Garden Room 58mm Inspiration

At Tuin, we offer hundreds of Log Cabins and garden rooms as standard, these are also split up into various log thicknesses. Each with a certain use in mind. This blog series will cover each log thickness. We offer along with showing you how customers have put these customers to use.

58mm Log cabin garden room ideas

The 58mm garden rooms start to become a very serious log cabin indeed. They are highly suitable for all year around use. All of them are double glazed and with the addition of insulation to the floor and roof you will be very warm even in the colder months.
If work from home is becoming a more permanent solution, definitely consider using a 58mm Log Cabin for your set up.

Measuring at 4.4m x 3.4m, the Blackpool Log Cabin is the ideal cabin for a garden office. Complete the cabin with some desks, seating and soft furnishings- You’ll have ample space to create the home office of your dreams.

Victoria 58mm Log Cabin

Perfect for a Garden Studio – The Victoria 58mm Log Cabin Studio is complete with toughened double glazing and EDPM roofing. Location is key with the Victoria, in the right spot of your garden you can have this cabin filled with natural lighting during the day. Perfect for the arts that may be created inside.

Newcastle 58mm Log Cabin

The Newcastle Log Cabin is known for its use as guest accomodation which is perfect for garden rooms. Finish this cabin with insulation in the floor and roofing to make it suitable for the colder nights. Complete with a bed, dresser and a colourful rug so you’re ready to impress any overnight guests.

Another great example for the Newcastle Log Cabin a trendy pub just down the garden! With drinks on tap and the game on the tv, make your local even closer with a garden pub.

This concludes the overview for 58mm Log Cabins. As shown, they are the ideal log thickness for summerhouses, garden pubs and more permanent Garden Offices.

Available in various styles and shapes. Take a look at our 58mm Log Cabins.

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