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In late November I had the pleasure of visiting Ferry Meadows Nene Country Parks’ Santa Christmas Market Stalls, situated west of Peterborough.

I arrived on the first day of their Christmas Winter-Land event which is running until the 2nd of January 2023. The area has been transformed for the festivities, with an open-air synthetic ice rink, mini Christmas market and vintage fun fair.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by all the sights and smells Christmas brings. Along with the sounds of children enjoying themselves on the helter-skelter and merry-go round. As I walked through the attractions, I soon came across the wonderful Christmas market. Facilitating 10 of our stunning Santa kiosk stalls, Nene Park have created a fantastic traditional Christmas market. Home to local vendors selling all sorts of delicious goodies, including, cakes, mulled gin, donuts & more! Along with Christmas Gifts such as candles, jewellery, and beauty products.

Walking along the path of the Christmas market flanked by the TUIN Santa Kiosks, it was clear to see why the park chose them. Made with 16mm impregnated pinewood a substantial wooden frame with traditional apex roof, the Santa Kiosk is certainly alluring and inviting. Each kiosk has been individually decorated with green festive garlands across the eaves topped with a large red bow.

The timber we use for our kiosks is pressure treated which lasts far longer and keeps rot and decay away. Its insect and fungal resistance also helps it to outlast untreated timber. This allows for the kiosks to be repeatedly. They can be taken down and put into storage for when they are needed again.

Our kiosks are designed to be easily constructed and dismantled. Ideal for selling your products at: market stalls, pop up markets, trade shows and festivals all while staying dry.

TUIN Santa kiosk – The Build

The kiosks come with everything you need to get going, including foundations, flooring, and fixings.

Both the walls and floors consist of panelled parts idea for quick assembly. They are simply slotted into place and screwed together. The side roof beams are screwed into the top sides of the walls as well centre beam which is slotted into the pre-cut grooves of the gable ends. The roof consists of made to measure OSB boards which are effortlessly screwed into the roof beams. The roof is then topped with shingles or standard roof felt.

The kiosks also feature an attractive shelf to the front, allowing the vendor to display their products in and engaging and enticing way. Also, with two opening shutters and access via a lockable rear door, giving the user everything they need to start up their stall.

Our kiosks come with easy to follow instructions. Although not in English, the pictorial illustrations are user friendly and straightforward allowing you to get on with your build with speed and ease.

Kiosk Santa – Feature Video

Day to Night

Arriving late afternoon, I had the opportunity to explore the parks’ beautiful surroundings as the sun was setting. I got my bearings and introduced myself to the many vendors attending the Christmas market. During this time, I was also had the opportunity to try out some of the delicious treats on offer. (I highly recommend the apple pies). As I was done filling my face the sun had fallen and the park really came to life.

As the sun set, the festive lighting surrounding the park lit it up and suddenly became all the more magical and the Santa Kiosks lights glowing a warm orange, made them all the more inviting.

Other uses for the Santa Kiosk

Of course, the uses for this adaptable timber kiosk are not just confined to vendors selling products. It also has many other potential uses, including a ticket station as seen in the image. An information centre, A payment station for a pick your own fruit and vegetable stall, or maybe even a place to serve drinks & snacks to your guests in your own garden bar.

With its ability to easily be taken apart and reconstructed over and over, makes it a highly versatile and variable purchase.

Alternative Kiosks/market Stalls available from TUIN

Not only do we supply the santa kiosk, we also have 4 other equally attractive kiosks available.

These include the Ruloph pop-up market stall, very similar to the Santa Kiosk but with a shallower depth of 2 meters, an overhanging front gable end and wider front canopies.

The Noel kiosk is identical to the Rudolph, however is 2.4 meters deep.

The Claus kiosk is a much more modern looking kiosk, with a flat roof, top windows surrounding the structure and 2 opening canopies 2 sides of the kiosk. This kiosk measures 2.77m x 2.44m.

And last but no means least, the Moose Kiosk. Featuring 6 opening canopies shared between 3 of the walls. It is also our largest at 3.24m x 3.18m.

Lulea Log Cabin

The Santa Kiosks weren’t the only TUIN attraction at the park, the Lulea Log Cabin was also on display. Being used as a Christmas Craft Cabin, kids (and adults) are invited to create their very own crafts to take home with them.

There was certainly an inviting feel as well, with the traditional log cabin decorated with garlands for the Christmas season.

The Lulea 34mm Log cabin features a double door and a double opening window with dimensions of 3.0m x 4.0m with a front porch overhang of 70cm.

Our log cabins can also be disassembled and stored for when they are needed again in line with the park’s environmental ethics.


The cabins provided to Nene Country Park were certainly an excellent addition to the festive celebrations. It’s always great to see our cabins being used in an attractive and sustainable way. Having the traditional appearance, feel, and aroma of the cabins added even more Christmas spirit to the park.
We’re sure Nene Country Park will be utilizing the kiosks for many more uses and years to come!

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