Harvia M3 Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

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richard morrison
Aug 3, 2018
superb service and very good price for a quality product thank you Tuin
Abby Matthews
Nov 9, 2017
Very helpful staff when ordering, prompt delivery and great products.
Very satisfied.
Paul Morgan
Aug 7, 2016
Great product especially if you want the "real feel" of a proper sauna and not one heated by a mickey mouse electric heater.
George Wheadon
Aug 24, 2015
Installed this stove about 6 working days after placing the order. Very good people to deal with. One small issue was resolved immediately. This is the second Harvia M3 I have had in my DIY sauna, the first rusted badly due to my own stupidity in not seaing the flue/roof properly. The M3 heats very quickly and is a very effective heater for a smaller woodfired sauna. I did not want to install heavy electrical cables. The 'living flame' and sound of burning wood adds so much to the sauna experience. I see harvia has made some design modifications although the overall shape and size remains the same.

All in all the M3 is highly recommended and my compliments to Tuin as the supplier