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  Manufacturers Eos Sauna

Eos Sauna

Eos Sauna

Germany's Foremost Sauna Manufacturer and the supplier of many of our indoor sauna's and accessories.  Click the log for the manufacturers website and technical details on their products.


Standard Sauna Light
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 43.5103

Standard sauna light complete with bulb, bull's eye and screen. 

Price: £66.20 , Save £8.44
Sauna Accessory Set
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 43.5101

Includes pour over spoon, thermometer, hygrometer, sandglass and wooden bucket. 

Price: £108.10 , Save £19.22
EOS Econ Sauna Control Unit
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 43.5037

The EOS Econ Electronic Sauna Control Unit for a dry finish sauna

  • D1 Standard Control Panel including temperature sensor and cable with temparature setting of between 30 - 115 degrees.
Price: £285.56 , Save £52.22
Harvia Vega Sauna Heater
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 43.5005

Harvia Vega sauna heater BC series. These sauna heaters are available in two sizes and are suitable for saunas 2 - 12 cubic metres in volume. Connection of the smallest one is standard 230v, the larger one is 400v

  • Harvia Vega BC35 3.5kw - 2-4.5 m³ 230v
  • Harvia Vega BC80 8.0 kw- 7-12m³ 400v
Price: £336.22 , Save £64.60
EOS Thermat Sauna Heater
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 43.5027

EOS Thermat Sauna Heater suitable for saunas that require a more substantial heat. This is in capacities of 7.5kw. These operate on 400v and will need the appropriate supply.

Price: £419.56 , Save £59.98
Harvia M3 Wood-Burning Sauna Heater
(3 Reviews)  
Cat No: 43.5004

A classic wood-burning sauna heater, the Harvia M3 is suitable for use with saunas from 4.5mup to 13m3 comes complete and has a stainless steel air vent system.

Price: £458.44 , Save £31.24