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Sauna Barrel 300

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14 - 21 working days
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This is the smaller of our sauna barrels and is available in two sizes of 250cm and 300cm.

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£3,149.51  incl. VAT  Save £229.46
Price: £3,378.97

A really unusual product, the sauna barrel 300 is available in two sizes of 250cm and 300cm.


Specifications of the Sauna Barrel:

  • Front Terrace area of 57cm with benches either side on all the sauna barrels.
  • 42mm wall logs
  • 28mm logs in horizontal walls.
  • Removable Aspen Benches on two sides
  • Removable Decking Floor
  • Adjustable stainless steel clamping band around the sauna
  • Door includes top quality fitting and tinted glass
  • Black roofing shingles
  • Foundation Beams
  • The Sauna Barrel will require a good weather proof treatment either before or following installation.
  • Excluding Heater

Dimensions of the Sauna Barrels:

1.95cm Diameter:

  • 43.7002 Ø195 x L250cm
  • 43.7003 Ø195 x L300cm
Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 working days

Delivery time for this product is 14 - 21 Working Days.

Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, buildings are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

Please see the map below to determine what zone you will need to select.

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A walkthrough of the Sauna Barrel.
Average customer rating:
11 Reviews  

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Mr kiddie
Apr 28, 2022
Very great service from start to finish , great little sauna ,well recommended
Dec 6, 2021
The whole process from info on which sauna to buy to how we could get it delivered to our none to easy location was handled well by everyone we spoke to at Tuin. The delivery driver was absolutely amazing driving the large crate down a country Lane and on to our farm as the delivery lorry was to big for the lanes.
My only slight criticism is the installation instructions could be more explicit, not a problem if you are used to this type of build and installed one before but a bit more challenging if this is your one and only build. However help was always on hand on the end of a phone. I believe a few extra tips in the instructions would have smoothed the way. The build is well within the ability of a competent diy’r. We didn’t fit the log burner but opted for electric option this wasn’t in stock at Tuin but was easy to buy on the internet having an electrician in the family made that option easy but as we needed an 8KW fire you definitely need a large dedicated supply with all the safety isolators etc. Not a diy job! The quality of the timber appears to be excellent and has been weather sealed with Sadolin so time will tell how it fairs over the coming years. The overall finished product looks amazing and works superbly. It’s been in constant use since it was finished. So overall everything went well but it is very important you don’t cut corners as if it’s not level or you aren’t methodical all the way through it will cause problems at the end of the build.
Mr. steven mcbryan
Aug 6, 2021
This is my second purchase from tuin, first was my log cabin and second was the barrel sauna. Can’t recommend this company enough. Fantastic delivery communication and great products. I managed to build the sauna and log cabin by my self with ease. Top quality wood has been used in the construction of this excellent piece of kit. If you are thinking about getting a log cabin or sauna then look no further than Tuin. Thanks guys
Mark McIver
Sep 19, 2018
I already have a Jacuzzi hot tub on my decking outside my patio doors. So recently I put a deck behind the double garage. And was thinking what I could really use this for. Then came the idea of a sauna. And found this world class company. The quality of this product is in incredible. Both friends and colleagues of mine have been blown away by the quality of the timber. There is no way I could have assembled this. This took my joiner working a couple hours a day a couple of days to complete. However he stated that everything fitted together brilliantly. And no missing parts. He could not fault the product. It is world class and deserves an A++ rating. I paid my local joiner £500 to assemble this.
Alan De La Mothe
Aug 17, 2018
I would like it to be understood that I love the end result and I am very impressed with the support I have received. Any negative comments are merely suggestions to improve an already good product.
The delivery went well with the delivery driver being very accommodating. However, there was confusion over what we had received. It was good practice to see that the driver took photographs of the delivery. The delivery note contained part numbers, the various boxes did not. It was therefore not clear whether we had received everything. Shortages and breakages were swiftly dealt with by the support team.
I felt that I needed to use the support team to supplement the instruction manual. It only contained pictures. Downloading the online version meant that it was a little clearer in colour but still no words. A few words detailing what was needed from the various flue sections would have been helpful when making up the stove. We received a number of additional superfluous sections that only muddied the waters during assembly. Fitting the shingles to a barrel is not quite like any other structure and a few words of guidance would have prevented at least one of my emails, of what to do with the rectangular pieces of felt that accompanied the shingles.
The delivery included a small tin but there were no instructions of what it was for. It was not clear whether it would be safe to use inside the sauna. Whilst waiting for the wood to swell (without the felt fitted) due to the very hot and dry conditions this Summer, the barrel got quite wet inside. This caused the bench and floor sections to sprout black mould after only 2 weeks. A few words indicating what could be safely painted would have helped there also.
All in all I found the construction very satisfying and the additional wall logs came in handy when I found that I needed to manufacture a larger than standard last piece to fill the 30mm gap at the top (this seemed to be due to the very dry conditions).
The sauna received admiring comments from many friends who have seen it and it is a very robust construction. The small inconveniences did not detract from the enjoyment I received in building it and the pleasure I have in its final appearance and its use.

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