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On the Stian Log Cabin product page, we try to give you every detail needed to show you why you would want the Stian in your garden. With dimensions, technical tips and the best features of the product.

But sometimes, that doesn’t do the cabin enough justice.. So on this page we let our previous customers voice their opinion on the Stian Log Cabin and let them give you their thoughts, ideas or pictures:

Stian Log Cabin

The Stian Log Cabin, double glazed windows and walls to complement the 58mm logs

The Stian Log Cabin is a substantial building, measuring at 4m x 4m- with 58mm logs, double glazed windows and doors. It truly starts to become a great start for garden offices and lounging areas or perhaps room for your teenager. A great building which lends itself very capably to all year around use.


Our customers agree the Stian is designed for serious business, with an average rating of five stars. Here are some excerpts from the Stian Log Cabin Reviews:

“We received our Stian Cabin on time and the delivery was brilliant placed just were we wanted it. We have never put a cabin up before but with the instructions it went really well. However, we have it up now and already putting it to good used as a work and rest room. Thank you Tuin for all your help and great service.” – Mrs Dixon 

“This is a fantastic product for the money, and creates a quality additional room rather than just more space. If you are reasonably fit and competent with basic joinery tools, I would recommend building it yourself, with a little help at times – especially as it begins to grow. It is really satisfying. It is the perfect size for a home gym” – Mr Anderton 

“I really couldn’t believe my luck when I found this cabin. Really thick logs and it went together like a dream. Delivery was great and the driver was very helpful, it was a little tricky getting it in my driveway but he did well. Putting it together was easy, I’ve insulated the floor and roof as Richard recommended and I’m very, very pleased with it and the service I received. Thanks Guys!” -Mr McIntosh

There is also a detailed review for the Stian Log Cabin. If you want a more visual and detailed opinion of the install, see below:


So long as you keep organised and follow suit of the information given on the Essential Installation Manual, as well as plenty of other Log Cabin Fitting Tips that are posted throughout the blog- written by our one and only, Richard.

Here are some of our favourite sets of installation images sent in by a customer:


When installed, there are plenty of ways to make your Stian Log Cabin unique to your garden. Whether it would be with paint, or colour/clear treatments.. Here are some ideas:


We have even been lucky enough to have been sent in a video or two of the Stian Log Cabin, to give you a full on view of it:

Customer Pictures

If you would like to see more photos from customers please click on the picture below.

Note: This will take you to our customers photo gallery hosted by Google Photos. Pictures may show older models or customer own modifications.

Our team here at Tuin agree too, here’s a quote from the director of orders, Aiste, about what makes the Stian Log Cabin perfect for UK gardens:

“The Stian is very popular and has sold well in recent years. This is likely due to the 58mm timber, making the cabin useable all year round. The double glazing doors and windows also go hand in hand with this. The 4m x 4m square size with a canopy makes it ideal for most UK garden sizes. For use as a summerhouse, additional accommodation or as a garden office”.

These are all very true points Aiste, the cost of the cabin will balance out on heating costs over the years. However, we recommend insulation in the roof and floor to make sure it really stays nice and cosy in the colder months!

Stian Log Cabin

For more details such as precise measurements, pricing and a list of what will be included within the self build kit, please see the Stian Log Cabin product page.

If the Stian isn’t quite for you, why not take a look at the Aiste Log Cabin Showcase.

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