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A good range of pressure treated softwood fence posts to suit all your needs. We also have hardwood fence posts which make for a gorgeous fence.

Included are fence post holders, spikes and a very useful post bore tool and don't forget a post cap to finish off your fencing.


Hardwood Fine Sawn Post 40mm Point
3 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.40060

Azobe Hardwood fine sawn fence post 40mm.  Available in ten sizes from 60cm to 300cm. 

Price: £1.10 Save £0.18
Fence Post 68mm Pointed
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.71000

Fence Post with a point.  6.8 x 6.8cm in lengths of 100cm and 150cm.  Pressure treated. Four sizes available.

Price: £3.57 Save £0.98
Hardwood Fine Sawn Post 60mm Point
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.60075

Azobe Hardwood fine sawn fence post.  Available in six sizes in lengths from 75, to 300cm. 

Price: £4.41 Save £1.16
Galvanised Fence Post Cap
23 Reviews  
Cat No: 6.20800

Galvanised Fence post caps in four shapes and suitable for posts of 7.1cm and 9.1cm.

Wooden Fence Post Cap
10 Reviews  
Cat No: 6.00800

Wooden fence post caps in two styles and four sizes with dimensions of 7.1cm and  Pressure treated to ensure they last for years.

Price: £4.63 Save £0.78
Fence Post 88mm Pointed
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.91000

Pressure impregnated fence post with point.  88mm square in three lengths from 100cm and 150cm.Two Sizes

Price: £6.25 Save £1.58
Timber Plank Silver Grey 1.7 x 14.5cm
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 37.2490OG

Timber Plank in three sizes of 1.7 and 2.0 x 14.5cm in lengths of 180cm and 400cm. Immersion treated, silvery grey in colour

Price: £5.76 Save £0.96
Fence Post 68mm
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.71800

Fence post without a point, pressure treated available in Thirteen Lengths from 1.8m, up to 4.0m.

Price: £6.65 Save £1.61
Copper Fence Post Cap
16 Reviews  
Cat No: 6.60800

Copper Fence Post Cap in two sizes and two styles.  Fits fence posts of 7.1cm and 9.1cm.  Smarten up your fence line with a little style!

Price: £9.52 Save £2.20
Hardwood Planed Fence Posts
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.65100

Azobe Hardwood Fence Posts, planed on fours sides with two V Grooves.  100cm up to 400cm in length. Eight Sizes

Price: £10.56 Save £1.76
Fence Post 88mm
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.92000

Fence Post measuring 8.8cm square.  Pressure treated without a point.  Available in lengths from 200cm up to 400cm. Five Sizes

Price: £12.32 Save £2.98
Aluminium U-Profiles
0 Reviews  
Cat No: WLL0007

Aluminium U profiles, purpose made for our 25mm tongue and groove Aluminium boards although there’s no reason why they cannot be used for other projects. These are made to be fixed through their base onto a post of some sort which then provides a fixing point for additional materials.

Price: £13.85 Save £4.25
Post Holder Spiked
14 Reviews  
Cat No: 7.17900

Galvanised post holder for soft ground, it is spiked and available in THREE sizes to suit our products. Available in 7.1cm, 9.1cm and 12.1cm

Price: £19.49 Save £5.31
Post Holder Screw Down
47 Reviews  
Cat No: 7.71500

Galvanized post holder, suitable for use with pergolas, gazebos, fences and arches. This screws/Bolts down on to any solid surface. There are Four Sizes Available to suit our products.

Price: £22.79 Save £7.93
Hardwood Fine Sawn Post 70mm Point
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.70275

Azobe Hardwood fine sawn fence post Available in Two sizes, 275 and 300cm

Price: £19.50 Save £4.50
Timber Posts 120mm
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 1.12300

Timber posts, pressure impregnated measuring 12cm square in two length sizes of 3 and 4m.

Price: £36.25 Save £5.90
Fence Post Auger
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0300

Fence post auger which helps you to dig holes for fence posts or indeed other posts such as our gazebo posts. It makes it a great deal easier than with a spade.  We offer THREE sizes for the size of post or the level of useage.

Price: £41.16 Save £6.89
Aluminium Post
0 Reviews  
Cat No: WLL0005

Aluminium Posts, suited but not limited to our vast range of Aluminium structures. These strong but lightweight posts are perfect for outdoor garden projects such as outhouses, fencing and of course veranda enhancements.

Price: £129.89 Save £11.81