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We love a BBQ here in the United kingdom, they are are great excuse to gather friends and family over. They provide a great focal point for social occasions!. It’s a shame we live on an island as that tends to mean a lot of of weather! we need a BBQ shelter 🙂

So what do you do when you want to host a BBQ but it decides to bucket down with rain?

Your first option will be to admit defeat and move the party inside, using the oven in the kitchen. While of course this method is tested and proven it does take away from the whole exciting idea of cooking over an open fire and serving your guests outside.

The better option in our very biased opinion is to create your own BBQ shelter of course!

The customer below shared our enthusiasm for just that and used our very popular and stylish Jutka log cabin to create a BBQ Shelter / Hot Tub Shelter!! We love it.


BBQ Shelter Accessories

Like our friends above, there are many things we can do to make the structure complete with not only a BBQ. They added some very nice rattan garden furniture as well as a outside garden heater to create a very appealing space to relax and host their friends and family.

There are of course other options to consider for your bbq shelter that we can help you with.

Garden room kitchen

New to 2023 we can provide a very appealing kitchen station, too many times when hosting a BBQ did i wish i had a better side counter in place for all of the accessories that go along with a BBQ.


BBQ shelter picnic bench

What will you sit on once the food is ready you might ask yourself? We can cover that with a large range of picnic tables, this one is our favourite as its made from the same rich in colour douglas used in the kitchen unit above.

BBQ shelter heaters

As we all know the weather can be a tad unforgiving for dining outside, whilst the BBQ Shelter will protect us from the rain and wind, what about the shivering cold that follows

We offer a small but inclusive range of patio style heaters perfect for this very situation. so long as you have some power to latch onto you can be sitting under your canopy warm and cosy.


  • We love A BBQ in the UK
  • The weather often discourages us from hosting
  • We prefer not to bring everything inside the moment it starts tipping it down
  • A BBQ shelter will solve this problem
  • We have plenty of accessories to complement your shelter

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