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Log cabin garden room, they have taken the world by storm. It is just a cabin made from logs, which is popularly used in several places like Canada, the UK, and the USA. These sturdy buildings display a feeling of nature as well as provide shelter.

Indeed, the benefits of log cabins like the 4 x 3 m chloe that we have featured below go beyond the looks alone. You can design the interior of your log cabin to make it beautiful and cozy. In this article, we are going to give you 4 popular ideas for decorating log cabin-style outdoor studios. Let’s get started!

garden room chloe log cabin

4 Ways to Decorate Garden Room Log Cabins

Are you looking for the best ways to decorate a garden room? If you want to embark on a beautiful interior design adventure, look no further than garden log cabins. Most importantly, you can design a cabin in many creative ways. However, deciding on a theme can be difficult and time-consuming for you.

Worry not, let’s take a look at these great decoration ideas for a garden log cabin.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is a great way to pop up a log cabin without much effort. Keeping your cabin simple can give your space an eye-catching look and feel. Create a room that sparks your creativity. In addition, make sure to have a vision in your mind before decorating your UK outdoor studio.

A simple log cabin can help create a modern minimalist finish. Also, it can give your space a more traditional look. The choice is all yours!

Simplicity garden room

Add a Colorful Sofa

An eye-catching sofa can enhance the feel and look of your log cabin. It can grab the attention of your visitors or guests. When choosing a sofa, make sure to opt for something with a unique and modern design. If you want to add a luxurious feel to your outdoor studio, go for a colorful sofa made of velvet material. Also, you can choose from a variety of bright colors.

Inside a log cabin

Anything is possible in your own garden room log cabin, your only limit is your own imagination. The 40mm log cabin range we offer are the perfect balance of cost and functionality.

Vibrant Floor Lamp

Adding a vibrant floor lamp to your room is another great way to decorate a cabin. A floor lamp in the corner of your cabin looks mesmerizing. You can choose a modern contemporary design for a unique touch. Gold color can make your floor lamp stand out. All you need to do is choose a lamp that complements the interior design of your log cabin.

Feature Patterned rug

Indeed, a rug can instantly transform the feel of your room. It can bring your whole garden room together. Want to add that pop of color? Select a rug that goes well with other décor elements in the cabin. For example, a solid bold-colored rug can give your cabin a funky touch.


No doubt, lighting plays an important role in the overall décor of any room. For that purpose, a dramatic chandelier is all you need to finish the makeover of your garden log cabin. It can be a great focal point of your dream log cabin room. Also, it illuminates your room during the night.

decor of a log cabin

Undoubtedly, building a log cabin requires a large investment. A well-designed cabin can be used for several purposes. In this section, we will discuss some of the popular uses of log cabins. Read on to find out more!

Garden room

A log cabin is popularly used for a garden room worldwide. The addition of garden furniture can make your cabin look beautiful. Furthermore, it gives you a feeling of nature and creates a comfy environment. Creating a garden room can enhance the curb appeal of your home

outside garden rooms

DIY Workshop

For people who love DIY projects, creating a DIY workshop is one of the best uses of log cabins. Turn your garden room into a functional workshop. Indeed, it will give you some extra space for your tools and equipment. If you want to store your essential tools away from kids, look no further than building a log cabin DIY workshop. Most importantly, it can be a great DIY project for your next weekend. Make sure to buy cabins with large windows. As a result, it can allow more natural light in to create a perfect workshop

Games Room

If you are someone who loves gaming, take the advantage of your log cabin. Whether you like video games or traditional games, a garden building is a perfect choice to create a space for gaming. You can set up a log cabin with a television and snooker tables. Many people transform their garden log cabins into gaming rooms.

games room image

Home Office Garden Room

No doubt, the recent pandemic has affected millions of people. They have had no choice but to work from home. For this reason, turning your cabin into a home office would be the best choice. When you build a home office in your garden, it gives you a feeling of leaving your home for work. Also, it can make you punctual for work every day. Working from home seems daunting because of the many distractions in the room. Therefore, make the best use of your log cabins to create a home office.

High-quality Garden Log Cabins for Sale at TUIN

Searching for the popular log cabins near you? At TUIN, we provide a wide range of standard log cabins to cover all your needs. Our log cabins are made of premium quality materials that make them long-lasting. We have a huge collection of log cabins for outdoor studio in the UK. You can create a getaway in your garden without breaking the bank.

Most importantly, we ensure to make each log cabin garden room from sustainable material to give your space an eco-friendly touch. In addition, our garden log cabins are energy efficient. Whether you’re looking to buy a log cabin for a garden room or an office, you can always count on TUIN for high-quality, durable products. Our log cabins are suitable for a range of uses. You can choose from a variety of garden log cabins available on our official website

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