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Kathy Shepherd Hut 2.4m x 5.0m - 19mm cladding

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Our Shepherd hut - Gypsy caravan measuring in total 2.40 x 5.00m. A really large and imposing garden building. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. A front porch double gate mounted on two way action sprung hinges and railings with ample room inside for a number of applications.

Most of our customers will add to this structure, lining it, insulating and producing a Garden office, Summerhouse or accommodation either rented for holiday parks or for private use. The pictures really do not do this building justice, it has to be seen to be appreciated.

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Our Shepherd hut - Gypsy caravan measuring in total 2.40 x 5.00m. It features metal wheels on a very substantial metal chassis. A front porch gives a relaxing place to sit and is accessed via the steps and through two gates which are mounted on double action sprung hinges. Railings surround the porch area.

Large and spacious room inside the shepherd hut is suitable for a number of applications.

Most of our customers will add to this gypsy wagon, lining it, insulating and producing a Garden office, Summerhouse and more. This is a very large and substantial building and is supplied untreated.

Doors and windows are double glazed.

Use 35mm - 45mm Celotex (or similar) insulation in the walls and rockwool in the roof to create an office or accomodation. Line very cheaply with pine face plywood in the roof or 8mm pine cladding for the walls. Please also see the reviews as other customers who sell these as a business fully made also have some useful advice.

Our Shepherd Hut - Gypsy caravan measures a very large 2.41, x 5.01m overall. It is manufactured from 19mm tongue and grooved timber on a timber frame and metal chassis. A delightful front porch area is accessed via the steps and protected by the railings that surround it.

Supplied untreated, for finishing by yourself in a traditional opaque or solid colour.

The Shepherd Hut - Gypsy Caravan features as standard:

  • 19mm Tongue and Groove Cladding.
  • Floor and Roof cladding has a rear groove to ensure it does not curl over time.
  • Inner laminated and curved trusses
  • Full fixed windows to the front
  • Double Glazed
  • Two Fixed side windows - Positions of the side windows can be moved as required.
  • One rear Tilt and Turn mechanism opening window
  • Double opening porch gates - double action hinge for bi folding and ease of access. The spring can be tensioned as required by means of pins supplied.
  • Supplied with standard roofing felt.
  • Substantial painted Metal wheels, axles and supports
  • Substantial Adjustable support legs for level positioning.
  • Steel axles and frames are heavily bolted to the timber subframe
  • Timber Subframe of a very heavy duty construction.
  • Access steps.
  • Double door half glazed door.
  • High quality window and door fittings.
  • Torx screws as standard including torx bits.
  • All Fittings, screws, components and instruction manual.
  • ALL is cut to size and is extremely precise with little or no tolerance.
  • This product is actually hugely over engineered with metal brackets, 90 degree brackets and plates, all of which is unnecessary in the UK market but does display the massive quality you will receive on order as this is designed for Germany and Holland.
  • Only for static use and props must be used all the time.

Dimensions of the Shepherd Hut - Gypsy Caravan (2.40m x 5.00m):

  • Overall Dimensions: 2.40 x 5.00m
  • Wall Dimensions: 2.40 x 4.20m
  • Ridge Height: 3.19m - (Height with wheels on)
  • Eaves Height: 1.89m
  • 19mm cladding - Untreated Spruce
  • 19mm Roof and floor
  • Roof overhang to the side: +-5cm
  • Roof overhang front: +-15cm
  • Roof overhang rear: +-15cm
  • Center of supporting pins - 301cm x 183cm
  • Diameter of wheels: +-650mm
  • Height from Chassis to centre of the spindle of the wheels: +-325mm
  • Frame Depth: 45mm

Optional Extras:

  • P013094 Internal partition wall with door for Shepherd Hut- 138cm x 198cm
  • P013100 Deluxe stairs for Shepherd Hut with front entrance - 240cm x 231cm x 180cm
  • P013103 Extra stairs for Shepherd Hut - Width: 120cm

Felt Shingles:

Some customers like to use our felt shingles on this building. These will certainly enhance the roof. BUT, you will require seven packs and you must make sure you have the felt layer underneath. We also recommend the use of Felt shingle Glue when applying shingles.


Supplied untreated to enable you to finish to the standard you require with insulation, panelling, lining, painting etc.

If you require measurements to investigate the possibilities of a traditional tine roof:
  • Width of curve: 2410mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Roof sheet of 3000mm will give 100mm overhang either side.
Another version of this hut is also available and has doors in the side: Shepherd Hut Deluxe


Please see this blog post for a a customers shepherd hut review.
Please also see this post for Shepherds Hut XL Inspiration. This is for a larger model, but a remarkable post for interior inspiration.

Approximate Delivery Time: 8 - 10 Weeks

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Roofing Felt Roofing supplied as standard, you can choose to remove this option if you plan to source your own roofing material.
Wheel Kit Choose to have wheels included as standard for your Shepherd Hut, or you can remove them.
Porch Decking Kit Options of having a Front facing decking porch, Stairs are not included.
Room Divider with Door Include an extra internal wall with door in your shepherds hut
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2.40 x 5.00m
Total Height
Eaves Height
19mm T&G Spruce
650mm Diameter
Roof Cladding
18 - 19mm
18 - 19mm
Min Base Size
239cm x 356.2cm
Roof Overhang
Roof Covering
Standard Roofing Felt
Supplied flat Packed
Only for Static Use
Alpaca Farm Shop - a Customers shepherd hut, lined and insulated by themselves, a marvelous building!
A customer walkthrough of their internally modified Shepherd Hut - Gypsy Caravan
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38 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Colin Ingham
Feb 4, 2024
I found the Tuin shepherds hut good value and well built. I feel the main supporting timbers should be tanalised which they are not..Tuin do not supply a traditional curved corrugated roof system but I did find a company who will make to order, they are Accord Steel cladding Ltd in the West Midlands. It makes all the difference.
Jayne Allen
Jul 31, 2022
The service we have received from the time of order to delivery has been excellent. They have been very quick to respond to any queries we have had and the delivery drivers were most helpful . We are still in the process of building our caravan, but all is going well and it looks to be a sturdy hut, which will complement the ethos of our campsite. I would recommend buying from Tuin to anyone.
Mr. Noel Hancock
Jul 4, 2021
Just got to say what an excellent product, had a couple of family weekends treating every piece with a a Barretine wood preservative before assembly , what a great way to work out what and where everything goes before you start assembly,
Paint and read the instructions makes it a light bulb moment when you build,,,,
i found everything to be very robust in manufacture and nothing left wanting, ever screw, bracket, door latch plate and 2 of every driver bit in the kit, just remember to switch your drill in to screwdriver mode and they will last the whole build,
Mr. Stephen Grover
Sep 2, 2020
I would not hesitate to buy another Tuin product. The neatly flat packed hut arrived via an excellent delivery service. Good instruction manual but take a while to familiarize yourself with each stage. Helps to organize and label parts before starting construction. Hut was fully erected over 2 bank holiday weekends ready for painting. Great quality product; extremely attractive in the garden. Well worth the money.
Mrs. Debbie Rothery
Jun 22, 2020
I chose this Shepherds hut/gypsy wagon as I had been looking quite a while for something like this. I am most certainly happy that I chose this model from Tuin. The service I received was excellent from ordering the product to the delivery man. Everything happened when it was said it would & the delivery man was really helpful getting it as close to where we needed it placing. The shepherds hut itself is fantastic. This was our lockdown project & it took us quite a while to get it built (just me & my husband). It is excellent quality & I really love this little retreat I have for myself. Just finishing off the painting as this year it is just going to be used as a summer house but next year will probably fit it all out properly. If you are thinking of buying a shepherds hut I would definitely recommend this one & the company.

£5,923.94 Total incl. VAT

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