Jos Corner Log Cabin – Santa’s Grotto

In early December I had the pleasure of visiting a Santa’s Grotto at Roses Country Fayre Garden Centre in Gloucestershire. The reason for my visit wasn’t just to check I was still on the “nice” list and ask politely for an expensive gift. No, it was because his grotto is one of our superb Jos Corner Log Cabins.

Upon my arrival at Roses Country Fayre Garden Centre I was soon greeted by this welcoming sign to meet Santa and the Corner Log Cabin. Eloquently nestled in the corner of the outdoor tunnel, the Jos Log Cabin fitted in perfectly into its surroundings. Enveloped by greenery and slightly obscured by well-placed lattice trellises so Santas little visitors can’t see it until they walk through the winter wonderland the garden centre has created.

Jos Corner Log Cabin - Santa's Grotto

Our Jos Corner Log Cabin is one of our favourite and most popular corner cabins, it’s easy to see why. The 2.5m square corner cabin features a log thickness of 28mm, 2 ornate top opening glazed windows, and an attractive pyramid roof with a height of 2.5 meters. It’s one of our smaller corner log cabins, fantastic for the smaller garden or for a snuggled away partitioned section of a larger garden.
“Wherever it is placed, it will sure to give the neighbours a serious case of “Cabin Envy”. – Tim Laws (One of our many happy customers)

Why the Jos Corner Log Cabin?

There are many ways in which our customers find us, but by far the best and most complimentary is by word of mouth. Customers often like to show off their cabins with friends, family and neighbours in person and social media. Our range, quality, service, and price are always our most attractive selling points in which our customers are always appreciative. This was also the case for James at Roses Country Fayre Garden Centre. His colleague had purchased a cabin from us previously and was over the moon with it. So much so he recommended it to James, who once looked at our range on our website, found an excellent use for the Jos Log Cabin.

The Jos Log cabin in an excellent choice for Santa’s grotto. It’s traditional log cabin looks, feel, and that forever endearing fragrance of the timber makes it an ideal choice. Its size is also perfect. Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for Santa’s visitors to really get them into the festive spirit. Beautifully externally decorated with traditional garlands, fairly lights and of course the ever-present reindeers flanking the cabin. And internally with a Christmas tree, log fire effects, presents for the children, and of course the big man himself!

Jos Corner Log Cabin – Santa’s Grotto Feature Video

Jos Corner Log Cabin – Build

As with all of our log cabins, the Jos Corner Log Cabin is easy to construct. The owner of roses garden centre tackled the job himself and he was glad he did. James was surprised by the speed and ease of the build. With well drawn plans and drawings to help him, the Jos Log Cabin was soon off the ground.

As you can see in the photos James sent over to me, he already had a nice solid level foundation to place the log cabin. Paramount to any log cabin build.


First things first is to lay the foundation beams which come with the cabin as standard. These lengths of timber are designed to sit between the first log and the base of your log cabin to prevent the first log ever sitting in water. The starter/half logs are the laid on top of the foundation beams and screwed down.

Building Up the logs

Then it’s time for the fun part. The construction of the walls. Each log is simply slotted into place and malleted down to create a nice watertight seal between the logs (No Screwing necessary). Consulting the plans as you go, continue stacking up the walls logs. Once around 6 logs high either side of the windows and door openings now is a good time to slot the window and door frames into place. (again, no screwing!). James then continued to speedily build up the walls counting logs as he went until he was roof height.


The 8 Roof rafters are then installed and secured into the centre ridge piece to form the roof structure. The prefabricated roof panels are then screwed into place ready for the roofing material.

James chose our black half round shingles for the roof. Although these shingles look amazing, they do take some time to lay, however, the extra time in my opinion is well worth it!

Doors & Fittings

Doors and fittings can now be installed including the optional glazing bars to the door and windows to complete the cabin.

The Cabin is usually completed in 1 day from start to finish, but more time may be needed to complete the shingles and the ever-important treatment.

*The build video was sent in from another customer.


James is yet to treat his log cabin due to it being under cover and away from the wind and rain. If he were to move it outside, of course a good quality treatment is always recommended. We sell our own recommended brands of treatments, along with in-depth and informative blogs on the treatments.

One of the ranges of stains we can provide is the Embadecor Timber Stain.
Available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades

Along with the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatments, available in 10 shades

Other uses of the Jos Log Cabin

Of course, the uses of Jos Log Cabin isn’t confined to a Santa’s grotto (although it’s perfect for it) there are many other potential uses. Needless-to-say, it makes for an excellent summerhouse. With room for a few comfy chairs and a table, sitting in the Jos Log Cabin looking out at your garden on a warm summer’s day sounds idyllic.

A garden bar is another excellent choice of a use for the Jos. Small enough to fit in almost any garden, but large enough to store and serve drinks to your guests in a unique and convenient way. I particularly like the way one of our customers has utilised the Log Cabin Bar Table we have available, a small but fitting addition to any garden bar/pub. Also, the corner bench seating with matching table/bar another customer has created to make a fantastic sheltered space to entertain their guests.

A potting shed is also another great way of making use of the Jos Log Cabin. Perfect for almost any weather, rain or shine, enjoy planting and nurturing your seedlings in style and comfort. Why not compliment it with a few of our adorable matching Potting Benches complete with potting trays.

Customer Reviews on the Jos Corner Log Cabin

At the time of writing this blog we have 100+ 5 star reviews for the Jos Log Cabin!
Here are just a few of our customer reviews.

From the ordering to the final finish it went smoothly despite coronavirus. The sales team kept me updated when my Jo’s summerhouse was to be delivered the delivery man phoned and told exactly when when it was coming. The contractor recommended by tuin JOHN HEARD arranged when his men would come. THE JOS SUMMERHOUSE is well made and the wood well seasoned and is excellent value and l would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE PRODUCT BY TUIN” – Peter Grannell

“Very impressed with the delivery. It arrived in a single pack which is neatly packed. The construction was pretty straight forward and actually quite an enjoyable process. The timber was top quality. Overall, it was an excellent investment. I would not hesitate to recommend it!” Steve

“So, so impressed with this. The order process was perfect, and I was kept well informed along the way. Delivery was all as promised and nicely done. The cabin was well packaged with lots of nice touches to keep it from being damaged. I did a little research using the resources on the website so I was ready to do the build when it arrived. I spent a long time making sure we were all square and level which I think paid off as the rest of it flew up and I’m really pleased with the end result. The quality of the cabin shines through, I can see it is going to bring a lot of pleasure! Thanks Tuin, great all round.” Mr. Rob Price

Similar Corner Log Cabins from TUIN

At TUIN we have a vast range of designs and sizes of log cabins to suit your requirements. As our corner log cabins are very popular, we have many to choose from. The Emma Corner Log Cabin is our best seller! Very similar to the Jos, however it has thicker 40mm logs, double glazed double doors and a larger footprint of 3 x 3 meters.

If you want an even thicker log size of 58mm for extra insulation, then there’s the Riina Corner Log Cabin. Ideal for all year round use.

The Daniel Corner Log Cabin is another fantastic option. Almost identical to the Jos, but with a taller, more distinguishable roof height of 2.98 meters

For many more options and styles head over to our Corner Log Cabins sections to find your match.


What a pleasurable visit this was! Also, the best Santa I’ve seen ever seen! I’d go as far as saying he’s the real deal!
What a great use of the Jos Corner! James and his team from Roses Garden Centre have done a fantastic job at making the cabin a festive treat for their customers to come and see Santa!
The cabin is a perfect fit for the occasion. The traditional look and feel made it an ideal place for children to come and see Father Christmas himself!

Here at TUIN we are always excited to see new and innovative ways our cabins are being used. If you have a unique use for your log cabin, please let us know, we may even pay a visit and feature it on our website.

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