Preparing your Log Cabin for the Summer

Log Cabin Summer Care

Previously, we have spoken about keeping your Log Cabin prepped for the colder Winter Months. That being said, we know a majority of customers use their garden buildings when its warmer, with peak use at Summer. Though British summer weather can be a spectrum of different things, we thought it best to go over some summer care and preparation for your Log Cabins and Summerhouses.

A Recap on Summerhouses

Summerhouses from Tuin

Our Summerhouses provide the ultimate relaxing space for leisurely activities throughout the year. Many of our most popular Log Cabins fall under this category. Likewise, UK gardens enjoy these garden buildings at their fullest during the summer months.

For occasional use, we recommend a 28mm Summerhouse. Then, for more optimal usage year-round, we recommend 40mm Summerhouses with included roof and floor insulation.

Cleaning and Organizing your Log Cabin – Summer Care Edition

Log Cabin Summer Care

Before the Summer truly gets underway, we need to focus on tidying our Log Cabins and doing a bit of Spring Cleaning. Summer care starts early as our Log Cabins endure a lot during the colder months, so we need to give them some tlc to return to pristine condition.

Here are some important tasks to carry out:

  • Inspect and Repair Exterior: Check your Log Cabins, including the base and foundation beams, for signs of wear and damage. Repair promptly to ensure no further damage from Summer weather, as we’ll explain later.
  • Clear Gutters and Downspouts: If you have a guttering system installed, clear out debris such as dead leaves and moss. This ensures easy drainage, reducing moisture exposure for your Log Cabin. Also, it looks tidier!
  • Check Windows and Doors: Look for any damage to the double-glazing, as well as any weather stripping around the frames. Replace if needed.
  • Treatment: Apply a good coating of Log Cabin Treatment to your cabin to maintain its longevity.
  • Inspect Electrics and/or Plumbing: Test all your plugs and sockets installed in your cabin, and check water runs properly in any plumbing fixtures, especially in more Residential Log Cabins.
  • Clean Interior: Do a deep clean of your Log Cabin space, removing dust, debris and dirt.
  • Clean Outdoor Furniture: Take out any Garden Furniture stored in your cabin and give it a good clean. Leave out to air on a dry day to remove any musty smells.

Utilising Space in your Log Cabin

Funen Log Cabin

Now you’ve cleared out and organised your Log Cabin ready for the warmer months, it’s time to crank up the summer care and look at making the most of your cabin’s space. Depending on your Log Cabin size and shape, you can utilize it for different purposes, regardless of log thickness.

Traditional summerhouse

For many, the simple aesthetics of a traditional summerhouse is all we really want in our garden. With that said, a few easy inclusions to make the most of the space can be a couple of sofas, an armchair, coffee table, and perhaps a shelf or two. Whatever you choose, make sure not to overcrowd and allow easy movement in your summerhouse. It can also get very hot in your cabin during hot days so make sure window and doors are open for better ventilation.

outdoor gazebo area

Many of our unique garden building solutions, including the Funen Log Cabin seen above, boast indoor cabin and outdoor gazebo space. This opens a world of opportunities for summer garden fun, no matter the weather. An outdoor seating area is a must-have, as well a space dedicated for leisurely activities, such as a table tennis table or even a hot tub.

We have a whole blog dedicated to Hot Tub Inspiration that’s worth a read.

communal dining and pub spaces

For those of us who have lots of guest over at summertime, our cabins need to be a hub for dining, partying and other social occasions. In that case, utilize your Log Cabin space with a garden pub, extra chairs and an outdoor dining set. The more the merrier, especially if you have an above mentioned gazebo area too!

Things to watch out for – Summer Stresses

Log Cabin Summer Care

With new weather comes new problems. The sun may be in full force, but that can cause a whole world of issues for your Log Cabin. So let’s talk about things to keep an eye out for.

  • Expansion and Contraction: An all too common problem due to the natural properties of timber. Expansion and Contraction happens more frequently in the Summer with the warmer temperatures, as well as the common British rain. See our dedicated blog to find out how to deal with Expansion and Contraction.
  • Window and Door Warping: Likewise, windows and doors in your cabin can warp and expand in the heat, causing friction and difficulty opening and closing.
  • Humidity & Ventilation: With warmer weather comes more humidity to the insides of your cabin. Ensure proper ventilation is maintained to reduce warping on the inner walls, such as open windows or a Log Cabin Air Vent.
  • Lots of Insects: Bugs, Insects and other small pests are more common in hotter weather, make sure to keep them out of your cabin. Also ensure any food and drink spillages are cleared up so not to attract ants and flies.

Making the most of the Summer Months

Log Cabin Summer Care

Now all the laborious tasks are out of the way. You can now rest and make the most of your Log Cabin this Summer. From garden parties to quiet afternoons in the sun, you’ll be ready to fall in love with your cabin all over again.

Hopefully you’re ready for the warm weather to start up again after reading this blog. Want more content? Read more of our Seasonal Blogs for inspiration.

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