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denise watson
May 20, 2024
gald we ordered these as they look good and finish of the gazebo they help when putting your gazebo up as well
Mr. kevin Platt
Mar 26, 2024
Excellent additional part for the gazebo I bought. It made securing the gazebo to the deck very easy. I'm really glad I decided to buy them.
Mrs. deborah tordoff
Mar 15, 2024
Extremely good product does exactly what its designed to do
Mrs. Jan Bibby
Mar 13, 2024
Bought to support the Economist Gazebo. They do exactly what they're meant to do.
Mrs. Jan Bibby
Mar 7, 2024
Great support for the gazebo.
Les Murray
Feb 25, 2024
Easy to use and do the job as expected.
Feb 16, 2024
Perfect for my car port. Galvanised looks so much better than the painted versions.
Mrs. Shelley Munn
Nov 25, 2023
Fits our gazebo perfectly and bolts in to the ground with ease. Bought it with the 3m x 3m gazebo.
Mr. Tony Hibbert
Aug 26, 2023
Post fitted very well. Post holders were flat at the bottom and fitted on to my foundations without any adjustment. Would recommend you get them if putting up a Gazebo
Mr. Duncan Turner
Jul 13, 2023
Excellent quality product. Service and delivery were first class.
Helen Clegg
Mar 16, 2023
These post holders proved to be invaluable in the erection of our carport. They are robust and as they say 'did what it said on the tin '. Could not have installed without them.
Mr. jason millership
Dec 2, 2022
Excellent product for secure 6x6 post to concrete pads. Recommended
Paul Watkins
Sep 30, 2022
Bought to go with garden arches and this is perfect for concrete paths.
Roy Armstrong
Sep 16, 2022
Brilliant holders for our gazebo and gives peace of mind that it’s secure.
Ryan Pickard
Oct 22, 2021
Excellent product and speedy delivery. Was the only company that I could find that did a 150 x 150 floor plate for my Pogoda post.
Gary McGrogan
Apr 21, 2021
The screw down post holders are robust and easy to paint. No screws or bolts are provided but this is mentioned on the website
Gary Barnard
Aug 22, 2018
An excellent way to secure your gazebo
Ian Adams
Nov 29, 2017
Good quality and easy to use, providing a very stable base for my gazebo
Mike B
Nov 10, 2017
Order arrived approx 48 hrs after selecting. Was well packaged and contents well protected.
Product exactly as specified in Tuin catalogue and exact dimension for purpose. The post holders have been used and fit is perfect. I will use Tuin products again.
Mr. Terry Mann
Oct 3, 2017
these post holder screw down feet are excellent for keeping your gazebo firmly to the ground stopping the wind taking it away
Mr. Elizabeth Bryant
Aug 22, 2017
Excellent quality, very sturdy.
Mrs. Janet Platt
Aug 20, 2017
The post holders are excellent.
Strong and tall enough to allow you to individually adjust the height of each post. We used gravel in the base of the post holder, as a means to raise the post, as it would allow water to drain away yet give a firm platform.
Very pleased with this product.
Mr. Laurence Gaitskell
Aug 9, 2017
Excellent post holders, really robust and suited to the superior gazebo supports.
Fast delivery and great communications as well.
Mr. Simon Wood
Jun 22, 2017
good sturdy product. We were contacted by the Company as we thought that the product came in packs of 2 but they were individual, quickly changed the payment for us with no hassle. Excellent service I would definitely recommend this company
Kevin Dunn
Jun 22, 2017
An excellent product and a must to buy when buying a Gazebo from Tuin.
May 22, 2017
Does exactly what it says on the tin. We had trouble tracking down suitable post holders that would fit the (superb) Tuin gazebo, but these are spot on. Screw down to a concrete base and slot them in. Bolt holes ready if you want to secure the post further.
Mr. Michael Malonewy
May 17, 2017
From ordering to receiving the items, first class. These where require for a Gazebo order from the same supplier, again great service and what a buy , the quility is fantastic, extremely happy and will be back for some other bits .
Paul Yorke
Apr 6, 2017
I bought this post holder the day after the Christoffer kit arrived as I could see no obvious way to secure the base of the corner post and I didn't want to be held up during assembly waiting for something to secure the post. Later I discovered that there is a post support/adjuster plate etc so this purchase was unnecessary. I explained in detail to your order handler what this purchase was for and we discussed the required size at some length. A better informed assistant could have advised me that the post holder wasn't necessary as the kit includes a fixing. Still, it is what it is. It's a beautiful post holder but completely inappropriate for the task and unnecessary anyway. If it didn't cost so much in postage I'd have returned it for a refund. This was the only small black cloud on an otherwise excellent purchasing experience as I am very pleased with the Christoffer summer house now it's finished.
Mr. John Dinsdale
Apr 2, 2017
Make sure you buy these to go with your car port as it is hard to find other post holders to match the pole sizes.
Feb 13, 2017
As others have said, a bit on the expensive side (especially if you've already spent quite a bit on a carport/gazebo). But do seem very well made and pretty heavy/sturdy. Unlike some I've seen that look like they have been just spot welded, these were welded all the way round and made them look much stronger to me. They have holes for fixing on both the outside and inside. I decided on using the inside holes (as I'd made the concrete they were screwing into a bit too narrow) - if you do and use 10mm bolts, you will need to open the holes a bit, because they are so close to the edge, that a socket wouldn't fit on the nuts! If you buy for use with one of the carports on here, you'll need to do a bit of packing, as the holders are about 6 or 7 mm wider than the posts.
Mr. Robert Teale
Jan 6, 2017
Very sturdy and good quality. Not difficult to fit so long as you put them on before erecting the posts! Hardest thing I found was knowing which ones to order.
Mr. Anthony Day
Oct 24, 2016
Good sturdy product, some corners a bit bent from transit or whatever but under pressure went flat. Very expensive!!! and I feel that having spent a good deal on the main product, ie a carport, extras should be passed on to the customer at a reasonable cost.
Renate Dove
Oct 12, 2016
The posts were bigger than the posts so left a visible gap but otherwise very good.
Mrs. Caroline Thomas
Sep 22, 2016
Good product which allows the gazebo to be secured to the ground. We chose to concrete the post holders into the ground however this is not essential. Would recommend this product.
Mr. Rob Mason
Sep 9, 2016
Needed two of these post holders urgently for a project, placed the order, customer service over the phone was excellent, and the post holders arrived very quickly and in time for the install.
Mr. Anthony Harris
Jul 31, 2016
What can you say other than they do the job
Mr. shaun willocks
Jul 22, 2016
Well galvanised and do a good job of holding the posts
Dean Wilkins
Jun 28, 2016
Easy to use. Makes a very secure job. Worth the expense.
Jun 26, 2016
Nothing wrong with the post holders .. just forgot to order the bolts with it so had to go to the DIY store to get the right one to fit ..
Mrs. mandy rowan
May 19, 2016
Ordered the wrong posts originally. Replacements delivered quickly and efficiently.
John Straker
May 12, 2016
The metal posts are made of good quality material and easy to install. They can be easily disguised either by using enamel paint or construct wooden sleeves around the holder to match the existing posts.
Judith prescott
Mar 11, 2016
Item as described.
Great for support.
Mr. Barrie Smith
Mar 8, 2016
Post holders held the posts! Easy to use and the price was right!
Dan Britten
Mar 6, 2016
Does exactly what it say on the tin. All good.
Miss. E Biscomb
Feb 25, 2016
Do the job. Bought to go with the Grande Gazebo.
Fitted by Warren who fits in Kent & Essex area. Very pleased with his work. Did exactly what he said he would do in the time scale he said he would.
Mr. Barry Sears
Feb 17, 2016
Good quality heavy duty product. Fits very well
Mr. John Darlington
Jan 14, 2016
A lot easier than digging! But will require some decorative brickwork I think to tidy up the final result.
Mr. Craig Strange
Jan 4, 2016
Very easy to get to the product I needed, rang me because I put my email address down wrong, to correct it really happy with the service
Mr. Ron Williams
Oct 15, 2015
bought the 4 post holders excellent product and worth having for such a valuable structure. The holes are for a size 10 drill hole and once the holes are drilled and the rawl plug inserted it is easy to just bolt in the floor bolts. A must for the posts of the gazebo. I cannot fault Tuin they definately know their product as every question asked was promptly aswered.
ann hilditch
Sep 10, 2015
These did not work for my Economist Gazeebo. they were to big, so i bought some from B&Q, these were to tight but i forced them on.
Mrs. Caroline Ambrose
Aug 21, 2015
Speedy delivery & good quality heavy duty post holders.
Mr. Colin Whitewick
Jun 23, 2015
Finish of Post Holder Screw Down was good, the square sections welded on were not square to the base
Mr. John Middleton
Jun 13, 2015
Good quality items that do the job
Mr. Trevor Davis
May 8, 2015
Good value for money, easy to use as long as you make a flat base but easier than mounting into the concrete as it allows you some play once you've built your gazebo. Happy with the purchase and speed of delivery.
Mr. Colin Rogers
Apr 26, 2015
First time that I have used post holders and am very pleased with them, they make the job that much easier.
Mr. Clive Bottomley
Mar 18, 2015
These could have been made far more squarely as the base plate on all 4 was off set making it more difficult to line up square.
Mar 6, 2015
Excellent quality! Very reasonable price. Fast delivery....Customer Service excellent! *****
Mr. Ian Whitehead
Feb 19, 2015
Excellent product, extremely robust with good galvanising. Should last for years.
Mr. Adrian Perkins
Oct 28, 2014
appear very sturdy although some not quite at right angles however that wouldn't appear to be a problem as they are slightly over-sized and should take the uprights ok.
Mr. Robert Parkinson
Oct 8, 2014
Great post holders for the 4.3 m gazebo. Anchored with shot bolts and painted black. Do the job!
Mr. Frank Edwin Webber
Oct 7, 2014
Slightly too large for the posts, needed silicon to prevent water ingress. Otherwise fine
Mr. Ashley Marriott
Sep 15, 2014
Great product, makes mounting the gazebo so much easier
Mr. kevin holmes
Jun 26, 2014
"Does what says on the tin" however do no do what I did when construction gazebo with 120mm legs - put them on first as it become a bit of a task to retro fit - oops