.60 x 2.50cm and features two planters and a garden bench in between them.  A lovely feature for any garden.

Trellis arbour with a garden bench flanked by two planters. Great value with 20% off.

Trellis arbour with a garden bench flanked by two planters. Great value with 20% off.

Like always, these offers finish on Friday (8th February) at 9am.  Don’t miss out!