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Hi, my name is Ben and I have the gratifying task of visiting our happy customers and their log cabins. In mid October my travels took me to Barton on the Beans, Leicestershire, where I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Garratt & his fantastic Ever Carport Log Cabin.

timber garage carport

Why the Timber Garage Carport Ever Log Cabin?

Mr Garratt already has very large garage for the storage of his car, caravan and garden equipment. However, his wife required a smaller, more practical, and a more picturesque shelter for her car.

While searching online for a suitable solution, Mr Garratt soon came across our Timber Carport Ever Log Cabin. It was exactly what he and his wife were looking for and “the price was good”. They were particularly enticed by its extra storage space inside the cabin. They use this space practicably with extra fridge freezers (always handy at Christmas time). As well as general odds and ends.

Timber Garage Carport – Ever – Feature Video

Ordering and Delivery

Mr Garratt commented on how easy and straight forward the whole ordering process was. He received good communications from us throughout. The delivery went as planned,, with the lorry parking at the top of Mr Garratts road, then using a forklift to carry the 7.7m load down the driveway. Again, communication was good and well received from our couriers with precise delivery date and times arranged. Then updates on estimated time of arrival.

The Build

With details on measure of the footprint of the cabin the customer went ahead and dug out the area then put a 150mm hardcore and a 150mm concrete base as a solid foundation to his carport log cabin. Mr Garratt also went ahead and run a channel for electrical cabling, ready for a consumer board, plug sockets and lighting.

Mr Garratt took on the build himself and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily the build went. Mr Garratt and his helper constructed the whole cabin (except the roof boards, shingles and guttering) in a day!
As long as you follow our clear guidelines on our help pages, and the plans which come with your cabin, your build will go as smoothly as Mr Garratts.
One slight issue Mr Garratt came across was that a few of the slots on the roof purlins were a bit tight. The customer quickly rectified this by cutting a blade width out of the groove. This is sometimes required as the timber will naturally expand and contract, as explained in this blog.

timber garage carport construction
Mr Garratts progress after just one day of building.

Before & After


When the build was complete, Mr Garratt went ahead and treated his carport log cabin. He painted on 2 coats of clear sovereign wood preserver. He is also planning on giving it a coat of Sovereign SX70 wood stain in the near future. As we don’t have any experience in this particular treatment, we are unable to recommend it. We do however sell our own recommended brands of treatments, along with in-depth and informative blogs on the subject.

One of the ranges of stains we can provide is the Embadecor Timber Stain.
Available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades

Along with the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatments, available in 10 shades

Timber Garage Carport Ever – Log Cabin Uses

You may think the uses of a carport stops at just a safe clean, convenient environment to store your car. However, as Mr Garratt and I were discussing, it could also have many other potential uses. A shelter for a hot tub maybe? An outdoor dining area? With it’s long sheltered area why not both!?

Mr Garratt commented that he will also use his carport log cabin as a cover for his BBQ when the weather calls for it. Helped along with it’s useful internal storage space ready for when you need it.

In Conclusion

With my visit to Mr Garratts’ home, it was easy to see why he chose TUIN’s Ever Carport Log Cabin over anything else. The quality strength and aesthetics really shone through for me. Fully in keeping to his newly developed bungalow and adjacent 2 storey garage. Mrs Garratt now has the convenience of not having to clear leaves off her car, de-icing her windscreen and of course her car is now sheltered from bird droppings!

It was a pleasure meeting Mr Garratt and photographing his carport. It’s always nice to chat with one of our many happy customers.

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