Gazebo Ideas

Garden Gazebo Ideas

So… you’re looking to transform your garden into a wonderful haven with the inclusion of a sturdy, reliable Gazebo. However, you’re a bit stuck and are looking for some inspiration. Look no further, this is the post for you! From different designs, making the most of your garden space, to the finishing decorations, let’s take a look at our top Gazebo Ideas.

A Bit About Our Gazebos

We have a truly expansive range of Gazebos available for sale. Some Gazebo designs can’t be found anywhere else! Made from either pressure-treated Spruce, Pine or smooth planed Larch, our Gazebos are mighty strong no matter which design you choose. From reliable Cheap Gazebos, to grand Large Gazebos, to stylish Modern Gazebos, we are sure to have a product for you.

Where To Put A Gazebo In Your Garden

Choosing the perfect place to build your Gazebo can be a tricky thing. If you want to maximise the aesthetics of your garden, here are a few key points to consider:

  • Sunlight – Consider where the sun rises and sets in proximity to your garden. Note where the hot spots are during the warmest part of the day.
  • Shade – In contrast, look out for where all your natural shade sits, and where in your garden could do with more shaded space.
  • Layout – Think about how your garden is currently planned out, where the main features currently are and where the empty space is.

Classic Gazebo Ideas

Garden Gazebo Ideas - Classic Gazebos

Sometimes the classics are best! There are many different traditional uses for your Gazebo that help transform your garden into a wonderful extension to your home. Let’s look at some ideas that our customers have brought to life:


Especially good during the warmer summer months, Gazebos are an ideal hubspot for outdoor dining. Combine that with your own barbeque, garden furniture and a few lighting features and you’ve got yourself a spacious outdoor dining space for friends and family alike.

For that little extra flare, add one of our Acero Outdoor Kitchen Stations do your arsenal.

Sunsets & Relaxation

The perfect outdoor seating area with plenty of natural light to take in, a Gazebo in the right spot in the garden can help you make the most of the daylight. Having the Gazebo on a raised level can also give you a better viewing experience.

Pubs & Partying

For the more communal types, a Gazebo provides structure to an open Garden Bar and more. Many choose to house their Hot Tubs under a Gazebo as well.

Take a look at some example Gazebos built with these ideas in mind for inspiration:

Log Cabin Gazebo Ideas

Garden Gazebo Ideas - Log Cabin Gazebos

Now for something more unique. Our Log Cabin Gazebo designs are truly one-of-a-kind and stand out magnificently in any garden. Whether you want something small or something extravagant, here are some ideas for your Log Cabin Gazebo:

Corner Gardenscape

Many of our Log Cabin Gazebos have a corner design, such as our Mitch, Barbara and Marit. These stylish builds fit wonderfully into the corner of your garden and, in the case of the Barbara, without the need for Planning Permission in most cases.

For green-fingered folk, you enclose you Log Cabin Gazebo in an abundance of plants and flowers, creating a flourishing gardenscape with sheltered seating to enjoy it all.

Indoor and Outdoor Seating

The benefit for our Log Cabin Gazebo hybrids is to luxury of having both and indoor and outdoor seating area. These can serve multiple purposes depending on your needs. For example many choose to have communal gazebo areas for dining and guests whilst keeping the indoor cabin as their own Garden Office. You can truly get the best of both worlds with cabins such as the Lilou and the Kukka.

Hot Tub Haven

As mentioned previously, gazebo spaces work well as housing for a hot tub, providing shelter and better presentation all year round. Corner designs such as the Jutka and the Funen have room for a sheltered hot tub on one side and furniture/decorations on the other. An efficient use of space.

Interested in utilising your hot tub more? Have a read of some more Hot Tub Inspiration

Below are some wonderful examples of Log Cabin Gazebos at their very best:


Gazebo FAQs

To summarise this post, let’s go through some the most common questions in relation to crafting your dream Gazebo:

What is the best shape for a gazebo?

The vast majority of our Gazebos are square or rectangular in shape, allowing them to fit perfectly into any garden. If you are tight on space, we recommend Corner Gazebos designs to sit snuggly and close to the boundary.

what is the best colour for a gazebo?

In most cases, we go for Garden Building Treatment and stains to keep the Gazebo looking natural.

How should I decorate my Gazebo?

Seating areas are a must under any Gazebo. You can also make use of their naturally large ceiling space to fit Garden Lights for a more cozy look during darker evenings.

We hope this has been insightful and got your creativity flowing for your future Gazebo build. For more visual garden inspiration, check out our Pinterest Page.

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