Stian Log Cabin 4 x 4m in 58mm logs - Double Glazed

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Jim Roebuck
Apr 6, 2024
The team at Tuin have been very helpful especially Karen.The delivery was one hour early and I missed my breakfast,unfortunately my drive was too steep and the driver could not risk driving up it so he had to drop the load at the kerbside.A very kind relachen came to the rescue with a big machine and moved the cabin 35 mt up the drive.

Mar 18, 2024
Cabin itself is good. Slight twist in the door which I will have to put a latch on the bottom to hold it in and hopefully over time will rectify itself and some cracks appearing but getting the correct preservatives and paint so all will be good.
Mind your heads on the overhang sides but brilliant to supply a dry bench area.
Mr. Adrian Blondel
Aug 26, 2023
Put the log cabin up today the 4x4m stian it is brilliant better than j expected would recomend to anyone for value for money and perfect delivery service . It was easy to put up once we unpacked and sorted all peices into piles on the lawn,very good quality very pleased highly recommended and good company to deal with.
Colin wilson
Apr 2, 2023
A solid well enginered cabin the timber quality is first class a cabin that will become afamily room
John Cattermole
Jun 26, 2022
This cabin is a wonderful addition to our garden, and we are delighted that we bought it - gives us an extra bit of space for all of us at different times with a Swedish 'stuga' at the foot of the garden, and the veranda will be a great place to sit on summer evenings. There is a great sense of satisfaction in putting it together and building your own house too.
It was delivered early one morning in July by a very friendly Dutch man and his forklift truck - all in one very long package of wooden pieces. It took myself and 3 teenage helpers about 4 hours to move it all into the back garden and stack it under the plastic sheets for the coming rain. A lot of carrying! It was while doing this, as well as viewing instructions, that we got an idea of which bits were for what. The window and doors come pre-made and I recommend keeping them indoors if they are not going to be fitted for a while, to prevent movement or warping.
The next couple of weeks involved digging out foundations, putting down hardcore and sand, and then laying a patio. Spirit level, decent tape measure and large square essential for this!
Putting the Stian cabin walls together was quite straightforward, with clear instructions - it all fits together with no screws needed. Take your time with this - in our haste we fitted the window upside down though this was easily rectified. Some you can do as one person and a wooden hammer; for longer pieces of wood, especially the roof beams, you need two adults. For the roof, this is where nails and screws start to be used - the video on the website really helped, and especially for the felting which was completely new for me. We painted the walls a 'falu rod' red paint to look like a cabin in Sweden, and this gives it good waterproofing. It took me a long (pleasurable) time to lay the floor, moving into Autumn weeks, working in the evenings. The hardest job was fitting the front doors, and needed two of us to hang them properly with hinges - they are heavy and take a fair amount of adjustemnt. I had to re-square the angles of the door frame, but again videos/photos on the website really helped. Recommend painting the doors before you hang them. I finished off by laying slabs under the veranda, which I had left over from a new patio a few years back. This gives a bit of height and will probably last longer than wooden decking in the elements.
Even during COVID Lockdown, the customer service was excellent, with email questions being replied to quickly - someone who recommended Tuin to me said how good the customer service was and they were right.
If you can, lay your foundations before delivery - we didn't start cabin construction until about a month later due to having to do this and poor weather, which meant one or two pieces of wood in the garden had warped by the time of construction. But the wonderful people at Tuin give you plenty of spare bits, so no need to order extra. All in all, a great product, relatively easy to fit together, with pleasing results, all backed up by very friendly people to help you through it all.
May 31, 2021
In summary, the Stian Log Cabin is an excellent & top quality product.

Tuin gave me the confidence to self build with the compilation of info on the blog for every single detail of the build. I built the Stian on a timber frame base that would not level out fully due to my sloped garden.
Was in touch severally via e-mails and I was getting prompt suggestions; all before I made the final payment for the log cabin.

Advice to use Tuin's adjustable base frame pads saved the day.

My Stian Log cabin sits level & proudly today while she gets rave reviews from everyone that visits.

Competitive product price and prompt delivery capped the excellent service.

Would gladly recommend Tuin as a provider and the Stian cabin as an ideal sized cabin especially for a DiY er, like myself....big enough space for a man cave and small enough to self build successfully.
Mrs. Ellen Jones
Nov 11, 2019
I ordered the Stian as I’d read really good reviews, the service was excellent, our delivery driver was absolutely brilliant, his customer service was 200%, the cabin was well packed, pretty easy to put together, only taking 3 days to erect and get water tight, just following the instructions and a must is to watch the videos on YouTube. I’m really impressed with the cabin overall construction and design.
David Chewter
Oct 22, 2019
I ended up buying the Stian log cabin at short notice after being let down by another log cabin company with a messed up order. The cabin was with me in a couple of weeks, delivered by a very nice chap who put it exactly where I wanted.

The quality of the cabin is excellent. I'm very glad I had to swap my order from the other company, as the 58mm logs I'm sure are a lot better than the 44mm on the other product.

The log cabin went up very easily, taking approx 1.5 days with a friend to help me. Having an extra pair of hands with the longer logs and beams was very useful. I'd prebuilt and squared a wooden frame, and didn't have to adjust anything during the build. A few of the logs had a slight bend, but we still managed to get them seated ok, with the help of a non-marking rubber mallet. I purchased celotex insulation and OSB boards to go on the roof on top on the tongue and groove, and this went up pretty easily.

Initially I thought the overhang on the front of the cabin was a little large, but it actually protects the doors and windows and gives a dry area for entry and exit, so it's worked out well, particularly with the very wet weather.

The roof shingles went on easily, took around 6 hrs by myself and look fantastic once on. I paid extra for the best flooring and it went down well, just needing a bit of a finishing sanding before floor varnish.

Now that the electrics are finished I'm very happy with the cabin, it's dry and a bone and nice and snug with the floor and roof insulation, perfect for my use as a home office.

There are plenty of offcuts and packing pieces from the cabin and I'll used them to build a raised bed, and I've used the four extra flooring lengths to build a worktop/shelving unit. I've still got a few offcuts which will probably go into my wood burner unless I can think of another use.

All in all I couldn't recommend Tuin more. The cabin is fantastic and the quick delivery really helped me out when I was let down by another company.

The only thing I've upgraded is the cylinder lock, which looked and felt pretty cheap and easily broken, £15 later and a good solid Yale lock has been fitted.
Mrs. catherine pullen
Sep 11, 2019
Although we bought this some months ago, due to our site issues we have only just erected the cabin. It was easy to erect and looks really good. The quality is great and the packing must have been excellent as it has sat in the original packaging it came from Tuin wrapped in and shows no problems, we just made sure the place it sat was level. The only comment I have is that it seems strange that the window opens into the cabin and not out, but that is a small niggle that is not a problem. We treated the outside with one of the wood treatments recommended by Tuin and it looks really good. Once the outside area of the cabin is done it will look really homely. Well worth the money.
Mr. Stewart Conway
Aug 17, 2019
Fantastic. I've bought and built 4 log cabin / summer houses from 4 different suppliers over the years for different properties and Tuin stands out a country mile ahead of anyone else.
The ordering was easy, I like that I didn't have to pay anything until it was ready, the delivery driver went above and beyond and actually putting it up was a dream, the instructions and videos are a great help - bear in mind that my wife and I did the lot and we're both in our late 60's
I'm currently in the process of insulating both the floor and the roof, the electrics / ethernet and TV aerial are all in and working, once I figure out how to do it I'll send in a stop action video of us putting it up along with a walk through of the completed project.
If you're thinking about buying from Tuin stop thinking and do it, you won't be disappointed.
Mr. Stephen Montague
Jun 24, 2019
After looking around a fair few sites we finally decided to order from Tuin as the build quality appeared to be better and the pricing represented better value for our money, we were also impressed with the amount of information on the site covering every aspect of the build from what to put it on to how to protect it after assembly.

We found the whole assembly pretty straightforward, it was just like putting Lego together, it was apparent when we unpacked everything that all parts were good quality and well finished, we were particularly impressed with the doors and windows.

We would definitely recommend Tuin to anyone thinking of buying a log cabin and would use them again.
Shelley Richardson
Mar 3, 2019
Great quality, I am absolutely delighted with my Stian for a workshop. The extra window makes a big difference too
Mr. Richard Simmonds
Jul 30, 2018
Excellent service, communication, delivery and product.

Right from online purchase communication was great. Amended my order without any problems or delay. Delivery was great, managed to drop right outside the door despite being a little off the beaten track.
The diagrams were excellent and really clear, with one exception. A little pointer to the door frames needing to be checked and that there was a left and right would be helpful, other than this it went together really well. The blog is a must for really good advice and extra info for your build. In all it was a really enjoyable project for my dad and me to build.
Darren Hampton
Jul 7, 2018
I researched cabins for a little while, and I constantly came back to the TUIN website. My instincts were correct and we took delivery of our STIAN cabin, exactly as promised on time. We received a phonecall prior to delivery from the driver to say he was en route. We had our concrete base done, and when it came to erection I was surprised how easy it was to do. From the first log to roofing wood was a days work and the shingles we completed the following day. Superb product and a great company to deal with. Highly recommend.
Tim Stace
Apr 24, 2018
From the initial order through to delivery, everything went perfectly. Excellent communication and customer service from Tuin and the delivery company throughout. The cabin build was straightforward with no missing pieces, just LOTS of extra bits of timber we were never entirely sure were supposed to be part of the build, or just packing materials? The optional 27mm floor pack wasn't the best quality and contained quite a number of damaged planks (typically with saw marks, grazes, chips, holes, and poor quality cuts), but we fortunately had just enough decent pieces to complete the job. Was also a little disappointed and surprised to find the contents of an ashtray(!) in the middle of the delivery package as we unpacked it, but fortunately didn't affect the materials or build process at all. The quality of the blog posts and supporting information on the website is first-rate, and I can't think of an occasion when i couldn't find an answer to my questions just by reading through. Finally, through my own naivety as much as anything, but i didn't anticipate just how much extra i'd have to spend on wood treatment. The Tuin-recommended Carefree Protect comes in at ~£630 for the suggested 22 litres!! Fortunately there are several alternatives that come in cheaper. Either way, not a fault of Tuin as such, just something for prospective purchasers to be mindful of. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase and would definitely recommend Tuin to others.
linda dixon
Nov 3, 2017
We received our Stian Cabin on time and the delivery was brilliant placed just were we wanted it. We have never put a cabin up before but with the instructions it went really well. We have it up now and it is already being put to good used as a work and rest room. Thank you Tuin for all your help and great service.
Mr. Matthew Garland
Aug 24, 2017
Really good service , communications were excellent, I needed my cabin for delivery for the day we returned from holiday and it arrived 11am that morning.
Quality of cabin is first rate, I had expected to need to "chop" into some parts to make fit, but absolutely none at all. As an engineer I am really happy that all I needed for a change was just a mallet !.
It took me 2 days on my own to complete it, the roof and floor took a while as it's a little tedious and time consuming but that's expected.
Watch the YouTube guide first a couple of times and it's very easy to build then.
No complaints at all about anything !
Annemarie McCall
Jul 2, 2017
When we first got the Stian Log Cabin, it was a bit like playing a tetris puzzle. Thankfully Tuin have everything written down in instructions along with extremely helpful videos and info on their website. The written instructions also set out in pictograms each piece that you will have. The building was relatively easy and it is a lovely solid cabin with windows and doors that fit perfectly. After the first settling period you get to know your cabin well and can set about doing what you want with it. From initially ordering our cabin all the way through to delivery, Tuin made it easy, completed follow ups (where they contacted us) and the delivery team were simply excellent. The Tuin staff were helpful, courteous, respectful and took their time to explain everything, so you never feel rushed. This cabin is a boon to anyone who buys it as it creates a cosy environment that you would not otherwise have that is solid and (if maintained) will last for years and years.
Mr. Luis Lazarte
Mar 28, 2017
I am delighted with my new Stian Log cabin. Superb quality and good value. Relatively easy assembly considering that I undertook the whole job on my own.
I ordered an extra window so I was a bit concerned with the installation. Fortunately Alex and Richard at Tuin were always available to promptly answer questions and give clear instructions.
it was a truly great service. All the other 5 Stars reviews I read do make it justice.
Mr. Nick Diamond
Nov 30, 2016
Very pleased with the quality of product and ease of installation. Highly recommend if your looking for a great log cabin.
Mr. Paul Knowland
Oct 23, 2016
Impressed by the quality of the cabin & the simplicity of the build
Mr. Ian Barr
Sep 24, 2016
I am over the moon with the Stian Cabin. I done my own installation, and was really impressed with the design and simplicity of putting it together which I really I really enjoyed. I have plenty of garden space and was considering at a later stage, of possibly building another cabin to the rear at right angles. Full marks for delivery, quality and service.
Tim Winfield
Jun 17, 2016
I would highly recommend this cabin for the quality, price and service from Tuin. The builder who erected it NR Maintenance were also excellent.

Cabin ordered and delivered as planned and with no problems.
Took 3 days to complete the build cabin, mainly with 2 people.
The instructions and especially video guides on the web site were a big help and made it easy to follow.
The cabin is very well made and fits together really well.
I had a few queries about damaged timber, painting and insulation and the Tuin team were very helpful and quick to respond.

Cabin looks great now its painted and fitted out - only problem is getting the kids out, so the parents can use it!
Jim Anderton
Jun 11, 2016
I came across the Tuin website purely by chance whilst looking for a good quality 4x4 log cabin on the internet. Something about the combination of the informative website, the apparent quality of the product, the good reviews and the reasonable price convinced me this was the right firm for me to buy from. We chose the Stian I have no regrets on any score whatsoever.
Everything about the online process and subsequent follow-up communication ran like clockwork, and email queries were answered almost immediately even at weekends. Everything was very professional, yet friendly and reassuringly no money was taken until delivery is arranged.
Careful delivery to the pavement outside my elevated house was on time and straight forward. All my wife and I, and a couple of neighbours, had to do was unpack the seemingly thousands (literally a couple of hundred?) of pieces and carry them one at a time, in sunshine, rain, sleet and snow, to the back garden.
The cabin itself is of a very solid construction, and after a bit of faffing cutting the first foundation boards the body of the cabin went up quickly with the help of my eldest son. One person could do it but two is far more preferable. The joint system on the 58mm logs is very neat and clever, and fitted together perfectly - all you have to do is bang them down with a mallet. We chose an additional window and found the instructions for fitting this confusing but eventually fathomed it out. Everything else is fairly self explanatory and the cabin went up over two days, four including the free roof shingles which are excellent and add a real classy feel to the already good quality construction. Less satisfying in my opinion was the flooring, and I would suggest to Tuin that they supply full lengths of floor joist to fit the size of cabin purchased rather than several small pieces that require joining together.
All in all, however, this is a fantastic product for the money, and creates a quality additional room rather than just more space. If you are reasonably fit and competent with basic joinery tools, I would recommend building it yourself, with a little help at times - especially as it begins to grow. It is really satisfying. I have insulated the under floor space between the joists, had extra security and electrics fitted professionally, and stained/protected it with 3 coats of quality preservative (Sikkens) on the outside. I have also added mini guttering and a water butt. Now two months later everyone who sees it thinks it looks very impressive and, indeed, beautiful. It is the perfect size for a home gym.
If you are looking for a solid, well constructed and easy to build cabin from a reliable and friendly company, you really need look no further.
May 9, 2016
Fabulous cabin my son and I put it up in 5 hours ( not including floor or shingle). Now looks fantastic I have recommended to several people so far, sorry to sound like a rep but as a tradesman I am truly impressed. Thank you and my 16 year old son thanks you he virtually lives in it now, peace at last!!
Rob Gorrie
Robert Gordon
Mar 28, 2016
Really pleased with my Stian cabin. A quality product, good thickness of timbers, went together without a hitch. Now 8 months since the build and one winter. Still as tight as the day it was put up. Thoroughly recommended. One thing to be aware of, if you put down a concrete base this is where all the hard work comes in, not the build itself. One nice touch - the floor area is sized so it takes exactly 3 and a half 8' x 4' 18mm ply boards so minimal cutting. Similar convenient sizing for insulation on the roof.
Mr. Nigel Wiggins
Mar 24, 2016
Really pleased with the Stian and have found that Tuin are a great company to deal with, right through from placing the order to the after sales support.

The Stian cabin was delivered on time and unloaded from the delivery lorry by a small fork-lift truck with care & precision.

Installing the cabin is a two person job. So oith help from a friend, the main frame & roof timbers was completed in about 8 hours. Before installation day, I had read through the instrunctions a few times and sorted the contents of the delivery into order for assembly.

We build the cabin on an eco base called ProBase. No heavy lifting of paving slabs so my wife was able to help me. We filled the perimeter of the base with gravel for extra stability. The suitablity of this foundation will be only known over the long-term but the cabin is still standing level after 6 weeks.

The trickiest part of the cabin installation is the doors & frame. The written instructions are pretty good but searching online for photos of the finished cabin helped us establish which way was correct.

Installing the roof shingle is easy but quite time consuming. It's probably taken more time than assembling the cabin frame. Tuin have a helpful video which shows how to put the shingle on. I opted to secure the tiles with IKO felt adhesive from Wickes and probably used 8-10 tubes.

Any questions which I've asked generally get answered by email within a few hours. I even had some replies to questions which I posted on a Saturday evening. These guys are a pleasure to work with and do all they can to help.

One thing which would be nice: Use one of the "spare" pieces of packing timber to provide a sample of the various stains and paints.
Mar 21, 2016
When I decided to increase my office space, I thought a log cabin would be the quickest way of doing so. I then started my research and very quickly got disheartened for a lot of reasons. Then I came across Tuin! I had many a sleepless night just pondering all that was on offer. I sent frantic emails and made frantic calls, asking what I am sure would have been silly questions. Amazingly, everyone was very patient with me. Nobody made me feel like I was asking silly questions. I had to wonder at how it was possible for every single person I spoke to, to have so much patience. To cut a long story short, I feel blessed that I came across this company. My new office is up and running and looks stunning and all for a much better price than was on offer elsewhere. The delivery driver too was amazing and had product knowledge. Philip the installer was an absolute star. He even offered to help me move things that had been displaced for the build. Thank you Tuin. I am lucky I came across you.
Warren Button
Mar 9, 2016
My Cabin was an absolute pleasure to build! Great workmanship along with great instructions made all the difference and now I have a beautiful building in our garden! Roll on Summertime!
Mrs. G S Robinson
Mar 8, 2016
We are delighted with our log cabin. Easy transaction, delivered on time with good communication from Tuin and a very capable forklift driver. The cabin went up very easily and looks great. No problems whatsoever. Highly recommended.
Ralph tillman
Feb 19, 2016
After lots of research I pick Tuin above all the rest, as there customer services came up top, once the cabin came I was really surprised how well it was made, I put up mostly on my own, needed a bit of help putting in the heavy double glazed window, looking forward to painting and finishing off the electrics. Well impressed with this company and would show off our finished product to anyone, great for our gym and cinema room.
Mr. Dan James
Jan 13, 2016
Cabin install was only completed this afternoon so it is early days but all indications are good and the building seems to be of high quality. Certainly all communication and delivery etc were excellent, as was the installation, which was performed by one of the recommended fitters, Phillip. If it ever stops raining then it should be a great garden retreat!
Renato Bondonno
Dec 29, 2015
What a fantastic cabin. delivered into my front garden with millimeter precision. Went together like a dream - did it on my own which was hard work. Would be much easier with two to each log, bashing them down at both ends at the same time. All the wood was excellent - twist and knot free, and accurately machined. I have alreadyt recommended you to many of my friends! Many thanks
Mr. David Moon Moonaz
Dec 13, 2015
Excellent cabin ,very good service from staff answering queries .Delivery on time and fantastic advice on a team who were able to erect the cabin for us at short notice.highly recommended
Mr. John Bell
Jul 2, 2015
Our log cabin was delivered on a day convenient to us and erected very expertly by one of the recommended fitters. The cabin is of good quality and is exactly what we expected and the whole operation went smoothly. We had previously arranged for the concrete base to be laid by a local builder but it would have helped if Tuin had provided us with a specification for this work.
Mr. George Maxfield
Jun 22, 2015
The cabin arrived within the seven days, the driver could not be more helpful, we two over 70 years of age built it with shingles complete in three days.
Fantastic cabin, easy to build. I recommend this company to anyone. First class.
May 6, 2015
Really happy with my purchase. The 58mm logs are inclined to bend and twist. This was quite problematic, but we managed to wet them and cajole them in to position. Though the cabin faces south the windows aren't high so the rear of the cabin seemed dark. I got round this by fitting an additional rooflight.
The door lock isn't great, and if I were to ask one thing of the manufacturer it would be to improve on the security of the door as it is difficult, due to the design, to add additional locks other than an unsightly padlock.
I shortened the front canopy to 50cm which was easy to do cutting the logs down to 20/30/40/50 cm overhang. I treated the whole structure inside and out with solvent based clear wood preserver before using an Osmo stain, followed by 2 coats of Kingfisher KX10. The winter has passed without ony deterioration. Still like new. Very thankful for Tuin for recommending the KX10. Really is excellent. I fitted the 27mm flooring which I then protected with 3 coats of Kingfished decking oil. I think if I did it again I would fit a floating floor with a good quality laminate over 50mm insulation. I think it would be easier to keep clean for workshop and garden use. I put 50mm insulation on the roof and ended up buying UPVC facia boards which I am happy with.
Overall very happy, Great help from Richard during the construction process, and a number of neighbours and colleagues green with shed envy !
Mr. iain macdonald
Jan 26, 2015
Excellent. I am not good at writing reviews, so tend to shy away from doing them. I couldn't not write a review about this purchase. For starters - the price was the best I have seen and the service was definitely not what I was expecting for such a reasonably priced Cabin. I emailed a support query on sunday and was quickly rang back from Tuin with help and advise to get me back on my way. This was crucial to me, as I had to finish it that day. We had a slight issue with a couple of packs of flooring and again, my query was answered at 8pm that evening and new packs sent 48hrs later. I really couldn't have asked for better service and the actual cabin is fantastic quality and fitted exactly as the instructions said. If I had to give one negative, it would have been for the courier. He was great and managed to get the pack in a place I thought he couldn't but his fork lift leaked oil on my newly laid drive. In his defence - he did warn me and I should have maybe put something down to stop it, so it wasn't bad. Thanks Tuin, and I have recommended people who have already bought from you.
Mr. Mick Sulley
Jan 25, 2015
Very impressed! I treated all the timber prior to build, which took ages, but I am sure is better than treating after the build as you treat inside all the joints. There were a couple of logs which were twisted a little but a clamp was enough to straighten and get them in. Impressed with the speed of answer to email questions even at weekend and evening.Most impressed with the honesty, e.g. don't buy insulation from us go to your local builders merchant, etc. I would certainly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Clive Ozzard
Sep 22, 2014
Having undertaken a great deal of research into log cabins, we eventually came across Tuin. This means we had a pretty good idea of what we needed and had a clear idea of the specification that we were looking for. We were pleasantly surprised to be able to get the Stian cabin - a 58mm thick cabin with double-glazing - at the price offered. It was significantly less than other cabins we had seen which had a lower specification.
As to the quality, I have to say I am really impressed. The building has been up for over a week and looks and feels very solid and sturdy. We opted to have a builder put the cabin up which I think was a good decision. I am sure a DIYer could do it, but the build was not without challenges. We found the first log had a nasty twist so contacted Tuin who offered prompt and helpful advice. There have been a couple of areas where we needed clarification and each time Tuin responded promptly and professionally with the information needed.
One area that has really impressed me was when we needed additional shingles to finish the roof. This may have been how I laid them out so no issue with Tuin on this one. However when I contacted them they got back immediately and arranged for a free next day delivery of a very heavy pack of shingles! I think this went above and beyond in terms of customer service.
Overall experience has been very positive and I would not hesitate to recommend this product or Tuin themselves.
Aug 25, 2014
It's taken me almost two years of on and off research, viewing many suppliers and their products, before I decided upon Tuin as the supplier and the Stian 4m x 4m cabin as THE product. Both are 100% recommended and I couldn't be more pleased with my choice. Prompt helpful information from Karen and detailed product knowledge and build advice, when needed, from Richard were greatly appreciated as part of Tuin's service.
The 58mm thick walls and double glazing of the window and doors were all included and made for excellent value for money, even more so if you are quick enough to avail yourself of the free roofing shingles when available. I purchased the heavy duty 27mm flooring and will be putting insulation under it.
I've built the cabin all by myself, an overweight, asthmatic 67 year old DIYer and mostly enjoyed every minute, even during our recent spell of hot weather. Fixing the roof shingles was the most demanding for me but now they look just great.
Delivery was perfect as the very versatile front/side ability of the forklift truck made it possible to place the palletised cabin exactly where I wanted it. I couldn't be more pleased I discovered Tuin.
Nick Robinson
May 16, 2014
We choose this cabin after having a good look around, we needed it to be big enough to work in and well built, after chatting to Karen on the phone who was very knowledgable and answered all our questions our minds were made up, we choose to have an extra side window.
Even the delivery guy was very helpful giving us a few tips.
We found building it was very straight forward even with the instructions sadly not in English!

If 2 (Blond)females and a disabled man can put it together it can't be that hard, we would say make sure you have a solid base and follow Richards Tips then you can't go wrong with this great product.
Thanks everyone at Tuin
James McIntosh
Nov 29, 2013
I really couldn't believe my luck when I found this cabin. Really thick logs and it went together like a dream. Delivery was great and the driver was very helpful, it was a little tricky getting it in my driveway but he did well. Putting it together was easy, I've insulated the floor and roof as Richard recommended and I'm very, very pleased with it and the service I received. Thanks Guys!