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Welcome to our Roofing Insights blog category, your guide to mastering the art of roofing for a diverse range of log cabins and garden buildings.

We offer a range of roofing styles to suit a range of customer desires, whether thats a modern sleek pent roof, or a more traditional Apex design, We will be sure to offer something to suit your needs.

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Pent Log Cabins

BenNov 2, 20234 min read
Information surrounding our range of pent log cabins from TUIN in the UK, modern and sleek designs perfect for a home office.

Apex Log Cabins

Nov 2, 20233 min read
Log Cabin Roof Strength

Log Cabin Roof Strength

Dec 7, 20218 min read
Laying EPDM on Log Cabin Roofs

Laying EPDM on Log Cabin Roofs

Sep 5, 202110 min read
Pent Installation Roof Advice

Pent Installation Roof Advice

Dec 6, 20189 min read