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What makes a Log Cabin a Garden Studio? Well, any Log Cabin can become a Garden Studio. However there are certain characteristics in a Log Cabin that I would consider when looking for a Garden Studio.

These include ensuring plenty of light is naturally let in through the windows. Giving you the ideal lighting for your art, hobbies, crafts and more. Many small businesses have begun to use Garden Studios to work in when they’ve needed expand from inside their home.  This being cheaper than renting out a brick and mortar store but still gives them space to work.

We’ve even made a collection of buildings that we think make the ideal Garden Studio. Here are some ways our customers have transformed their studios into their ideal creative spaces.

Garden Studio Examples

The Elin Garden Studio is unique in shape and style. Measuring 4.77m x 3.51m, an ideal size for any art studio. As you can see, these customers have used the Elin studio for their own sewing studio. Ideal when you need plenty of floor space for cutting out your pattern!

Philip Garden Studio

The Philip Log Cabin is a charming studio. Smaller in size at 3.5m x 2.5m, however with two windows including fully glazed double doors. Ideal for producing beautiful art in the best lighting, natural light.

The James Log Cabin Studio designed with UK gardens in mind. With a height below 2.5m, the whole front of the studio is flanked with full length windows made from toughened double glazing. Stylish in design and perfect for any craft or hobby.

A customer favourite, the Aiste Log Cabin. A spacious cabin with a size of 5m x 3m and under 2.5m in height. It’s clear how the Aiste is the go-to cabin for all uses, home pubs, home offices and even craft studios

With the interior painted white, light bounces off the walls, illuminating the cabin much more!

Garden Studios are an ideal way to create space in your garden if your craft, hobby or job is taking up too much room inside. Work from home to the next level with your own creative space, away from distractions, a few steps from home.

More examples of how our cabins have been utilised include Garden offices. Along with a big trend within the UK currently Garden Pubs!

To see all of the Log Cabins we offer in our range, see our Log Cabin category.

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