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Welcome to our Garden Styling blog category. Where creativity meets the outdoors to redefine the way you perceive and design your garden space.

A range of Log cabins and other types of garden buildings which can be transformed to suit your personal style. Blogs and content dedicated to the perfect garden feature ideas.

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Garden Storage Ideas

Garden Storage Ideas

BrandonJan 23, 20244 min read
Want to tidy up your garden space whilst also making it stand out? Take a look at some of our excellent small garden storage ideas.

Log Cabins for Sale from TUIN

Nov 1, 20235 min read
chloe log cabin

Log Cabin Style Outdoor Studios

Aug 24, 20225 min read
Summer House Interior Ideas

Summer House Interior Ideas

Jun 22, 20225 min read
Barbara Log Cabin Gazebo

The Guide to Outdoor Dining

Apr 15, 20193 min read
Bohemian Style Shepherd Hut

The Bohemian Blue Hut

Mar 29, 20194 min read
Care of Garden Furniture

Care of Garden Furniture

May 10, 20157 min read