Garden Rooms

Garden rooms… This term can mean a range of things in to be fair. There’s a large variety of options available for those optimising their garden space into something that provides a greater benefit.

The garden rooms we offer come in the form of our sturdy Log Cabins, the main difference when compared to normal timber structures is that the walls are made from thick, solid lengths of wood laid horizontally.

Types of Garden Rooms

There are many other types of garden rooms which can serve the same function of course, but a log cabin construction really stands out in our view which is why we think they’re such a popular choice here in the UK.

We offer a large range of different cabin options and styles. The starting question however that we think you should ask yourself is this. “Will I want to use this building all year round?”

If Yes: You should aim for a log thickness of 40mm and above for their heat retention benefits. A log thickness in either 40mm, 44mm, 58mm or 70mm are perfect and warrant the extra cost for this benefit.. An extra positive is the thicker the logs the stronger the building is going to be.

If No: Not a problem as we also offer 19mm, 28mm and 34mm cabins which if only used in the warmer months of the year will serve you just as well and with a reduced price tag.

Garden Room Installation

Tuin offers our own fitting service for the log cabins we sell. However, most will favour tackling the project themselves just like the customers did so successfully below.

If you don’t fancy that then don’t worry. We can also put you in contact with some very skilled and experienced log cabin installers. They are all self-employed and dotted across the UK. They are very familiar with the garden rooms we sell and can provide a quote for their work.

So why not give us a call to discuss your next garden project, you’re only a Phone call away from a garden transformation

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