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Hi, my name is Ben and I have the gratifying task of visiting our happy customers and their log cabins.
In late september I had the pleasure of meeting Helen & her Charlotta Garden Bar Log Cabin, which she has transformed into a superb garden bar entertainment venue.

Situated in Taverham, Norfolk, Helen has created a wonderful environment to entertain their guests. With a huge patio space for a hot tub, dining area, and of course the stunning Charlotta Log Cabin which is being used as a garden bar and sheltered seating area.

The Transformation

The incredible transformation is clear to see in these comparison images.

Discovering TUIN

There are many ways our customers find us. A google search, social media, an online ad etc. However, because of our excellent service and quality products, lots of our customers discover us through word of mouth. This is exactly how Helen came to learn about us. Her friend recommended us to her after also purchasing one of our fantastic log cabins.

Charlotta Log Cabin Shed with Gazebo – Feature Video

Why the Charlotta Garden Bar Shed Log Cabin?

In her planning, Helen was very precise. Her talent for interior design is apparent throughout her home and garden. With these skills she was able to foresee her outdoor plans and design. While looking for a cabin she knew exactly what she was looking for. An indoor area for a small bar, and a large outdoor sheltered area for dining in. Our product range is vast and there are many similar cabins to the Charlotta. However the Charlotta was the perfect fit for her requirements.

Similar cabins include the Jannie Log Cabin measuring 3 X 5.76M, the Rianne Log Cabin measuring 5 X 2.5M and the Olson Log Cabin measuring 7.05M X 3.0M and includes a built-in shed for extra storage. Others include the Kennet, the Paiva and the Christoffer Log Cabin which I visited earlier this year.

Ordering & Delivery

Mrs Helen remarked that the ordering process was simple and straightforward without issue. Although as she ordered during covid restrictions, therefore the delivery was delayed. The delay enabled the customer to make progress on other parts of her home and garden.

When the delivery driver arrived he was presented with Helen’s steep driveway. Making delivery of her 7 meter long package a little problematic. However, our experienced couriers have come across similar scenarios in the past and have the tools and knowledge to overcome almost any issue. This time their side loading forklift came in very handy, allowing them to transport the long load lengthways up the driveway without fuss.

The Garden Bar Build

Helen hired a well respected carpenter to do the job of installing her Charlotta Log Cabin. The carpenter remarked on the excellent log quality, he also told her she had a lot of timber for the money. The build went without issue although the shipping of an extra window was delayed, the customer and carpenter agreed it would be better without it, and allowed for more seating in the gazebo. The build took 3 days total, and finished with 2 coats of “Cuprinol Urban Slate” and “Cuprinol White Daisy”

* We recommend higher quality treatment options, read our blog post on them here.

Cabin colour choice
Patio before and after

Concise prior planning ensured any utilities were put into place prior to the cabin being built. Helen knew she would need electricity for lighting and power sockets in the bar. As well as an electricity outlet for a ceiling mounted heater in the gazebo, perfect for dining/drinking outside when the weather turns.
The gazebo area is complemented beautifully with these brushed steel wall lights.

The Charlotta’s Use

Keeping a young family amused as well as the ability to entertain their guests in the garden was always the goal for the family. So they have created 2 sections of the garden to accommodate everyone. The lawn area for the children, includes football goals, a trampoline and even a swimming pool! The patio area for the adults, includes a Hot Tub, Dining area, and of course the Charlotta Log Cabin Bar and Gazebo!
Helen’s love of entertaining their guests is apparent, and have created a fantastic environment in which to do so. The Bar is used by the family no matter what the weather, but during the warmer months is when it’s utilised the most. Serving drinks and snacks well into the night, with the option to sit at the bar, under the heater in the gazebo, or outside on the patio.
The gazebo is home to their rattan furniture, we also provide high quality garden furniture.

In Conclusion

Visiting our happy customers is always a pleasure. Seeing how each individual has transformed their space and put there own personal touch to them is always inspiring. Visiting Helen and her Charlotta Log Cabin was certainly no exception. With her attention to detail and a mixture of bold and delicate touches, she has created an incredible outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy.

The Charlotta Log Cabin really is a functional and versatile cabin to suit almost any garden inspiration you may have, with this, a garden bar is certainly a popular and well received choice in which the Helen has shown in style.

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