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On the Aiste Log Cabin product page, we like to give you the nitty gritties of the product in terms of dimensions, technical installation tips and the best feature of said product.

But, on this page we let our previous customers voice their opinion on the Aiste Log Cabin and let them show you their thoughts, ideas and pictures! We may also have our team input why they desire that particular product too, so here goes…

Specifically designed for the UK, the Aiste measures at 5m x 3m and is below 2.5m in height. This makes the Aiste ideal as a small garden office or as an all year around summerhouse with the 40mm Spruce logs. Not to mention, the height that is suitable without needing planning permission. (Though we recommend to check with your local council if you are unsure)


With the double glazed double doors and two opening windows, you can really see why the Aiste is one of our best selling. And our customers agree too, with an average customer rating of five stars. Here are a few excerpts from some of the many Aiste Log Cabin Reviews:

“I ordered this cabin and trusted the website information. The measurements are millimetre perfect! This is by far the best built cabin I have ever put up and I’ve done a few and made. one from scratch. The cabin went up in a day with no issues” – Dr. Paul Lewis 

“I looked at a few log cabin before picking Tuin and the Aiste. I must say I’m delighted I did. My experience with Tuin has been great. The delivery driver was also fantastic getting it into my narrow driveway. It went up with no issues as everything was marked. One piece for the window missing however once email to Tuin and I had it the following day.” – Mr. Gordon Roy

“Very very pleased with our product, looks exactly like the picture on website. We went up really easy from start to finish with instructions. Can’t wait to start using it.” – Dawn 


The installation for the Aiste Log Cabin is a simple process, so long as you keep organised. You can find loads of information in order to be fully prepared for installing your Log Cabin on the Essential Installation Manual  as well as plenty of other Log Cabin Fitting Tips throughout the blog, from our expert (practically), Richard.

Here are one of our favourite installation sets of images:

Installed Cabins

And when installed and treated/painted… Its just a showstopper… Here are just a few of our favourite customer installs:


We have also received a large amount of videos, so you can experience the Aiste Log Cabin from all angles, simply click on one below to start watching:

Customer Pictures

If you would like to see more photos from customers please click on the picture below – Note: This will take you to our customers photo gallery hosted by Google Photos. Pictures may show older models or customer own modifications.

Aiste Log Cabin Customer Photo album

We also decided to ask our experienced Sales Assistant Manager, Karen, to give her opinion on the Aiste. With both personal and experienced base opinions on why the Aiste Log Cabin is great for the UK market:

“The Aiste is very, very attractive.. My only downfall with it is the log thickness as i prefer the 58mm logs, however the UK market desires the 40mm log thickness with the double glazing windows and doors and this makes for a very good price!” 

A true point Karen, you can find the price on the product page- With plenty of options for foundation beams, flooring and roofing. You could also take advantage of our current Free Shingle Offer!

There’s no doubt as to why the Aiste made it to the showcase. Its an ideal size for UK gardens and is brimming with potential!

Aiste Log Cabin

For more details such as measurements and the breakdown of what comes within the self build kit, please look at the Aiste Log Cabin product page.

If the Aiste doesn’t quite meet your fancy, then maybe you’ll prefer the Jenny Log Cabin.

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