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Almost all the categories have products with very special offers where you can save a lot from normal prices. Price reductions abound site wide and change constantly!  The full sales items are listed here.

Across the site we have large reductions. More often than not these fluctuate due to the Euro - Pound currency fluctuations, timber stocks and timber prices.

Please Note: We reserve the right to end offers or special saving promotions without notice. These are NOT retrospective and often can't be repeated.

Timber Frame Base Pads
96 Reviews  


Timber base pads make easy work of leveling your timber frame to be used as the base for your log cabin or garden building. Two sizes are available to cope with most moderate inclines.

Metal Roof Tiles
9 Reviews  


An alternative to our felt shingles is metal roofing sheets. These have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. Easy to fit and give the impression of traditional roof tiles. Quick to fit and very light at only 6kg / m.sq. Only suitable for Apex Roofs.

PFS+ Screw Trade Pack
0 Reviews  


A trade pack of Fully and Partially threaded, Multipurpose wood screws with a double galvansised Torx Head

1400 Screws incuded in Three different sizes

FREE DELIVERY to zone one - TRADE Prices

Price: £54.23 Save £9.04
Rectangular Trellis Arch
9 Reviews  


A rectangular trellis arch measuring 100 x 45 x 210cm. Available in a natural timber finish and pressure treated for longevity.

Price: £124.47 Save £25.48
Curved Trellis Arch 90cm
13 Reviews  


Curved Trellis Arch measuring 90 x 54 x 200cm and made from pressure impregnated timber to ensure you enjoy this garden arch for years to come.

Price: £154.30 Save £44.02
Round Trellis Garden Arch
5 Reviews  


Round Top Trellis Arch for your garden, maybe some roses would look nice.  Ideal as an entrance your garden. It measures 120 x 55 x 254cm and is constructed from pressure treated timber to last for years to come.

Price: £168.02 Save £38.41
Log Store
8 Reviews  


Log store made from pressure treated timber, a felted and side slats will keep your logs dry and secure whilst still seasoning. If ordered with another garden building we will supply matching roof covering free.

Price: £174.15 Save £34.72
Sliding Garden Shade Awning 3m x 5m
41 Reviews  


A horizontal sliding shade curtain awning for your garden or patio. The shade canvas measures 3.0m x 5.0m.

You can either buy this knitted synthetic canvas on it's own to meet your own ideas or you can add various options such as fitting kits, closing system and a timber supporting structure in larch

Price: £162.74 Save £7.68
Log Cabin Skylight Vent
14 Reviews  


Have you a need for more light in your log cabin? You don't want to add extra windows but what about in the roof? Our skylight opening roof vent is designed specifically for sheds, summerhouses, and log cabin roofs. Infact any garden building roof and is perfect for letting in addtional light through the roof. The roof vent / Skylight measures 500mm x 500mm.

Price: £209.49 Save £35.39
Log Cabin Lean to
12 Reviews  


A handy lean to porch for your log cabin, ideal for keeping your bicycle dry or even drying logs for your wood burner. The width is 1.50m.

Available in two lengths of 1.75m and 2.75m.

See Through Wall For Gazebos or Log Cabins 3m
26 Reviews  


Roll up cloth wall for a gazebo, log cabin, or garden building canopy. Complete with rail, cloth, clasps and fitting kit. Width of 300cm only.

Price: £302.57 Save £86.55
Quarter Circle Corner Pergola 3m Diameter
4 Reviews  


This quarter circle pergola features a diameter of a quarter of 3m and is designed to fit perfectly into any corner of the garden. Manufactured using pressure treated timber, sourced from well managed forests.

Price: £282.44 Save £47.76
Bayern Double Door Storage Shed
6 Reviews  


The Bayern double door storage shed.  Made from 16mm pressure treated timber so you can be sure of years of use.  It measures 153cm wide x 73cm deep and 187cm at its highest point.

Price: £459.48 Save £65.10
Gas Pyramid Patio Heater
1 Reviews  


Made entirely from stainless steel this pyramid gas patio heater will warm the coldest of night. A real flame fills the glass tube and pushes heat outwards. A stunning focal point.

Price: £495.77 Save £61.98
Hardwood Garden Storage Cabinet - Santiago
0 Reviews  


A substantial Garden storage cabinet made from hardwood, it comes pre-oiled and includes roofing felt. Measuring 80cm wide x 65cm deep and 185cm at it's highest point. This would make a stunning addition to any garden and is far too good for garden tools.

Price: £495.85 Save £48.96
Wooden Pergola 3x3m
76 Reviews  


This square Wooden Pergola features a distinctive roof and four decorative trellis corner sections. Measuring 3.0x3.0m, this pergola provides a practical and attractive garden centrepiece offering both shelter and shade.

Made from pressure treated timber for years of enjoyment.

Price: £748.73 Save £210.72
Hardwood Garden Storage Cabinet - Montevideo
4 Reviews  


A substantial Garden shed made from hardwood, it comes pre-oiled and includes roofing felt.  Measuring 145cm wide x 65cm deep and 185cm at it's highest point. This would make a stunning addition to any garden and is far too good for garden tools.

Price: £692.58 Save £68.39
Single/Lean To Carport 3.0 x 5.0m
28 Reviews  


Suitable for sheltering one vehicle, this carport can be used as either a lean-to or freestanding structure. Featuring a pressure treated wooden frame and transparent PVC roof panels.

Price: £950.06 Save £207.98
Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m
24 Reviews  


The Economist Gazebo measures 3.4x3.4m and benefits from striking pyramid roof and strong pressure treated timber frame. A versatile free standing structure suitable for use as an outdoor seating area, hot tub cover and much more.


Price: £1,167.36 Save £193.84
Curved Lattice Gazebo 2.9m Diameter
1 Reviews  


This Curved Lattice Gazebo features a diameter of 2.9m. Includes six concave trellis panels and five side panels to offer a sheltered environment.

Limited FREE roof shingles offer.

Price: £1,360.89 Save £193.58
Double Carport 6.0 x 5.0m
11 Reviews  


This double carport measures 6.0 x 5.0m and provides shelter for up to two vehicles. Featuring transparent PVC roof panels supported by a pressure treated wooden frame.

Price: £1,824.92 Save £624.13
Kiosk - Basic 3m x 2.5m
0 Reviews  


The basic kiosk, a market stall measuring at 3m x 2.5m. Display your products in a stylish building while under cover, the 16mm impregnate pinewood is on a substantial frame with a traditional apex roof.

Ideal for market stalls, pop up markets, trade shows and festivals.

Price: £1,433.60 Save £219.00
Medium Modern Gazebo 3.65x3.65m
3 Reviews  


A modern take on the garden gazebo, this medium sized model incorporates a pent roof to add a contemporary feel to your garden. Measuring 3.65 x 3.65m.

Ideal to keep you covered in the shade for these warm, summer months.

Price: £1,341.35 Save £106.66
Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m
41 Reviews  


The Classico Gazebo measures 4.3x4.3m and is characterised by pyramid style roof, finished in standard roofing felt but coloured felt shingles for a true finish are available. Designed to offer shelter and shade within the garden, this gazebo is perfect for those who enjoy entertaining outdoors.

For a limited period we are offering selected roof shingles FREE with this gazebo.

Price: £1,556.65 Save £177.19
Large Modern Gazebo 4.55x4.55m
2 Reviews  


Large Modern Gazebo measuring 4.55 x 4.55m supported on substantial 120mm square posts.

Prefered for outdoor entertaining and shelters from the sun or rain whilst still enjoying your garden.

Price: £1,648.88 Save £267.61
Novalie Modern Log Cabin 3x2m
1 Reviews  


A contemporary flat roof model in 19mm logs, the Novalie Log Cabin features a single glazed door. Dimensions are 3.00 x 2.00m. 

Price: £1,541.20 Save £153.41
Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m
42 Reviews  


Superior Gazebo measuring 3.4x5.9m. Perfect for entertaining and being secure from the great British summers. Substantial posts and framing make this a very strong structure.

Limited FREE shingles offer with this gazebo

Price: £1,780.50 Save £239.63
Klair Curved Roof Log Cabin 3 x 2.4m
11 Reviews  


The Klair curved roof log cabin in 28mm thick wall logs, different form the normal apex buildings, it measures 3.0m wide x 2.40m deep with a roof height of 234cm.

The curved roof adds a quirky feature for your garden.

Price: £1,783.79 Save £235.90
Medium Modern Log Cabin 3x2m
4 Reviews  


A stylish garden building with flat roof, the Medium Modern Log Cabin measures 3.0 x 2.0m.

This contemporary log cabin is manufactured using 28mm wall logs and features double doors and a side porch supported by two posts which measures 2.0m.

Price: £1,864.54 Save £284.33
Kreta Modern Larch Gazebo 3.65x3.65m
1 Reviews  


A Larch gazebo with pent style roof, the Kreta Larch Timber Gazebo measures 3.65 x 3.65m. Manufactured using un-treated Larch timber.

This free standing structure with open sides is perfect as an outdoor seating area.

Price: £1,968.03 Save £379.58