Aiste Log Cabin 5.0m x 3.0m - 40mm Logs

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Mr. Tim Pratt
Apr 3, 2024
Very pleased with our recent purchase of the Aiste log cabin. A excellent quality cabin which was easy to build. Have already recommended your cabins to friends and admiring neighbours.
Jan 17, 2024
Fist class delivery easy to erect good value for money
Mrs. Sarah Gibson
Jan 2, 2024
Really impressed. Great engineering and easy to build. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Just finishing off with a cedar roof. Good value for money.
Bill Sharp
Nov 20, 2023
brilliantly machined fitted together perfectly. Staff extremely helpful.
Katie Perrior
Nov 18, 2023
Had this in my British garden for 6 years and it’s rock solid and as good as new. Moving house soon and back on this website to buy another one.
Neil Griffin
Oct 15, 2023
Good quality, easy to erect.
Mr. stephen phillips
Jun 10, 2023
Our cabin was delivered on Friday morning. It was placed on the drive by the delivery guy and then we started the hardest task to get it down four flights of stairs to the bottom of our tiered garden. That was the hardest thing about it. The cabin was easy to build and by following the instructions on tuins site was easy enough for me and the other half to put up in one day.
I had only one question to ask and emailed tuin and they replied within minutes. You can't beat the service they have given. The cabin is of the best quality and at a very reasonable price. My other half researched every cabin supplier but kept going back to tuin. The cabin is for my daughter for a games room and although it is not painted yet she loves it. So thank you Tuin and I will be gladly recommending you to my family and friends.
Mr. Trevor Watson
Jun 6, 2023
Just purchased an Aiste 5 x 3mtr log cabin. From ordering to delivery was top class. My daughter and myself set about unpacking and identifying all the timbers on the Friday lunchtime, then we set about assembly. By 7pm the cabin was up to roof height. Saturday the roof was in place and Sunday the shingles were in place. We are now putting the finishing touches in place, eg, painting with coloured wood preserver and gutters and fallpipes. Following the instructions we were both amazed at how easy it was to assemble great product, would highley recommend. The wife is now looking forward to doing her crafting and sewing in there.
Mrs. Barbara Wilkinson
May 5, 2023
We are thrilled with our Aiste Log Cabin. We did find the instructions a little confusing at first but as we started to assemble the cabin everything fell into place and it wasn't difficult at all. We followed the instructions stage by stage and therefore didn't go wrong in any way. The notes even explained about any warping, cracking etc that may occur and how to solve the issue. The only let down is the door handles and lock which are not that good a quality. The cabin itself looks terrific, so glad we purchased it from Tuins. Thank you very much.
Julie Cox
Apr 17, 2023
e purchased the Aiste 5m x 3m log cabin and it arrived on 11th February,delivery was punctual and accurate,very pleasant guy and .very well packaged we haven't erected it yet due to bad weather.
Mr. ross curran
Mar 6, 2023
Great service. Amazing quality. Fast efficient delivery. Driver dropped it right up the driveway which was so helpful. Summerhouse is now built and we love it. Thanks so much.
Mrs. christine aston
Mar 4, 2023
Delivery was perfect, driver very professional, unloaded within minutes. The cabin it’s self was so easy to put together it was amazing. Quality of the wood and shingles are perfect. One happy husband who as a fantastic work shop.
Mr. Miroslaw Wozniak
Jan 23, 2023
Mr. richard ingram
Jan 13, 2023
My experience from order to final built summer house has been an excellent one. The delivery was spot on time and the driver went out of his way to put the package where I wanted it. The quality was very good and with the doors and windows being majority built and glazed it saved lots of time. The finished product now looks great and I know it will last. I will certainly recommend to anyone looking to buy a summer house.
Tom Bradley
Jan 4, 2023
Very pleased that we chose Tuin for our log cabin, having looked at several other competitors, we definitely made the right decision in choosing Tuin. Starting with their excellent website, which is comprehensive, plenty of good images of the cabins, every aspect of log cabins, construction, treatment, tips, videos are more than adequately covered on the website. Above all the pricing is clear and transparent with no hidden costs slapped on at the end of the buying process, 100% trustworthy. Once I placed the order,Tuin's communication with me was first rate. They also gave a very clear delivery window. Once I had made the order, I needed to bring the delivery date forward, this presented no problems for Tuin who immediately adjusted the delivery date. The Log cabin was delivered efficiently and the delivery person was very helpful. The Log cabin has now been erected and we are more than pleased with the finished product. Tuin's instruction manual and guidelines are very clear and easy to follow. I have looked at other Log cabins, but we definitely made the right decision in choosing Tuin. The quality of the wood( several thickness options), the design,ease of construction and the finished product are all first class. If you are thinking of buying a Log cabin, Summer house, garden building, you would be hard pressed to find a better product than Tuin. I can not recommend Tuin Log cabins highly enough. Many thanks Tuin
Ian Hennessy
Oct 9, 2022
Can only review the service so far from Tuin as log cabin doesn't arrive for 2 days. Found the website easy to navigate and order the cabin with any extras OK. One annoying thing is the offer price gives 2 weeks that just kept Reoccurring every 2 weeks so probably ordered a bit early when i could have ordered later. Next review when cabin is up.
Mrs. Karen Sweeney
Sep 21, 2022
Really pleased with our purchase of Aiste Log Cabin - just what we wanted at a good price!
Sep 20, 2022
I built this cabin alone without problems, it assembled as easily as described. It took me longer because I needed to apply preservative to each component as I cannot get to the back or sides once built. Al that is left is to hang the doors and windows once painted. I followed the advise to get my base (timber in my case) level and square..fom then on it was easy.
I would certainly recommend Tuin cabins and will be purchasing another smaller cabin later.
Robert Graham
Sep 11, 2022
We had looked at a few cabins online and decided on Tuin because of all the information you could read online about every aspect of buying and erecting a cabin.Good reviews also followed Richards blog and it all went well. Erected our selves.
Mr. Martin Dodds
Sep 10, 2022
Wow,This was a great purchase for our garden.Extremely well machined,easily erected ideally with two people and in two days.Every piece fitted just right.Being honest though I was just slightly dissapointed with the quality of the floor timbers,quite a few splits.Overall though very satisfied with the end result.
Richard King
Aug 20, 2022
Telephone support prior to ordering -excellent. Delivery on time and efficient exactly as planned. All parts complete and without damage. Website support for installation sufficient and detailed enough.
Finished installation exactly as advertised. Nice to see quality!

Jessica Payne
Aug 8, 2022
Delivery was very good, driver went above and beyond to make sure cabin was delivered as close to the property as possible. Packed very well. Instructions clear and concise. Fixings all correct and present. Made base month prior to delivery, erected fault free. great cabin but a bodged window - fault known at factory (filled with resin) means that you don't receive full five stars. Bit unhappy as cabin fitted now and window looks substandard hence 4 stars
Mr. Andrew Green
Jul 12, 2022
We had thought about buying a Tuin Log Cabin to replace an ageing and rotten shed for some time and eventually decided to take the plunge with an Aiste 5 x 3m with a 18mm floor pack, green half round roof shingles and composite profiled foundation beams; we didn’t regret our decision at all.
Ordering was straightforward and communications were good. No money is taken until a week before delivery when the delivery slot is confirmed. Delivery took place a day earlier than promised – the driver was running ahead of schedule, rang me and asked to deliver a day early, which wasn’t a problem. Duly, the articulated lorry arrived at the rearranged time and using the forklift, the driver helpfully placed the kit on the driveway in the right location; delivery took no longer than 20 minutes.
Even flat packed this kit is big and heavy. Obviously, the palleted kit is over 5m (16 feet) long and weighs over 900kg, the pallet needs a lot of room. It took 2 people the best part of half a day to open the kit, check the parts against the supplied parts list and then carry it from the front of the house 50m down the garden to the build site. There are a lot of parts, some of them, particularly the roof shingle packs, are heavy and it took many trips. My partner’s FitBit recorded that she had walked 15,000 steps or about 7.5 miles in the process.
Take a couple of hours to read the supplied instructions, watch the online videos and read the website blog before starting the assembly process. We’ve never assembled anything like this before and have to say that it was very simple, if not hard work. It slots together like an oversized Lego ™ construction kit. The Log Cabin was being assembled on a pre-existing concrete base, which was checked for level after sweeping the old shed into a bag! The foundation beams need cutting to length and the corners were mitred; it’s easy to cut with a wood saw. The foundation beams were paced on a damp-proof course and the first 2 courses of logs were assembled in under an hour. After the first 5 log layers, it was checked for square using a builder’s square made from the pallet the kit arrived on, as per Tuin’s advice. From there, the walls, windows and doors took one person about 3 hours to assemble. Note, the windows and doors are pre-assembled, are very heavy and will need at least 2 strong people to handle.
Roof on next, this takes a while to do and needed 2 people – one to be on the roof nailing down the boards and the other to pass the boards. It takes about 3 – 4 hours and is hard work. The final boards need cutting to width. Next, roof edge reinforcement and the roof side boards - easy to put up but will require two people. Our only complaint comes in here, the supplied screws were too long for the roof edge reinforcement and we replaced them with shorter, but once up, all was good.
Now came what was, in retrospect, the hardest part of the build, the roof shingles. While they are straightforward and the instructions are clear, it takes time, needs someone to be on the roof, the shingles are heavy. It’s back breaking work bending over on a pitched roof, stabilising yourself at odd angles. Overall, it took about 7 – 8 hours. Hard work, yes, but worth it, the shingles look great
Finally, the floor. The joists were cut to size and placed on a damp-proof membrane. The joists were screwed together, but not attached to the cabin walls. Insulation was added between the joists – rockwool was used and not the foam slabs (given their price and availability). Working from the back wall along the length of the cabin, the floor was laid. Cutting and a staggered join is required. Measure carefully and use 3 cut off from the roof shingles to get the required gap at the edges. The final board(s) will need cutting lengthways to fit in the remaining gap. Then the skirting, which is supplied with the floor, nailed to the cabin logs, finish it off nicely. Overall, the floor was laid over several days and it takes about 20 mins to cut and lay 4 boards, there are 10 in a pack and there are 9 packs.
There were a couple of minor issues, the screws and one of the logs was leaking resin (easily fixed using the tips on the Tuin website) but nothing to suggest that this isn’t a well-made quality product. The Aiste went together quickly, there were no major issues, and it wasn’t too taxing on the DIY skills but it is hard work. If the instructions are followed, someone with average skills and who is relatively fit can put this together themselves over a weekend. Overall, we’re impressed and will be buying a shed annex from Tuin to go with the log cabin as it’s too good to store tools and a lawnmower! Next job is to treat the cabin, which I’ll be doing next weekend.
Mr. Roy Wigley
Jul 10, 2022
Made up with my cabin. Ordering delivering great. Only downer. I employed an expert builder. He refused to use your 75mmx50mm treated base plate. (Maybe I should have paid extra for up grade?) We Purchased treated 125mm instead.
Mrs. susan Blackburn
Jul 4, 2022
From start to finish the communications were excellent . Nothing is too much trouble . The cabin came direct from Holland and the driver kept us informed of the ETA he unpacked the cabin and even took it down the drive right to the garage where we wanted to store it for the winter . Lovely friendly people. Would highly recommend.
Mr. Colin Hearn
Jun 18, 2022
We purchased the Aiste Summer House. Really pleased with the quality and service provided. It was delivered on time with an extremely helpful driver who placed it exactly where we wanted it. I built it on my own with the main structure taking about 4 days to complete. I did run short of roof shingles and with a call they were sent the following day. I also had an issue with the doors not fitting correctly. I sent an email and had a very prompt reply explaining what was needed. The problem was solved very easily. Overall we are very pleased with our Summer House and looks great. The quality is excellent and cannot fault the after service. Thank you.
May 28, 2022
Second log cabin I have bought from Tuin. Another great cabin, wood it precisely cut nice and thick and good quality. Easy to put up.
Helen Gardner
May 13, 2022
This was delivered, after a long manufacturing delay due to Covid, just as the weather changed for winter. The delivery took about 5 minutes and everything was on stretchers and wrapped against the elements. I paid one of the recommended installers to put it up for me while I was at work one day and I'm delighted so far. The floor has been thickly insulated and it feels really cosy.
I've managed to get one coat of sealant and most of the first exterior coat of pain on before the weather got too wet and cold, making sure I added extra coats onto the cut ends. The remaining coats will have to wait for +5degrees air temperature.
One point - a couple of the planks have had heavy weeping of resin so will need attention when the weather inproves. All the others ave been fine.
During the bad weather (local floods) I've sealed and painted the inside and we're currently doing the fitting out.
I'm delighted by the build quality so far and looking forward to some drier weather to enable me to finish painting the outside.
Thank you Tuin, it was worth the wait.
Apr 1, 2022
I should say that I am fortunate to get this in stock. it is built and it looks lovely. Starting with the delivery: the person who delivered was happy to do the job and didnt have a frown when he saw that the truck cant be driven into the community. he drove his mini fork lift and didnt face any problem with delivery. Very good experience. Then to build it, i got it done through a contractor and i am glad that i did it as i could have struggled to do the roof. the flooring planks could have been better though. Had to run a 5 by 3 m carpet now to cover it.
Overall, one happy customer. would recommend it to anyone looking for decent sized summer house/cabin.
Richard William Francis Breedt
Mar 30, 2022
Beautiful finish! You can really tell this is a quality product by the look and feel of it. The cabin feels cozy yet sturdy and secure and looks great. Really happy with our purchase.
Hayley webster
Mar 30, 2022
Absolutely love the cabin, so easy to put together and excellent instructions. Fantastic value for money compared to other ones we had looked at. Brilliant service and communication throughout. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
steve campion
Mar 26, 2022
Looks great now erected. Lots of bits of wood. Would suggest professional help to install/erect. Quite an excess of wood which is fine......only negative was when contacting Tuin re "wind breaks" when our builder said they were not enclosed we couldn't get to the bottom of the issue ( gave part number but i didn't know exact info required?) ....gave up then......
Tuin reply: Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback and we're sorry there was an unresolved point. If you would like us to try and work this out with you we will be happy to give it another shot

We should only need the part number and your cabins unique package number
Mr. Gary Harbour
Mar 20, 2022
Fantastic cabin and so easy to build that apart from lifting the windows and doors in I built it on my own.
The quality is first class and it slots together very simply.
My only mistake was to fit the door frame without the doors in it only to find the doors didn't fit properly and so had to remove frame and redo with the doors attached thus making it a bit too heavy to lift on my own.
Would definitely recommend purchasing
Mr. Brian Allan
Mar 17, 2022
First class service from start to finish , kept you up to date on delivery time and the delivery driver was extremely helpful in placing the pallet in our driveway . The Cabin itself ( Aiste 5m x 3m ) is first class and sits proudly as our very own wee pub in our garden . The only downside for me is the quality of the ironmongery which by comparison is pretty poor but overall would highly recommend Tuin as a first class company to deal with. Had an issue with a hinge, Tuin promptly responded and arrange a new one to be posted
Margaret Smith
Jan 30, 2022
Excellent service and delivery was on time and cabin is now nearly complete. Extremely pleased with the result and would recommend this company to others looking for a good quality log cabin.
Billy McLeod Mellors
Dec 27, 2021
Overall, very pleased with the cabin. Delivery was well organised and delivered on time. The cabin is good quality and easy to construct ( 2 persons / 2 days MAX ).
Only issue we had was the glue sent was burst and of no use and the 3 sections of wood short for the roof.
For price and quality I would definitely recommend the product.
Mark Dooley
Dec 26, 2021
Good, communication, spot on delivery, great quality cabin.
We love the Aiste and can’t fault the product or the company. Five stars from me.
Brian Watson
Nov 4, 2021
Excellent - all delivered on time, video instructions excellent to I decided to give the build a go myself. Overall great quality, steps were fine, managed to work around a couple of small challenges. Very much looking forward to using it.
Mr. Andrew Hull
Nov 2, 2021
Cabin was delivered with just a week’s delay due to Brexit. It was unloaded in a few minutes complete and undamaged onto my drive. Two of us got it up to roof level easily the first day and then another day to complete the roof and shingles (my mate’s a perfectionist). Two coats of stain later and the floor down, it’s a perfect place for the kids to have as a games room and my wife and I to relax in with a glass of wine when they’re in bed. The instructions are brief but adequate (just)! As I write this review, we have 60mph winds and it’s as solid as a rock and looks like it will last for years. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.
Mr. Peter Ritter
Oct 13, 2021
Very happy with the purchase! Everything fit together perfectly. Building was relatively straight forward. It's just a matter of laying out the parts and thinking about it for a bit. The assembled cabin now looks nice and solid.
Sep 6, 2021
five stars from start to finish, tuin had the best website when looking for cabins with the biggest choice and even though there was a short delay this was soon rectified without any dramas. The delivery was very well organised and dropped off just where I needed it and it went together a lot easier than I expected mainly due to watching the YouTube video's before I started.
big thankyou to the tuin team
Mr. Nick Milton
Aug 2, 2021
After much research and some calls to Turn, we settled on the Aiste log cabin. We selected the impregnation treatment for the wood (silver grey) and so that took a little while (but was worth it), but the cabin was delivered on the agreed day.

Despite the initially daunting pile of assorted bits of wood, it soon started to make sense and the foundation beams and walls were all done in a day, followed by panelling the roof, and a final day to shingle to roof.

The instructions and videos were very clear, but what stood out was the quality of the timber and materials - it all just fell into place with no fighting or adjusting needed (other than to our slightly less than flat base).

The floor went in easily and with plenty of insulation to keep the chill out, and with some insulation in the roof space the cabin should be nice and snug when my wife is out there doing her artwork in the winter.

Size wise the Aiste is exactly what we wanted, and for the price the size and quality is ideal. I've since recommended Tuin friends and colleagues, and I'm not normally one to make recommendations like that.
Guy Whiting
Jun 1, 2021
We're very happy with our purchase of the Aiste 5m/3M cabin. Also, the adjoining (28mm) storage shed. Delivery was (understandably in these times) only slightly delayed but we were kept up to date (without having to ask) at all times. Andy (from hauliers ES&J Walpole), was very efficient and courteous when delivering the product. Construction was straightforward and the build quality/ease, even brought compliments from our very fastidious builder friend who did the build for us. Happy customers - thank you!
Ivor Christopher Hodgkiss
Apr 8, 2021
We are very pleased with our
aiste log cabin from Tuin. It is made from the highest quality thick wood. We also used installers that Tuin recommended who were very professional. This is one of the best quality cabins I have ever seen.
Sarah Robertson
Mar 23, 2021
Absolutely love it.

Been researching the perfect cabin for a long time and finally decided on this one. Service was great and was kept up to date of when I could expect delivery. Delivery was great early morning and the guy had unloaded in no time at all and left on the drive.
The quality of the cabin is great . Just love it , everyone loves it and now the bar is complete !!!
Jeremy Marjoram
Mar 1, 2021
We love it!

My wife has been after a cabin for a long while, as a studio and office, and after settling on the Tuin Aiste we made our purchase. Delivery was made in the snow and after dark but with no hassle at all the huge pallet of wood was in our garden, hats off to the delivery driver who was splendidly happy despite being hungry and tired.
The hardest part was manually transferring the wood to the back garden!

The build:
The team consisted of my 17 year old stepson, myself and a 7 year old foreman! The slab was pre-laid.
It took 2 hours for the base layer, walls up in 2 hours later, windows and doors by mid-afternoon, roof on and covered with a tarp by teatime. Easily achievable in a day. Floor laying took a whole 8 hours as did the roof felting and finishing, the shingles can wait until the summer!
Its a beautifully made jigsaw puzzle but once you sort out the pieces it goes together easily with little more than a mallet here and there. A couple of large builders right-angles were useful to check square construction.

We are very impressed with the end result and are looking forwards to using it once the floor varnish dries! It's a great thing and highly recommended.

Plus my wife is very, very happy, which is always a good thing!
Mr. Barry McNulty
Feb 10, 2021
Hi i ordered the Aistle Log Cabin based on other reviews and it is better than i expected, delivery was super quick and easy to my drive, the uild its self was easy even with the beast from the east II and the days of rain before, it took me one afternoon to get from foundation base to the roof slates on and another afternoon to complete the roof tiles. i decided to insulate both the floor and roof and its made the cabin super warm and easy to heat. i would recommend Tuin to anyone and am happy i was recommended the cabins by both my uncles who built theirs last year.
Sep 13, 2020
Absolutely brilliant! I ordered this summer house last year! And it's perfect! Everyone has been blown away with the quality of the summer house. I now work from home in this summer house which is perfect, keeps heat in ,Definitely recommend.
Ian McDonald
Jun 30, 2020
Ordered this log cabin spring 2019. It was delivered very quickly to North East Scotland. Once I had taken it all to the rear of the house, really thought I had bitten off more than I should have. I was never great at DIY but always enjoyed trying. Anyway, built it on a new concrete base that was prepared. It went together very well. On a whole, it went together very well. The shingles on the roof took as long as the actual build did. Delighted with the results though, just so, so happy with it. Couldn't recommend Tuin highly enough, from the ordering to the delivery and also some silly emails and calls from me asking daft questions.
Mr. Brian Lee
May 18, 2020
We ordered the Aiste cabin, and it arrived perfectly on time, the driver put it just where we wanted it. We found the instructions to be very helpful for the install. Everything slotted together perfectly, the joints were all snug, no gaps anywhere. The free shingles were great and were also very straightforward to fit. We added some insulation when we built it, 40mm in the floor and 25mm in the roof, as it will be used as a home office year round, so should stay nice and cosy. Overall we could not fault the cabin or the ordering process, easy to order, lots of advice on the website , which was very handy when it came to sorting out the base, everything was present from the checklist, nothing had any damage, a great little project, I will definitely recommend you to anyone that is thinking of getting a cabin.
Mrs. Carol Hobson
May 12, 2020
Self built by my husband during lock down ,! Very good product, easy to follow instructions, had to email tuin team on a few occasions for advice , they were fantastic, really helpful and responded very quickly, can’t fault after sales service. Still have floor to lay but highly recommend Tuin.
Len Stout
May 6, 2020
The Aiste log cabin is absolutely perfect for me and anyone else looking for the ideal garden workshop. Put up by my wife and I, it looked quality from day one. So pleased with the finished result and can't wait to get woodworking.
However, be prepared for a lot of nailing up on the roof. Ideally needs larger angled facias to ensure guttering can be put up level instead of it pointing down. A small thing but fixable by Tuin. Squaring up is something you definitely need to get right.
Thank you Tuin.
Leslie Hickson
May 4, 2020
Our Log cabin arrived on the day and within the time stated by a very helpful lorry driver who placed the packs where we wanted them .My wife and I both in our early sixty's assembled the log cabin in a couple of days without any problems. The log cabin has now been up for 3 months and we are very pleased with it, as you state, wood is a natural product and it has moved slightly, we have a few strips of unpainted wood appearing but don't think this is a problem as we intend to give it another coat in the summer.
Apr 13, 2020
Best thing you could do if this is what you are planning. 100 per cent good in every way.
Mr. Kelvin Siddons
Apr 6, 2020
My cabin was delivered on time by a very helpful driver.
The weather has not been good but I have managed to put the walls up and a layer of felt on within 5 hours still have the doors,locks,floor,shingles etc still to do but so far I am very impressed by the quality of the timber and manufactured parts.
Feb 24, 2020
Brilliant delivery service. The log cabin has taken longer to put together than expected but we had 70 miles an hour winds and the log cabin didn't move and it is only half built! I purchased the storm kit and we didn't have this fitted onto the roof as we are still in construction of it. So far very happy and it looks amazing. Thank you
Mr. Barry clark
Feb 12, 2020
Could not be happier with my cabin, and the customer service throughout has been amazing from start to finish. My Son was able to put it up easily too. Full recommend.
Mr. Alexander Gibson
Feb 1, 2020
This is the third purchase from Tuin .
We have been so pleased with the shepherds hut .
The summer house is now up and also very pleaded.
The bird nest swing is a great hit with the grandchildren.
But the best thing with your Company is the customer care .
When we have phoned for any help so many companies, just say go on line to look .
As retired and not very good with internet, this is not always helpful.
I would very much recommend TUIN .
Gordon Woods
Jan 25, 2020
Excellent service and good quality cabin.
Right from the off the sales/logistics team were excellent keeping me up to date on the delivery of the cabin.
Driver was very friendly; unloaded the cabin in no time at all; the coffee we had last longer.
The build of the cabin was pretty straight forward but as advised on the website watch all the videos relating to the cabin builds before starting. The videos give you a good heads up and plenty of good tips.
Couldn’t thank Tuin enough for there service and help throughout the whole process.
Mr Lindsay Mackay
Jan 23, 2020
Genuinely really impressed with the cabin kit overall.

It arrived on the day promised, and dropped off exactly where i wanted it, despite living down an awkward track for the delivery driver.

The assembly was straightforward, and really quite quick. To be honest the instructions are very vague, but the videos on the Tuin website are brilliant and were referred to a lot! Built it completely by myself within a couple of days.

The shingles on the roof took a little bit of time and effort after that though.

Only minor niggles I've had were possibly due to the flatness of the slab I've put it on, but some small timber shims have sorted this.

An observation I made though... if you open the packaging and start straight away, the dry timber slots together very easily. Once it's been exposed to a bit of rain the assembly is a bit harder, and it takes some effort (and a hammer) to slot the wood together.

Overall, really happy.
Mr. Brian Connolly
Jan 16, 2020
All in all very pleased with the Aiste cabin. Managed to erect the structure in a day but severe weather, ill health and holidays has delayed completion. Edinburgh weather in late November is not ideal for this type of thing. The build was fairly straightforward but if there is one area Tuin should have a look at it is in the supply of their profile foundation beams. These were delivered uncut, meaning I had to figure out the lengths then make the cuts. It should have been simple but it wasn’t and in fact I got it wrong, causing a delay of several hours while I fixed the problem. A simple diagram showing the cut lengths would have saved me a lot of hardship. This is such a critical factor in getting a sound structure so it should be as simple as possible. The one other disappointing area is in the door/window fittings. The windows have chrome hinges, the doors have brass hinges and the door lock and handle are finished in brushed steel. The window stays are also cheap and nasty (black gloss) and fail to keep the windows tightly shut, even after adjusting twice. Looks like two side snibs will be required on each window or perhaps a compressive seal round each window. A consistent finish on the ironmongery would be a bit more pleasing to look at. Having said that, these two gripes are fairly minor and I am very pleased with the kit. Even in its unfinished state everyone has been admiring it. One final point, I purchased four tubes of the shingle glue but ran out before the job was done. Tuin recommend gluing the bottom two corners of each shingle but I felt the center was still a bit “floppy” so added a dab there as well. This is why I ran out and two further tubes were needed. On the Aiste, 4 tubes are fine for 2 dabs but 6 are required for 3 dabs.
Mr. Stephen Andrews
Jan 6, 2020
Well after a lot of research I realised Tuin was the right choice. From the most delightful delivery driver to the pallet, which wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be (god the Dutch know how to pack). After studying my timber base for weeks, thinking have I done the right base!! It was finally build time. White mallet in hand the build was simple and had it constructed in 1 day to roof level on my own. The striking thing is the precision of every log, mm perfect. Delighted with the quality and ease of build. Had an issue with the doors but only because I hadn’t read that part of instructions and a simple twist of hinges sorted that. Now to decide how to fit out now roof is on and treated!! Excellent product and service. So happy I will send the build photos for Tuin to use
Mr. Francis Gribben
Dec 31, 2019
After many months of research, we decided that Tuin provided the best value for money log cabin in particular the Aiste. My husband prepared an area for the concrete base to be laid and had a load of hard core delivered. We contacted at least 3 different groundwork contractors to do the base to no avail. In the end, we took a trip to the Tuin office to look at the display cabins and sheds. We spoke to someone at the office and came away with a list of recommended groundworks contractors. We contacted JD Groundwork and the base was laid in a matter of days.
We took another trip to the Tuin office to look at the roof shingles and flooring and left with a list of recommended installers to erect the cabin. We thought it best to contact Osorio Log Cabin Installations before ordering as we didn’t want the delivery sitting around in bad weather but he reassured us the cabin would be well wrapped and could sit there many months without being adversely affected by the weather.
The Aiste cabin was ordered. We were a little worried about the delivery living on a shared unmade road. I emailed Tuin and a quick reply eased things by saying they didn’t envisage any problems.
The day the cabin was to be delivered the driver rang when he was on way. He stopped at the end of the private road unloaded the cabin and drove it down the unmade road on his forklift, manoeuvred the drive entrance and deposited it in the front garden enabling me to still get the car in and out of the drive, needless to say I was very impressed. We unpacked the top layers and put them in the dry as instructed by the installer.
One week later the installers arrived. They unpacked and erected the cabin, including floor and roof insulation way before the end of the day.
My husband has put many coats of protection on the cabin as we wanted to keep it looking as natural as possible. We purchased mini flow guttering from a diy store after the cabin was erected. As the cabin fascias slope we made little wooden wedges to help the guttering sit correctly.
There was quite a bit of wood flooring leftover and I am hoping to use this to make storage and work areas for my grandchildren’s toys.
Although we have not set out the cabin as we would like yet, we are both very pleased with our cabin and cannot wait to get it in full use.
Thank you everyone at Tuin and all associated works persons involved in the installation of our Aiste Cabin. We have no hesitation in recommending Tuin and our contractors.
Mr. Neil Jones
Dec 13, 2019
Fantastic engineered timber outbuilding for office.
Fitted together quickly and accurately.
Delivery driver was also great.
Dean King
Dec 2, 2019
I bought an Aiste cabin and I am pleased with it. Delivery and ordering were straight forward and all helpful. I would strongly recommend if assembly is by yourself to read and watch all the guidance as instructions are minimalist...the most informative being the exploded diagram. Email support is quick.
Nov 25, 2019
I purchased the Aiste log cabin 5x3m, it is very well made. The wood you can see is made of very good quality, in fact all of it is good quality. The service I received from Tuin from the day I placed my order until it was delivered was excellent. The cabin is nice and airy with the double doors and two windows.
Paul Graham
Oct 30, 2019
After spending far too long searching and reviewing cabins, we opted for the Aiste.

Everything was very smooth from initial questions to ordering. The delivery was top class and we managed to build the cabin ourselves (it really isn't that difficult - but take your time and plan everything initially so the build is smooth).

We're waiting to fit the floor as the boards need cutting and i don't have the right tools for this.

A day to build the shell and put the roof boards on (in torrential rain), another day to add the roof shingles (worth the time taken), and a couple more days to get it all painted (4 coats outside and 2 inside).

The shell goes up really quickly, the other bits take a bit of time. Give yourself a bit of breathing space.
Doug Heath
Oct 15, 2019
Absolutely beautiful cabin, delivered a day early as the delivery man was ahead of schedule called us and asked if he could deliver the day before it was due at 7:30pm, this was perfect for us, we live on a small country lane and he parked at the top of the lane and drove the flat pack down the road to us on the forklift. Used a Tuin recommended installer (Warren Young) great price and built in 6 hours including floor and fully insulated! Cabin is fabulous spacious and solid, doors and windows work beautifully. Really happy with everything
ashley david barber
Oct 4, 2019
This is a great quality log cabin and very easy to install.The delivery was in the time slot given and the driver gave me a ring 1 hour before he arrived and was so helpful where we wanted to cabin left. Altogether this has been a easy and stress free project from the ordering to the delivery and finally the construction.
Mr. Richard Gilbourne
Sep 7, 2019
This cabin build was a first class project and was a dream to assemble. The delivery driver was great and very efficient. The pack was well protected and contained everything we needed. The timber was of excellent quality and the pre-made windows and doors fitted perfectly. The roof and shingles went up so quickly and have been thoroughly tested by the recent downpours!
Now finished in white with grey details it looks stylish and expensive, so thank you Tuin.
sinead mansell
Aug 21, 2019
We ordered the Aiste Log Cabin from Tuin and from the ordering, , delivery to assembling it has been a smooth process. The delivery driver expertly handled the log cabin on his fork lift and the pieces were packed securely. To assemble the log cabin took about a day to do the main structure but the roof and flooring took another couple of days. All the pieces of wood fitted perfectly with a bit of encouragement on a couple. It's taken about 1 coat of primer & 2 coats of paint and looks fantastic. I would definitely recommend Tuin to family and friends. It's great value for money.
Neil Twilley
Aug 20, 2019
The Aiste log cabin is the fourth cabin I have bought from Tuin, excellent quality, looks great, easy to assemble and good value for money.
Simon Wright
Aug 14, 2019
I researched which cabin to buy for sometime, I decided on Tuin because of the 40mm walls and double glazing. From start to finish I have been impressed, the delivery driver was very helpful, saving a lot of hard work. The construction was trouble free apart from the odd warped timber, which was covered on the website. The walls, doors and windows were up in hours. Most time was spent on roof and floor. Very happy with the result, which is now my wife's workshop. I would definitely recommend Tuin.
Mrs. Stephanie Woods
Jun 21, 2019
This is a fabulous cabin. Great size and easy to construct. Instructions were clear and the extra support we received from Tuin meant we had it finished over a bank holiday weekend. We also added a floor and insulation. Our garden pub is perfect. Can highly recommend this cabin.
Malcolm Murray
Jun 20, 2019
Very pleased with my Aiste log Cabin nice and easy to put together and exellent quality also the back up service was superb we also added the lean to which has made a very nice undercover bbq area and looks in keeping with the cabin to sum up if you are looking for a quality product with first class service then look no further
Philip Smith
Jun 6, 2019
Delivery fantastic thanks to the fork lift as the truck couldn't get nearer than c.600m to the house. Construction was straightforward on a good flat concrete base. Did it largely on my own even at 70++ years. Youtube video useful point of reference when the written instructions failed. Delighted with the end result. The 5.2m pallet on which the cabin came has made a smashing little fence at the bottom of the garden.
Mrs. Theresa Colley
Jun 5, 2019
Excellent quality, links to videos are very helpful and make the erection of the cabin a lot easier. Excellent customer service. Would highly recommend this company
Lee Ponting
Jun 2, 2019
Thank you Tuin! The whole process from ordering, to delivery was seamless. A very helpful delivery driver. The Aiste log cabin went up with ease, being a carpenter for many years, I can appreciate the quality of timber and how well made the cabin is. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin to anyone looking to purchase a log cabin
Mr. Shaun Yaxley
May 30, 2019
Starting with the ordering of the log cabin, ruin sale team made it very easy for me and help me pick the right cabin for me.Delivery was first class and the diver was as good as it gets.Putting the cabin together was so easy,but had a problem with the floor so emailed tuin and got answer with in a hour.overall 5stars.
happy customer
May 22, 2019
Just unpacked my Aiste cabin quality looks excellent ,will star to build in eight weeks ,apart from a hiccup about payment Karen was very helpful . Harry the delivery driver was spot on delivered with fork lift to front garden ,could not be happier with service thanks to all at Tuin.
Mr. David Edwards
May 21, 2019
Excellent cabin, built it myself easy job, if you have a good understanding of basic DIY.

Delivery was very good driver dropped off onto my drive no problem. Exactly where I wanted it and I live in a very narrow street. Very friendly too.
Mr. Paul Berridge
May 19, 2019
I bought this cabin for my 16 year old to have as a teenage retreat. It arrived on time and I was kept updated as to where the driver was, which was appreciated. It took me as long to treat the wood as it did to put it up. I spent 2 11 hours days putting up the main structure and getting the roof boarded. Another day and a half to get the shingles, floor and fascists fitted. I had spent quite a while getting a wooden base level. That paid off. It went up very easily. I checked the square at 6 planks high and it was right to the mm. Luck or excellent machining of the cuts - not sure, but it worked. Doors required a bit of fettling but it was all very straight forward. I’m going to be buying another cabin this summer. It will almost certainly be another Tuin.
The instructions are a bit brief but I looked at a few vids on YouTube and read all the handy build tips on the website. Again, time well spent. And I used no screws in the main walls. Just a rubber mallet.
I’m intending to treat it again at the end of the summer and with any luck it will last many years.
Mr. Graham South
May 10, 2019
Nothing could have been better. the ordering was faultless, their patience with my continual questions was superb and delivery was, without question, perfection.
I commissioned Warren Young to construct the cabin having contacted three recommended fitters. Warren and his mate, Stuart were fantastic. I cannot recommend Tuin or Warren highly enough. I would, with hesitation, recommend them to family and friends. 5*'s is not high enough!
Aiste owner
May 9, 2019
Very good experience buy the Aiste. Called Tuin a couple times before purchasing to ask questions and they were very helpful. Finally ordered and product arrived with a couple weeks and on schedule.
The product is very good, feels solid and the builders that assembled it for us didn't seem to have much trouble at all - took a couple days to complete. We've now painted and powered it and it looks very smart in our garden. Highly recommended.
Stephen White
May 5, 2019
I bought Tuin on recommendation and following a lot of research. I now have a fine log cabin and firmly believe Tuin provide the best cabins on the market. I was somewhat daunted by the sheer volume of support information on the web site but took it in and as a result, we built the cabin without any problems. We did spend two days levelling and squaring the base and it was well worth it as the build thereafter was quick and problem free. The quality of the kit is outstanding. We ordered an extra window. A couple of boards were too short and Tuin replaced them without question, sending them immediately by courier. Applying the wood preserver and paint (four coats) was time consuming to do properly but the result is well worth the effort. Throughout, I've had a great feeling of confidence in Tuin as a business, in the quality of the product and in my ability to build the cabin successfully. I love my cabin and thank Tuin for such a good experience.
Mr. Timothy Fox
May 5, 2019
I did a good deal of research into which log cabin to buy until I came across Tuin’s website, which offered brilliant designs at a very affordable price.
Service both online and on the phone is exceptional, together with quick delivery and ease of diy construction. The service provided by Tuin’s staff and delivery driver is absolutely brilliant, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin to anyone wanting a top class product.
Mrs. Shelagh Crossley
Apr 30, 2019
Brilliant priced product and was exactly what we were looking for - we are still constructing the summer house as had delays with putting base in due to weather. Quality of timber and shingles looks good and instructions are foolproof - I've made curtains and soft furnishings for the interior and will send photos once completed. Thanks for speedy delivery.
Martin Page
Apr 4, 2019
Well my cabin now been up for just under 2 years now and no problems what so ever. It took a day to build and another to do the floor and the roofing shingles ( it only took that long because I put insulation o both of them. The only hiccup was 2 bent door hinges which arrived the next day after I let them know. Services was excellent all round. I'd spent a year looking and comparing. Nothing came close to the price but more importantly the quality. I have seen similar sizes by other manufactures that did not come close the the quality and were charging £500+ more.
Mr. Rob Sellens
Apr 1, 2019
Spent a lot of time researching log cabins and kept coming back to Tuin. Very competitive pricing, but more importantly the information on the website was brilliant. All your questions answers, great photos and great tips. Spent a lot of time getting a timber frame 100% level and the cabin went together so easily. Excellent product and world class customer service before and after purchase.
James Blair
Mar 2, 2019
I just received my Aiste log cabin and have most of it built in 3 days would have been 2 but for my impatience and stupidity in missing out on a log underneath the window. My brother and I had to take from just under the apex back down which was no mean feat to get the logs out ,but when we replaced the logs again had it up in no time .The cabin is very sturdy and once you find out how to get started with the half logs pretty easy although the instructions aren't great (would be better if they were like Ikea) so far so good .Another thing is there were 1 joist broken when It arrived I still haven't got round to sending the picture as I am trying to coat and shingle it before the rain comes back .I must say I am delighted so far with the quality and help given from Tuin
John Perry
Feb 25, 2019
I spent 7 months researching before deciding to go with Tuin. I'm not a rich man, so value for money and quality were key for me. I knew I was taking a gamble but it was a gamble that paid off. My cabin arrived exactly as planned, and the delivery man could not have been anymore helpful. Everything was present and correct, the construction went to plan. The engineering of the logs was mind blowing. I was just waiting for something to be wrong or missing but no. All was perfect. I could not rate Tuin anymore if you paid me
David Cooper
Feb 2, 2019
We bought our Aiste 5 x 3 cabin in the summer and laid it on a block pier and timber base as it is the more simple and efficient way forward. The cabin went up like a dream infact the walls went up within a few hours of moving our delivery to the back garden. By around 9pm we had installed the last of the purlins and ready to roof. We installed the roof the next day along with 50mm of insulation followed by the shingles. The quality of this product is lovely and cannot recommend Tuin enough.

We run our own property maintenance company and have built and installed many timber buildings in my life, however building a log cabin is totally different to anything else I have done so even I read the installation guide for this project.

Totally happy and photos available if required.
Rebecca Sebright-King
Jan 30, 2019
The service we received from Tuin was excellent, and the delivery was exceptionally professional. The log cabin looks great.
Mr. Karl Fisher
Jan 21, 2019
After viewing a palls Tuin cabin I decided to purchase the Aiste.
From the ordering right through to the delivery the whole process was so easy,
Now down to construction. I am a joiner by trade so as I unpacked the well packaged pallet it was pretty obvious what every thing was, however I was expecting to have to make some adjustments here and there. I could have not been more wrong !, it went together perfectly without a single adjustment. It took me a day to put together the main structure and another to fit the roof and shingles. To sum up if you are looking for a top quality timber building with first class after sales service you would be mad to look else where.
Jan 5, 2019
After much deliberation and scouting the internet for various types and styles I eventually purchased the Aiste 5 x 3 mt Log Cabin.
So glad we did as the quality of build is as good as I have seen anywhere for less money making it a really good purchase.
many thanks also to the team of installers whom Tuin recommended as these were very professional.
Dec 27, 2018
Great quality cabin and good size. We used recommended installers and had a bit of a problem with that. Recommend to watch installers work closely to avoid disappointment. On a positive, it gets up and done pretty fast. We have now also installed log burner and it makes the cabin usable all year long.
Phil Stansfield
Nov 13, 2018
We don't normally write a review, but felt we needed to let people know this company does what it says. The product is brilliant quality . Although its not complicated to build it is hard work for a husband and wife team, the results are worth it though. I recommend Watching the videos as these are very helpful and just confirm your doing things right. Would and have recommended Tuin to anyone Who wants a good quality log cabin that is value for money
Mrs. Trudi Powell
Nov 12, 2018
I bought my Aiste 5m x 3m log cabin in Sept 18. I did lots of research before i bought, visiting local garden centers to look at different log cabins. I also read online reviews of different companies and it became obvious that just having a good website didn't guarantee you will get a good product. I looked at independent reviews to get a fair picture. After all this research I chose Tuin. I have to day that they have given a fantastic service on a fabulous product. The cabin was delivered on the day/time they said it would be and the delivery guy was extremely helpful. The delivery comes on a big lorry and has a mini forklift to make offloading onto your driveway easy. He was able to place the load down very neatly out of the way of our cars. The product itself is neatly flatpacked with doors and windows already assembled. The wood was really thick (40mm) and lovely quality and finish. No cracks or warps visible.
The instructions are thin but the online videos are very helpful and the numbering of each bit of wood is easy to follow. Assembly is easy and without need of lots of screws as the wood interlocks. The roof shingles are great and the finished look of the roof is fab. All the pieces are correctly included (which was a big concern for such a big purchase) and there were even a couple of spare wall and roof sections which are clearly marked as "spare" so you know you haven't missed something. I did run out of felt tacks by about 20 but I had some in my shed so not a drama. I probably used too many when I was fitting the roof. Overall I am very impressed and would recommend this product and company.Well done Tuin.
Andy Kinsey
Nov 8, 2018
I spent a lot of time looking through all the log cabin, summer house websites. When i came across Tuin's website i actually thought it was a scam with how many great reviews had been completed about the quality of the product and the efficiency of the company and the service, not just on there own website but other review sites compared to there competitors.From Phoning my order through to the delivery was seamless with a high Quality product and quality service well worthy of 5 stars. I Have already recommended them to family and friends .
Mr. Geoff Manns
Oct 29, 2018
Superb in every way, good price, easy delivery, easy and fun to assemble and fantastic product.
Customer service second to none.
First class!