Cosy Log Cabin Interior

Cosy Log Cabin Interior

When completing your dream Log Cabin, the last thing that you think of once everything is built is decorating and adding all the finishing touches. Interior is a very important factor, and many of us want these outdoor buildings to be as comfortable as possible, whatever the weather. With that said, this post is dedicated to all the cosy Log Cabin Interior you can think of.

Now, the term “Cosy” can sometimes be difficult to manifest, especially in the context of a building outside your own home. So let’s first look at some of the ways you can make your interior a more comfortable one.

5 Ways To Make Your Interior Cosy

Cosy Log Cabin Interior - Tips

  • Comfy and Soft Furnishing – A combination of comfortable seating options and cuddly additions, you’ll never want to leave your Log Cabin even on the coldest of days. Along with suitably sized Garden Furniture or a sofa of your choice, complete the comfy elements with plush cushions, throws and blankets to your seating area.
  • Warm Lighting Fixtures – Whilst many of our Cabins let in plenty of natural light thanks to their doors and windows, additional fixtures with a warm light source amplifies the comfy interior, making your space more like and outdoor living room.
  • Natural Elements – Not only does a Log Cabin’s structure and proximity in your garden draw you closer to nature, but it’s also a haven for natural interior options. Greenery is the biggest player. Make sure to add plenty of suitable potted plants to fill out spare space in your cabin interior.
  • Textured Decor – No matter how full, monotonous textures can leave your Log Cabin space looking empty and unflattering. Mixing it up with textured decor such as rugs, wall art and trinkets breaks the interior sculpt of your cabin, adding intricacy.
  • Personal Touches – Finally, and most importantly, make it your own. Bring familiarity into your new cosy space to make it more relaxing and include an item or two from your house to really complete the look.

Now you have a solid outline on how best to make your cabin a cosy haven, let’s look at a few aesthetic ideas to help bring your vision to life.

Small Corner Cabin Interior

Cosy Log Cabin Interior

A great starting point for those with a Small Log Cabin or a Corner Log Cabin. In terms of smaller cabin spaces, it’s about balancing the cosy elements without making it claustrophobic.

Here we have a wonderful example using a one of our best-selling Ingrid Corner Log Cabins. Making most of the floor space with seating throughout is a good call. Also, the inclusion of a mirror adds a bit more scale to this smaller cabin. This prime garden space brings all our advice together to make a fabulous little extension to the home.

Pond View Summerhouse Interior

Cosy Log Cabin Interior

Next, we have an example of peak Summerhouse aesthetics with this wonderfully put together Soren Log Cabin. Taking a lot of pointers from our interior tips, this cabin looks great all year round. It especially excels at adding natural wooden elements to complement the cabin’s walls.

This cabin, combined with an additional Lars Log Cabin, sits beautifully over a little pondscape. To complement its surroundings, it mirrors the plants and textures surrounding the pond and features blues and greens to mimic the pond itself. It’s a truly great example of interior design.

For a more detailed look at this cabin, watch this video from our YouTube Channel.

Welcoming Communal Area Interior

Cosy Log Cabin Interior

Let’s now scale up the cabins a bit. Despite the larger size, bigger Log Cabin spaces can still have cosy elements. This Trev Clockhouse Log Cabin has plenty of room for multiple sets of varying furniture and upholstery. The placement of the furniture is important too. Having both sofas adjacent from one another closes up the floor space, giving a comfortable, snug, homely feel.

Likewise, if you are looking to make your larger cabin a cosy communal space, then the amount of seating available is very important. Make sure there is plenty to go around, so no guest is stood awkwardly, or too many guests are crammed into less seating. The Trev Clockhouse above also include a bar table and stools to vary up the seating and gives the cabin two distinct cosy locations.

Comfortable Garden Workspace Interior

Cosy Log Cabin Interior

Your Log Cabin interior doesn’t have to be relaxation focused. Instead, using our cosy tips, you can optimise it to make a cosy Garden Office. For artist Jeff Murray, this meant cramming his Hildegard Log Cabin full of creative work, inspiration and decoration. This familiarity with his craft and creative aspirations makes this working space incredibly cosy and full of life.

This example optimises the use of personal touches, making your cabin a better extension of your home. This is crucial in making a comfortable work space.

If you want to see the Hildegard’s interior in a more leisurely setting, read about this customer’s Back Garden Bar & Lounge Log Cabin.

Homely Residential Cabin Interior

Cosy Log Cabin Interior

Our final example, go all out with the cosy vibes with a multi-room Residential Log Cabin. This is probably the most important, as you want a cabin of this size to feel like one you can comfortably live in.

The most popular Residential Cabin on our roster is the Ava Log Cabin, as seen above, as its makes a perfect little garden home. We recommend incorporating all of our cosy tips, with heavy emphasis on the furnishings and personal touches. For that extra personal touch, include the same interior elements to your own house.

For another insight into the versatile Ava, read about the Ava Log Cabin Therapy Room!

We hope this has been insightful and got your creativity flowing for your Log Cabin’s interior. For more visual garden inspiration, check out our Pinterest Page.

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