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A collection of Log Cabin Showcase blog posts. Covering some of our best selling cabins, including customer reviews and inspiration.

A Painted Yorick Log Cabin

Yorick Log Cabin Feature

MeganOct 3, 20224 min read
Garden Room 58mm Inspiration

Garden Room 58mm Inspiration

MeganMar 19, 20222 min read
Edelweiss Log Cabin Feature

Edelweiss Log Cabin Feature

MeganJun 30, 20204 min read
Decking Kit Boards

Garden Decking Guide

MeganNov 7, 20196 min read
A Painted Derby Log Cabin

Derby Log Cabin Feature

MeganOct 30, 20194 min read
Bohemian Style Shepherd Hut

The Bohemian Blue Hut

MeganMar 29, 20194 min read
The Treated Gijs Log Cabin

Gijs Log Cabin Review

MeganJul 31, 20187 min read
Funen Log Cabin External

Log Cabin Hot Tub Covers

Ben AJul 11, 20186 min read
A Painted Wolfgang Log Cabin

Wolfgang Log Cabin Feature

MeganJan 2, 20184 min read
Lukas Log Cabin

Lukas Log Cabin Feature

MeganDec 13, 20174 min read
A Treated Agnes Log Cabin

Agnes Log Cabin Feature

MeganDec 11, 20174 min read
Berlin Log Cabin

Berlin Log Cabin Feature

MeganSep 15, 20173 min read
Daisy Log Cabin Review Banner

Daisy Log Cabin Feature

MeganDec 15, 20164 min read
Chloe Log Cabin Feature

Chloe Log Cabin Feature

MeganDec 13, 20164 min read