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Category - 58mm Log Cabins. In this category you will mostly find our customer's reviews on their Tuin 58mm log cabins and their journey to install it. We always love to hear our customers opinions on our products and believe that it creates a trustworthy community. Our posts often come with customer taken images and the occasional video overview/review of our log cabins. You will also find advice posts so that you can find the best way to install and modify your 58mm log cabins to your hearts content

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Apex Log Cabins

BenNov 2, 20233 min read
A deep dive into our log cabins for sale that feature a traditional Apex / Pitched style roof made using solid wall logs from TUIN.

Log Cabins for Sale from TUIN

Nov 1, 20235 min read
Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

Aug 22, 20222 min read
The Blackpool Log Cabin Fully Installed

Blackpool Log Cabin Feature

Dec 1, 20174 min read