Log Cabins for Sale from TUIN

There’s a real society / culture when it comes to log cabins for sale in the United kingdom and alot of Europe. We seem to love the idea of garden getaway more in comparison to some other countries around the world. We love the concept of them, we turn them into garden offices, summerhouses, posh sheds and a lot more.

Picking the right log cabin for you can be a daunting task if you’re new to the process, for such a large purchase this tends to be the case for most so what should you consider when picking out of such a large selection of log cabins for sale online or in person at a showsite?

Examples of different log cabins for sale from TUIN

First let’s get an idea of basic options are out there to consider, this will help us assess where we want to even start our search. To break this down as simply as possible i’m going to provide some examples of log cabins for sale in four common styles.

Pitched/Apex Roof – Traditional

A Pitched / Apex roof is one we’re all very familiar with, it’s considered a traditional style that will almost certainly match the roof type of your house and in that sense is considered in keeping with the layout of the land. Below you will see a pitched roof example.


Pent/Mono-Roof – Modern

A Pent/Mono-roof airs more on the side of a modern styled building, paired with full height doors and windows and often sought after for garden offices or studios. Log cabins for sale with this design were very popular when the home working boom started.


Corner log Cabins for Sale

Corner log cabins are very popular throughout the year as they are ( as the name suggests ) designed to fit inside a corner of your garden with a door positioned to welcome you and your guests in keeping with that concept.


Hipped Roof Log Cabins

A log cabin with a hipped roof will often feature a semi-enclosed canopy/Gazebo area with in the area of the roof. These types of log cabins for sale are really good when you want to still enjoy an outside space but benefit from the protection the roof and walls provide.


Key differences in log cabin styles

There’s so many different shapes and styles to choose from it can be overwhelming when first getting starts to choose what might look best in your garden whilst keeping it in tune with your own personal preferences, likes/dislikes.

Log cabins for sale will all have a lot in common when it comes to the key design features but they will also look very different compared in a lot of cases, Lets run through some of the key differences to help narrow down your search.

Roof Styles

As we have now seen above with my four examples, there are several different roof’s to choose from when it comes to log cabins for sale from TUIN. Below is a list which highlights them all.

Apex Roof
Asymmetrical Roof
Transverse Apex
Pent Roof
Hexagonal Roof
Octagonal Roof
Hipped Roof

We can’t really help you to much with this question as it’s a matter of taste and personal style and requirements. With that said I can tell you that the Apex/Pitched and Pent roofed log cabins generally are easier to install.

Thickness of the walls

One thing that often causes some question is how thick do the walls need to actually be, Why does it matter and what’s the difference? The long answer is theres several reasons and benefits to having one thickness of log over another. The main two points most focused on however are the log cabins ability to retain heat vs the pricetag of the building

We offer a good range of options in this area, Our thinnest being 19mm ( similar although still thicker than most shiplap sheds ). Then our thickest option which is a whooping 70mm log thickness.

Thickness explained further

Things to consider when chosen what log thickness to consider for your garden project

  • The thicker the logs the greater it’s heat retaining qualities, do you plan on using this building all year round?
  • The price tag will normally increase as the logs get thicker, a budgetary question?

Sizing of these log cabins for sale

Naturally you don’t want to fall in love with a log cabin to only then find it’s either too large for your garden or Too small for the intended application. We list all of our log cabins in meters with a pin point level of accuracy.

If you’re unsure on how much space you will actually need, or are struggling to imagine the size in relation to your garden its best to grab some string,tent pegs and a tape measure and head out into the garden for some trial runs in advance. This is a great way of figuring out what you can and cannot accommodate in your chosen area


Another consideration to thinking about when it comes to sizing is not only the width and depth of the log cabins for sale that we offer, but also the Height!. There is some bureaucracy to content with when it comes to placing a garden building in your garden which is mainly ( although not strictly ) focused on the total height of your building

We dive into this top in much more detail on our planning permission for log cabins page, please read this to understand more

log cabins for sale from TUIN

Now you have the gist of the basic factors you should feel a little more at ease when it comes to making the right choice for your next garden project. We offer a very large range of options to choose from.


But what if you can’t find one in our massive range that you like the look of, perhaps we’re close but the sizing is a little off. Don’t worry as we also offer a bespoke log cabin service which allows us to help plan and create the perfect unique building to suit you.

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