Rianne Log Cabin Summerhouse

The Rianne log cabin summerhouse comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a garden room and shelter for a modestly sized garden.

rianne log cabin suimmerhouse

Our “Rianne” would sit beautifully at the end of a quaint, picturesque garden, to be enjoyed all year round.

Featuring a glazed double door and two bottom opening windows which allows the light to flow through the cabin.

Whether it’s raining or shining, your 2.5m square integrated gazebo shelter will allow you and your guests to enjoy your garden.

Uses of the Rianne Summerhouse Log Cabin

With its adaptability comes it’s useability. Our customers have found excellent ways to utilise the Rianne Log Cabin to suit their needs. These include:

Outdoor covered seating.
Many of our happy customers make use of their new covered outdoor as a seating area.
A few of our Deluxe Rattan Chairs is a welcomed addition.
Or maybe entertain you guests around one of our Larch Picnic Benches, perfect for a summers day BBQ.
We also have a range of quaint Garden Benches that would also suit this versatile space

BBQ Shelter
Cooking alfresco in your own charming surroundings is a must have for any proud garden lover.
This cabin and its gazebo caters for this purpose remarkably well.

Hot Tub Shelter
The Rianne log cabin summerhouse is the perfect size for a hot tub. Whether you place it inside the cabin or outside under the gazebo, there’s no better way to enjoy your garden than in the warmth of a hot tub. Why not use the cabin area as a changing room, or even a garden bar to entertain your guests.

Garden Pub / Bar
A modern trend is to turn your cabin into a garden pub / pub. The Rianne summerhouse provides the perfect space to utilise as a garden bar area, the ultimate way to entertain your guests. Coupled with one of our log Bar Tables you’re onto a real winner!

Customer Photos

Customer Reviews

We can go on about how good this log cabin is. Why just take our word for it though? We have many happy customers who have taken the time to write a review. Below are just a few of them:

Istvan says
“Great experience from a very professional company. The log cabin was delivered quickly and was easily assembled. It looks amazing in our garden. When we were painting it, almost everyone in the street complimented it and about 4-5 people asked more details where we’ve bought it from. So I think you can expect a couple of more orders in the future from our neighbourhood..

Karen says
“Love my new Summerhouse – It arrived on time & I was kept informed at all times about its arrival on the day.
Construction took about 2 days to complete & appeared pretty straight forward (was carried out by professionals)I’m only sorry I didn’t get it years ago as it has been invaluable through the summer months of 2021. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is currently looking to buy one.”

Carol says
“Lost for words, wish we had bought one years ago! We absolutely love it! Thank you Tuin!”

The Build

  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 1
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 2
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 3
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 4
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 5
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 6
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 7
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 8
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 9
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 10
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 11
  • Log Cabins Installation Picture 12

Timber Stain

Our beautiful cabins are supply arrive untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. Many of our customers stain their timber cabins with some of our Embadecor Timber Stain, available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades
Available stain shades.

Roofing Options

As with all of our log cabins we offer the choice of either standard roof felt or chose from a range of IKO felt shingles as roofing options.
Many of our customers opt for the IKO shingles, as these have a much more appealing look to them, superior in quality and they last much, much longer. They come in a number of shapes and colours to match your particular style.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this beautiful, versatile log cabin summerhouse is suitable for almost any beloved garden. Whether you’re looking for storage, a shelter for a family BBQ, a garden bar, or simply just somewhere to relax, the Rianne Log Cabin is the perfect solution.

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