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On the Chloe Log Cabin product page, we like to give you the nitty gritties of the product in terms of dimensions, technical installation tips and the best feature of said product.

But, on this page we let our previous customers voice their opinion on the Chloe Log Cabin and let them show you their thoughts, ideas and pictures! We may also have our team input why they desire that particular product too, so here goes..

The Chloe Log Cabin

With 40mm thick logs and double glazed windows and doors.

Specifically designed for UK gardens with it’s 2.4m height, the Chloe Log Cabin measures at 4m x 3m. It usually doesn’t require planning permission (we always recommend that you check with your local council to confirm this at your location). The double glazed double doors and single window adjacent to it gives the opportunity for plenty of natural light to come in. This paired with the 40mm logs makes the Chloe suitable for summerhouses, home gyms or garden offices.


But you shouldn’t have to take our word for it, here are some excerpts from just a few of the many reviews found on the Chloe Log Cabin Review page. Here is why our customers rate the Chloe an average of five out of five stars:

“I am a 70 year old working on my own during one of the wettest and windiest summers I can remember. The straightforward building process of the Chloe delighted me. Although you will want to get started immediately, it is absolutely essential to take time to read all of the information provided, in particular the extra instructions that come with the kit.” – Mr. M Billany 

“We bought the Chloe. It took two methodical men with the help of one other to erect it and it looks fantastic! Quality far superior to the last one, all in all I love the Chloe cabin and so do my grandchildren! Great place to relax in. Tuin is a great company to deal with. Highly recommend!” – Moria 

“As I write, two fitters are erecting the walls. The doors and window are in and the roof installation is imminent. The delivery, the helpfulness of the driver, the packaging, the materials and the quality are all first class. We are sure that the finished project will be a delightful addition to our garden. All in all, excellent value for money.” -Mr. D Miller 

If you want to read a customers opinion in more detail, find longer reviews at the Chloe Log Cabin Review page, or here is one of our detailed reviews posted on our blog. To give you some visual as well as written feedback:


The installation for the Chloe Log Cabin is a simple process, so long as you keep organised. You can find loads of information in order to be fully prepared for installing your Log Cabin on the Essential Installation Manual  as well as plenty of other Log Cabin Fitting Tips throughout the blog, from our expert (practically), Richard.

Here are one of our favourite installation sets of images:


When installing the Chloe Log Cabin, you can paint and treat the cabin itself in so many ways. We recommend this to increase the life usage of your Log Cabin, here are some of our favourites:


We have also received a large amount of videos, so you can experience the Chloe Log Cabin from all angles. Simply click on one below to start watching:

Customer Pictures:

If you would like to see more photo’s from customers, please click on the picture below.

Note: This will take you to our customers photo gallery hosted by Google Photos. Pictures may show older models or customer own modifications.

Customer pictures of the Chloe Log Cabin

For more details such as measurements and the breakdown of what comes within the self build kit, please look at the Chloe Log Cabin product page.

If the Chloe isn’t quite for you, why not take a look at the Aiste Log Cabin Showcase, or if you’d prefer a thicker log thickness – then the Stian Log Cabin might be more suitable.

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